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ActiveCampaign Email Automation Masterclass

PUBLISHER :- Sarah Cordiner

LANGUAGE :- English

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ActiveCampaign Email Automation Masterclass


  • Online Entrepreneurs/Online Business Owners who need to give themselves additional time opportunity and make high changing over customers on auto-pilot
  • Entrepreneurs who need to drastically develop their email list
  • Specialists, Authors, Speakers who need to build their pay and reach, just as convey profoundly responsive client encounters
  • Mentors and experts who need to get innovation to do their administrator for them so they can invest more energy with customers


  • You will require the ‘Light’ adaptation of the email mechanization programming ‘ActiveCampaign’ (this is all you require for making automated assistants and email robotization successions)
  • You will require a web association
  • If you need to make ‘pipelines’, you will require the ‘In addition to’ plan in ActiveCampaign


  • ActiveCampaign Account Set-Up – How To Correctly Set Up Your ActiveCampaign – Step by Step stroll through to capitalize on your product
  • Lead Magnet Set-Up – How To Set Up Your Lead Magnet Form and Auto-Responder to drastically grow exceptionally focused on email rundown of likely clients
  • The 3 Essential Email Automations That EVERY Business MUST have – and How To Set Them Up!
  • Instructions to Easily Create Email Automation Sequences That Make YOU and Your Business Look Professional, Responsive, and Top Quality in Service
  • Welcome Sequence Set-Up – How To Create and Publish Your Welcome Email Sequence to sustain your possibilities into paying customers who revere you!
  • Pipeline and Deals – How To Set Up Your Pipelines and Deal Stages to successfully deal with your customer inquiries, citing, on-boarding, venture the executives and undertaking conclusion
  • Altering and Formatting – How to make your messages look excellent include recordings, pictures, the correct text styles, and organizing that coordinate your image
  • Missions – How To Send One-Off Campaigns To Your List just as robotized crusades when you distribute new blog articles so your crowd consistently have your most modern news and data
  • Portioning and Tagging – how to send profoundly focused on email missions to chose miniature fragments of your rundown, given their inclinations, area, activities taken, pages of your site they have visited, and then some!
  • Also, considerably more!


Get your FREEDOM back as an entrepreneur by putting your business on autopilot!

Utilizing computerization programming like ActiveCampaign fundamentally improves your CUSTOMER SERVICE insight, make your client RESPONSE TIMES prompt and eliminate practically the entirety of the administrator in your business once actualized.

ActiveCampaign is an unfathomably amazing bit of programming, for online entrepreneurs and business people, that does undeniably more for you and your business than simply sending messages.

ActiveCampaign is a client record the board framework, a business the executive’s framework, it can deal with your undertakings, customer onboarding,

Spare Time, Money, Admin and Stress > Automate Your Business

Join this “ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Automation” MASTERCLASS and put your business on auto-pilot!

Set-up and dispatch your ActiveCampaign email promoting programming and begin working more astute.

I recollect when I was a finished detainee to my business. The more fruitful I turned into, the more caught I got myself.

Dealing with my email inbox, reacting to similar questions, again and again, having to physically monitor ventures, make sure to catch up with customers who had mentioned cites, or needed to send me their undertaking onboarding data.

My online courses required customary manual registration, I made an honest effort to make sure to blog routinely to ‘support my rundown; and in the end, I wore out totally.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to scale on the off chance that you depend on manual frameworks and your own time.

The ONLY method to scale your business to serve boundless clients successfully (and without the enormous overheads of staff), increment your benefits, give remarkable client encounters, AND have total FREEDOM, is to robotize your business.

I realized that like each different entrepreneur and business person out there, I had two options.

Set a limit for my latent capacity, limit my customer burden, and smother my benefits – OR – begin utilizing mechanization innovation to begin accomplishing the difficult work for me – while I was dozing.

It was 2015 when I initially began actualizing email computerization programming into my business and my life changed immediately.

Rather than physically sending individuals their lead-magnet treats, I could do it consequently.

Rather than depending on costly representatives to do administrator assignments for me, I could get some product to do it naturally.

Rather than burning through a long stretch of time into following up with customers and physically checking in about their undertakings or statements, I could do it on auto-pilot.

I wound up supplanting 5 full-time Australian representatives who were costing me over $50,000 every month in compensations and assessments, with a couple of hundred dollars per month in programming all things considered.

Hi ActiveCampaign!

Also, you know what else rocks? The product doesn’t require paid occasions and maternity leave!

My client assistance criticism expanded because possibilities were getting moment reactions.

My business beat all records since customers were presently getting cites in a split second and being followed up day by day.

My understudy online course consummation rate (and upsells) expanded by over 400%.

I’ve had the option to continually develop my business year on year from that point forward and now work fewer hours of the day than at any other time – and’s everything because of the staggeringly powerful and straightforward email robotization and advertising programming, ActiveCampaign!

Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to develop your business, improve your client experience, and get more cash-flow while really doing less?

Provided that this is true, don’t pass up on this mind-blowing occasion to change your life…… figure out how to utilize ActiveCampaign with Sarah Cordiner today!


  • 6 sections • 16 lectures • 2h 55m total length

Module 1 – Set Up Your Account4 lectures • 38min

  • Welcome To The Course & Meet Your InstructorPreview05:27
  • Overview Of The Activecampaign System Features And Functions14:00
  • How To Correctly Setup Your Activecampaign Account – Step By Step14:00
  • How To Create And Import Contact Lists In Active Campaign04:52

Module 2 – Growing Your List With Opt-in Forms3 lectures • 25min

  • The Number 1 Way To Grow Your Email List Of Highly Targeted Leads05:50
  • Set Up Your Lead Magnet Opt-in Form And Auto-delivery Responder12:21
  • How To Change Your Opt-in Form Url06:47

Module 3 – Put Your Business On Auto-pilot With Automation Sequences4 lectures • 1hr 10min

  • What Is An Email Automation Sequence?22:49
  • How To Create And Publish Your Own Automated Email Sequence18:43
  • How To Create And Send A One-off Campaign To Your List13:12
  • How To Connect ActiveCampaign to your Wordpress website15:44

Module 4 – Manage Your Customer Database And Client Records2 lectures • 19min

  • How To Use The Activecampaign Crm (Customer Record Management System)08:18
  • How To Tag And Segment Your Subscribers11:01

Module 5 – Using Deals, Pipelines & Stages To Manage Your Sales And Projects1 lecture • 16min

  • Whats Are Deals, Pipelines And Stages?15:51

Module 6 – Reports2 lectures • 6min

  • How To Find And Interpret Your Reports For Continuous Improvement03:47
  • BONUS – Active Campaign Email Automation Workshop – Full Recording02:24


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