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Beginners guide to Android App Development (Step by Step)

PUBLISHER:- EdYoda Digital University, Qaifi Khan

LANGUAGE:- English

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Beginners guide to Android App Development (Step by Step)


  • Beginners who are new to Mobile Development
  • Freshers who want to learn Android Development


  • Good understanding of Java (particularly OOPs and Threads)


  • Android installation and setup for Android development
  • Concept of Layout and Views in Android development
  • Different ways to store your data on an Android device
  • Lists and Fragments in Android development
  • Trigger an Android notification
  • Build from scratch your very own Bluetooth Chat App to send and receive messages for Android


Welcome to our course “A beginners guide to Android App Development (step by step)”.

A Beginner’s Guide to Android App Development

Looking to launch your own app on Google Play Store but don’t know where to begin?

Then here’s your chance to learn the basics and build your skills in Android development. Before you read further, it is an essential prerequisite for a student to have a good understanding of Java (OOPs and Threads, in particular) 

The Android development course is a collection of Android Application Development tutorial videos. You will first get started with the software installation, cover basics like Layouts and Views, and gradually move on to more advanced topics. And then finally, you get to build your very own Bluetooth Chat Application right from scratch.

Take your first step and we will guide you into this amazing, ever-evolving world of Android.

More lectures will be uploaded soon.


Android development – Career
You can make a very competitive income, and build a very satisfying career as an Android developer. Android is still the most used mobile operating system in the world, and the demand for skilled Android developers remains very high.

It is worth learning Android development in 2020?
By learning Android development, you open yourself up to many career opportunities such as freelancing, becoming an indie developer, or working for high profile companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. The demand for native Android developers is still very high, and learning Android development has never been easier thanks to increases in online learning materials.

Who’s teaching you in this course?

I am a Computer Science graduate highly rated instructor with a rating of 4.3 and more than 200k students on Udemy, I have been part of the corporate circle since my college days. In my early days, I was part of a startup team delivering production grid android apps. Currently, I am a lead developer at EdYoda. I’m responsible for the entire front-end development & integration with the back-end. React, Python, Django is my areas of expertise. I have been delivering corporate training for Android, React, Javascript, Python & Django. I have an eye for detail & that makes me suited for delivering a finished product. I’m a fitness freak & working out is the favorite thing to do in my spare time.

I want everyone to enjoy the learning process and I have shared my knowledge that will be helpful for Android developers.

Enroll now!! see you in class.

Happy learning!
Team Edyoda


7 sections • 17 lectures • 4h 7m total lengthExpand all sections

Introduction2 lectures • 5min

  • Android – IntroductionPreview02:08
  • Android – Installation and SetupPreview03:07

Working with Display3 lectures • 55min

  • Android – Activity and Layouts16:20
  • Android – Explicit Intents20:30
  • Android – Implicit Intents17:41

Storage Options2 lectures • 49min

  • Android – Storage Options Part 1: Shared Preferences28:35
  • Android – Storage Options Part 2: SQLite with Room Persistence Library20:02

Working with Lists2 lectures • 23min

  • Android – Array Adapters06:17
  • Android – Custom Adapters16:49

Fragments2 lectures • 28min

  • Android – Fragments Introduction13:27
  • Android – Creating a Multipane UI with Fragments14:47

Push Notifications1 lecture • 14min

  • Android – Notifications13:38

Project: Bluetooth Chat App5 lectures • 1hr 15min

  • Android Project: Bluetooth Chat Application – Part 1 – Setting up Home ScreenPreview11:44
  • Android Project: Bluetooth Chat Application – Part 2 – Listing All Paired Device12:00
  • Android Project: Bluetooth Chat Application – Part 3 – Listing All Nearby Device10:12
  • Android Project: Bluetooth Chat Application – Part 4 – Connecting to a Bluetooth28:46
  • Android Project: Bluetooth Chat Application – Part 5 – Sending and Receiving Mes11:51


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