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Business/Corporate Finance & DCF Valuation: Zero to Pro

PUBLISHER :- Irfan Sharif

LANGUAGE :- English

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Business/Corporate Finance & DCF Valuation: Zero to Pro


  • Business, Finance, and Accountancy Students and Professionals
  • Non-Finance Professionals
  • Students looking forward to start their studies in Accounting or Finance
  • Startup founders
  • Investors


  • No earlier information or experience is requried. We will begin directly from the scratch.
  • You ought to have Microsoft Excel: Any form will be fine for us.


  • Prologue to Personal Finance and Business Finance
  • Capital and Types of Capital: Equity and Debt
  • Monetary Instruments: Shares and Bonds
  • Intrigue and Types of Interest: Simple and Compound Interest
  • Time Value of Money and DCF
  • Net Present Value – NPV
  • Undertaking Appraisal


Account is the ‘craft’ of ‘Cash Management’. Along these lines, it’s implied that, Finance is a necessary aspect of the life of each individual, business, and task.

Why you ought to learn Finance:

Essential information on Finance is useful consistently, be it individual existence of a business, such as making getting, loaning, or contributing choices. Picking between purchasing a home/vehicle or selling it. Assessing ventures and startup thoughts, picking the best option from the alternatives accessible.

Essential information on Finance can assist you with assessing ventures, settle on better choices, and partake in vital conversations.

Who should take this course:

  • Fund and Accounting Students
  • Business Students
  • Hopeful Finance Professionals
  • Business visionaries and Business Owners
  • Financial specialists
  • Startup authors

Why you should take this course:

This seminar on Business and Corporate Finance Fundamentals is intended to give students a head start in their investigations, work, and business. Beginning the meaning of account, it covers the kinds of fund, monetary instruments utilized in business, and key ideas like Time Value of Money and Discounted Cashflow.

The course is brief on hypothesis, and yet, it remembers hands-for training. Understudies will play out a total venture apprisal utilizing DCF techniques.


This course begins from zero, no foundation information is needed to begin learning in this course. Indeed, even 12 years of age can likewise learn Finance in this course.

Unconditional promise:

Nothing to lose! On the off chance that you won’t be happy with the course, Udemy offers 30 days unconditional promise!

Prologue to the educator:

Contracted Accountant | 12 years of work insight | ex PwC | 12 years of showing experience as visiting workforce | Startup organizer

I am a Certified Chartered Accountant (ACCA) from the UK with 12 years of expert work and showing encounter and have shown in excess of 4,000 understudies in class and 55,000+ understudies on udemy!

“Showing Accounting and Finance + Consultant function in PwC + Startup experience has given me an extensive information on the fund world and I am sure that you will discover extraordinary incentive in my talks.


  • 4 sections • 26 lectures • 2h 27m total length

Basic Business Finance Arrangements and Instruments5 lectures • 26min

  • Introduction to FinancePreview05:08
  • Capital | Debt | Equity03:46
  • Face Value | Market Value | Bond | Share06:47
  • Stock Market01:44
  • Raising finance08:17

Accounting vs Finance | The difference between the two6 lectures • 27min

  • What is Accounting? And how it is connected to Finance?Preview03:13
  • Profit & Loss Statement, and related terms05:20
  • Depreciation & Amortization04:21
  • A Comprehensive look at Profit & Loss Statement03:45
  • Profit VS Cashflow01:50
  • Balance Sheet | Assets | Liabilities | Equity Capital08:53

Introduction to Time Value of Money and Discounted Cashflow – DCF7 lectures • 31min

  • Time Value of MoneyPreview05:47
  • Interest and Types of Interest03:43
  • Interest Calculations08:35
  • Present Value and Future Value ConceptPreview02:54
  • Present Value to Future Value Conversion ExamplePreview03:16
  • Discounting, FV to PV conversion03:11
  • Present Value from Future Value calculation Practice03:18
  • Present Value Calculations2 questions

Investment Appraisal and Project Valuation using DCF methods: NPV and IRR8 lectures • 59min

  • Net Present Value – NPV – IntroductionPreview03:53
  • Net Present Value – Example04:04
  • Net Present Value – Complete Project Appraisal13:18
  • NPV – Startup AppraisalPreview11:43
  • Assumptions in NPV calculation02:45
  • Understanding NPVPreview04:34
  • Net Present Value – Assignment3 questions
  • IRR – Internal Rate of Return07:14
  • IRR formula and details10:59


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