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Certification Course in Human Resource Management

PUBLISHER :- Abhisek Gupta, Pallabi Sengupta

LANGUAGE :- English

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Certification Course in Human Resource Management


  • Any Management Student
  • Any Graduates with a basic understanding of management
  • Professionals with people management responsibilities
  • HR Professionals, Line Managers


  • You should have an interest in People Management
  • Interest in Human Resource Management
  • Interested in leadership and Management
  • Have an interest in Business


  • Complete Certification Course in HRM
  • You will gain proficiency with the key variables in the advancement of HR and People Management
  • What is Human Resource Management (HRM) and the Scope of Human Resource Management, the Processes in HRM and Role of HRM
  • Gain proficiency with the Hiring, Training and Development, Performance Management, Motivation, ER, HR Operation, Policy and Compensation Retention Strategies followed by Organizations
  • Find out about the Skills needed for HR Professionals with contextual investigations, tests, tasks and Course works.
  • Learn Strategic Human Resource Management, Leadership Development and Organizational Development
  • This preparation will be helpful if your occupation includes prompting, overseeing and improving the HR measures regardless of whether you are not a HR Professional.
  • Find how to become unmistakably more mindful in the manner that you impart and communicate with individuals.
  • This online course is stuffed loaded with expertly created downloadable HR assets, which will empower you to begin rehearsing following finishing.
  • Also: Get admittance to Facebook, YouTube, Podcast uphold network and practice your new abilities immediately.
  • Key Human Resource Management
  • HR Coursework and Skill Development


Make the following stride in your vocation! Regardless of whether you’re an exceptional expert, an accomplished leader, yearning administrator, growing HR Professional. This course is a chance to hone your initiative and the board capacities, increment your proficiency for proficient development and make a positive and enduring effect in the association.

With this course as your guide, you figure out how to:

All the fundamental capacities and aptitudes needed for the HR and People Management job.

Change your People and Human Resource the executives proficiency for the current business atmosphere

Gain admittance to suggested layouts and arrangements for normal HR measures.

Learn valuable contextual analyses, industry practices and showings of various HR rehearses with helpful structures and systems

Evaluate your authority, administrative style, refereeing style and capacity as an administration proficient

Put resources into yourself today and receive the rewards for quite a long time to come

Like Top B School’s Management Program (which will cost at the very least $10,000!) accessible here for a small portion of the expense. By taking this course, you can build up a more elevated level of HR the executives abilities to launch the HR or Management profession, assist you with arriving at your fullest potential to convey remarkable incentive to your group and the association.

The Frameworks for Human Resource Management Course

Drawing in video addresses, contextual analyses, self-appraisal, downloadable assets and intuitive activities. This course is made to Learn how to be a viable HR proficient, regardless of whether generalist or authority. Learn aptitudes in ability the board, enlisting, remuneration and advantages, recruiting, L&D, worker relations and HR technique

The executives of ability in the work environment involves focal worry to all supervisors and not exclusively to HR experts. In this manner, all directors, regardless of their practical zones, are approached to tackle issues that include huge Talent Management issues. Fundamental information and better comprehension of Talent Management would help them in taking care of such issues. This course targets giving information on Talent Management, People Management, Employee Motivation, Reward Management, Reports-Analytics and Employee Relations.

The course incorporates different Case contemplates, assets like configurations layouts worksheets-understanding materials, tests, self-evaluation, film study and tasks to sustain and update the HR expertise.

In the initial segment of the course (Section 1-11), you’ll gain proficiency with the most well-known human asset the board measures like HRM, Recruitment, T&D, PMS, Motivation-Employee Management, Payroll and Compliances, Reward Management and HR Policy.

In the center aspect of the course (Section 12-14), you’ll figure out how to improve your Strategic and Leadership aptitudes identified with Leadership Development and Organizational Development. You will likewise gain proficiency with the abilities needed for a HR or People Management work with downloadable assets and pertinent articles.

In the last aspect of the course (Section 15), you’ll build up the capacity investigate and settle Human Resource and People Management issues or situations with tasks identified with Recruitment, Performance Management, Training and Development, Employee Relations and Compensation plan. You will get full help and every one of your quarries would be addressed ensured inside 48 hours.

Course Content:

