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Apache NiFi (Cloudera DataFlow) – Be an expert in 8 Hours

PUBLISHER :- Vikas Kumar Jha, Poonam Jha

LANGUAGE :- English

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Apache NiFi (Cloudera DataFlow) – Be an expert in 8 Hours


  • NiFi Beginners to Advance students


  • Knowledge of regular Data stockroom ideas will help in seeing a portion of the exercises without any problem.
  • Readiness to Learn new innovations.


  • Get familiar with All you have to think about Apache NiFi Data Flows. This course is appropriate for tenderfoot just as for Advance Level understudies.
  • This Course will assist you with building up a profound comprehension about NiFi
  • Genuine creation information stream situations
  • NiFi Installation on Windows and Linux
  • NiFi Registry Installation and Setting up Versioning Control for Development Life Cycle
  • Perusing and Writing to Hadoop HDFS, Hbase , Redis, H2 and PostgreSQL and Oracle Database
  • Perusing Incremental information from a Table in a Database
  • Perusing Streaming Data Over HTTP Protocol and Merging them and preparing further
  • Powerful Schema Management way to deal with read record level information productively
  • Empowering Audit information by perusing NiFi Provenance Repository
  • Introducing and Configuring NiFi Registry to oversee diverse rendition of code.
  • CountText, LogAttribute, LogMessage, AttributeToCSV, AttributeToJson Processor


At last, A total seminar on Apache NiFi is here. This course will talk about most recent form of NiFi and Processors bit by bit.

With more than 3500+ understudies selected since the course went live Last Month. what’s more, has just become a success now. This course has 8+ Hours of complete active exercises which can take you through the excursion of Data Flow Manager from Beginners to Advance Level. This course has most recent form of Apache NiFi Processors secured.

If it’s not too much trouble don’t hesitate to pose any inquiry you have during your excursion of learning Apache NiFi. I couldn’t imagine anything better than to answer your inquiries.

A Quick Intro About NiFi:

Apache NiFi is a great open source programming for computerizing and dealing with the information streams between different kinds of frameworks. It is a ground-breaking and solid framework to measure and convey information. It gives an electronic User Interface for making, observing, and controlling information streams. It has a profoundly configurable and modifiable information stream measure that can alter information during executing otherwise called run time. It is effectively extensible through the advancement of custom parts.

Github Link to download the layouts is refreshed in address – 5, assets.

Note: All my courses have 30 days unconditional promise, So don’t spare a moment to select and begin your excursion on Apache NiFi Data Flow Management.


  • 10 sections • 30 lectures • 7h 58m total length

Installing NiFi4 lectures • 39min

  • Introduction (Optional)Preview05:04
  • Installing NiFi on WindowsPreview10:25
  • Installing NiFi on Unix or LinuxPreview11:09
  • NiFi Common Terminologies12:25
  • NiFi Practice test – 015 questions

Working With NiFi Processors – Part 17 lectures • 2hr 18min

  • NiFi GetFile and PutFile Processors11:44
  • Reading CSV Files and Performing Lookups and Partitioning output Files42:09
  • Using NiFi SplitRecord Processor to Split data13:39
  • Splitting Big Files into Smaller Files Strategy04:25
  • Updating Records (data) of a File using UpdateRecordProcessor15:27
  • Handling File Duplication15:58
  • JSON Related Processors – InvokeHTTP EvaluateJsonPath FlattenJson SplitJson34:36
  • NiFi Practice test – 0213 questions

Working With NiFi Processors – Part 27 lectures • 1hr 49min

  • Handling Record Level Duplication15:56
  • Writing to Hbase and Reading from Hbase10:06
  • Writing to Hadoop (HDFS) and Reading from HDFS17:08
  • Running Custom Script (External Script) to Process a Flowfile09:14
  • Using SQL Query in NiFi to Speed Up Development – Query Record Processor24:54
  • Receiving Data over HTTP Endpoint and Merge Data before processingPreview07:38
  • NiFi HandleHttpRequest and HandleHttpResponse Processor to create web services24:04

Reading and Writing to Databases3 lectures • 48min

  • Reading from H2 Database10:09
  • Reading and Writing using PostgreSQL Database22:28
  • Connecting to Oracle DB and Reading Incremental Data15:04

Creating Templates and Code Organization3 lectures • 54min

  • Setup NiFi Registry and Code Versioning Management17:28
  • Creating Templates, Sharing Flow Files to Process Groups, Input and Output Port22:04
  • Creating Reusable Data Flow Strategy Using Configuration File14:23

NiFi Provenance data – Auditing History2 lectures • 58min

  • Reading NiFi Provenance Data for Audit Purpose16:40
  • CountText, LogAttribute, LogMessage, AttributeToCSV, AttributeToJson Processor41:40

NiFi Cluster Overview and Running Sample Processor1 lecture • 15min

  • NiFi Cluster and Processor Execution15:14

Frequently Asked Questions1 lecture • 7min

  • Reading From Excel File06:59

Best Practices1 lecture • 10min

  • Apache NiFi Best Development PracticesPreview10:01

Bonus Lecture1 lecture • 1min

  • Bonus Lecture – Coupons for my other Trending Courses – Students Special00:02


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