Section 1 : The Beginner

Presentation and Study Plan

Presentation and know your Instructor

Study Plan and Structure of the Course

Essentials of Human Resource Management


Part of HRM

Arranging of HRM

Elements of HRM

Test 1

Enlistment and Selection Process Management

Prologue to Recruitment

Labor Planning

Occupation Analysis


Pre-Selection Process

Determination Process

Enlistment Branding Example

Test 2

Preparing and Development Process Management

Prologue to T&D

Significance of Training

Preparing Need Analysis

Techniques for Training

Assessment of Training

Learning Specification: A Role Analysis and TNI

Test 3

Execution Management System

Prologue to PMS

Techniques for PMS

Reason and Importance of PMS

Steps in PMS

A Study on Performance Review Form

Test 4

Inspiration and Employee Management

Inspiration Theories

Methodologies of Motivation

The executives Styles and evaluation

Representative Counseling

Refereeing and evaluation

Finance and Compensation Management

Prologue to Payroll

Methods of Compensation

Build up a Compensation Structure with full exhibit

Consistence and Fringe Benefit in Payroll

Variable Payout

Connecting Rewards with Compensation

Test 5

Individual Records, Reports and Statistics

Need of Personal Records and Reports

Data and Formats Required in Personal Records

Reports and MIS

Test 6

Prize Management

Prologue to Reward Management

Prizes Strategy

Prizes System

Worker Relations Management

Prologue to Employee Relation

The Employment Relationship

Worker Communication

Worker Voice

Worker Wellbeing

A Film Study on Engagement

Human Resource Policy and Procedure Management

Prologue to HR Policy

Figuring and Implementing the Policy

HR Procedure

Section 2 : The Intermediate

Key Human Resource Management


Ability Management

Authority Development

Authoritative Development

Change Management

A Book Review on Change Management

HR Coursework and Skill Development

Enlistment Policy and Flow

Preparing and Development Policy

PMS Policy

Administrative Skill Assessment

Peace promotion Style Assessment

Making a Competitive Salary Structure

HR Manual and Handbook

HR Forms

Valuable Managerial and HR Skills

  • Compensation arrangement tips
  • Consolidating Employee Engagement into the Business Strategy
  • 10 Essential Negotiating Skills for HR Professionals
  • Undivided attention
  • Basic Skills for HR experts

Section 3 : The Practitioner


  • Enlistment
  • Pay Management
  • Execution Management System
  • Representative Relations Management
  • Preparing and Development Process Management
  • Human Resource Practice Test
  • Human Resource Practice Test 2


  • 15 sections • 69 lectures • 13h 10m total length

Introduction to the Course2 lectures • 16min

  • Introduction and know your InstructorPreview08:55
  • Study Plan and Structure of the CoursePreview07:02

Introduction to Human Resource Management4 lectures • 1hr

  • IntroductionPreview13:49
  • Role of HRMPreview14:19
  • Planning of HRM15:08
  • Functions of HRM16:49
  • Quiz 16 questions

Recruitment Process Management7 lectures • 1hr 14min

  • Introduction to RecruitmentPreview14:17
  • Manpower Planning11:42
  • Job Analysis17:10
  • Sourcing07:38
  • Pre-Selection Process08:04
  • Selection Process13:04
  • Recruitment Branding ExamplePreview01:41
  • Quiz 26 questions

Training and Development Process Management6 lectures • 1hr 37min

  • Introduction to T&DPreview13:09
  • Importance of Training14:10
  • Training Need Analysis11:49
  • Methods of Training28:12
  • Evaluation of Training18:53
  • Learning Specification : A Role Analysis and TNI11:03
  • Quiz 36 questions

Performance Management System5 lectures • 1hr 24min

  • Introduction to PMSPreview18:44
  • Methods of PMS23:30
  • Purpose and Importance of PMS14:48
  • Steps in PMS13:23
  • A Study on Performance Review FormPreview13:54
  • Quiz 46 questions

Motivation and Employee Management5 lectures • 1hr 33min

  • Motivation TheoriesPreview20:41
  • Strategies of Motivation20:41
  • Management Styles17:47
  • Employee Counselling14:15
  • Conflict Management19:19

Payroll and Compensation Management6 lectures • 1hr 25min

  • Introduction to PayrollPreview27:43
  • Modes of CompensationPreview19:39
  • Develop a Compensation Structure10:36
  • Compliance and Fringe Benefit in Payroll16:58
  • Variable Payout02:46
  • Linking Rewards with Compensation07:44
  • Quiz 56 questions

Personal Records, Reports and Statistics3 lectures • 11min

  • Need of Personal Records and ReportsPreview04:42
  • Information and Formats Required in Personal Records04:28
  • Reports and MIS02:17
  • Quiz 64 questions

Reward Management3 lectures • 41min

  • Introduction to Reward Management18:25
  • Rewards Strategy12:52
  • Rewards System10:08
  • Quiz 74 questions

Employee Relations Management6 lectures • 59min

  • Introduction to Employee RelationPreview03:55
  • The Employment Relationship19:31
  • Employee Communication07:02
  • Employee Voice10:48
  • Employee Wellbeing15:45
  • A Film Study on Engagement02:23

Human Resource Policy and Procedure Management3 lectures • 36min

  • Introduction to HR Policy09:22
  • Formulating and Implementing the Policy22:00
  • HR Procedure04:42

Strategic Human Resource Management6 lectures • 1hr 2min

  • SHRM08:45
  • Talent ManagementPreview08:58
  • Leadership DevelopmentPreview14:05
  • Organizational DevelopmentPreview06:24
  • Change Management21:23
  • A Book Review on Change Management02:29

HR Coursework and Skill Development8 lectures • 14min

  • Recruitment Policy and FlowPreview00:28
  • Training and Development PolicyPreview03:37
  • PMS PolicyPreview01:13
  • Managerial Skill Assessment02:07
  • Conflict Management Style Assessment02:13
  • Creating a Competitive Salary Structure00:56
  • HR Manual and Handbook02:28
  • HR Forms00:29

Useful Managerial and HR Skills5 lectures • 57min

  • Salary negotiation tips:Preview34:08
  • Incorporating Employee Engagement into the Business Strategy08:04
  • 10 Essential Negotiating Skills for HR Professionals07:32
  • Active Listening02:28
  • Critical Skills for HR professionals04:32

Assignemnts0 lectures • 0min

  • Assignment 1 : Recruitment3 questions
  • Assignment 2 : Payroll2 questions
  • Assignment 3 : PMS1 question
  • Employee Relations Management1 question
  • Training and Development Process Management1 question
  • Human Resource Professional Assessment Test 15 questions
  • Human Resource Professional Assessment Test 210 questions


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