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Check Point VPN course [for CCSA & CCSE professionals]-2020

PUBLISHER :- Evgenii Puzakov

LANGUAGE :- English

PRIZE :- 30.43$ 0$

Check Point VPN course [for CCSA & CCSE professionals]-2020


  • Check Point Security Administrators and Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Check Point Security Engineers (CCSE)
  • Network Enthusiasts


  • Networking knowledge
  • Check Point Administration would be a plus


  • Check Point VPN deployment
  • Check Point VPN troubleshooting
  • SSL and IPsec VPN
  • Deep understanding on how IPsec works


The course is completely centered around VPN and contains 7 segments that completely spread IPsec and SSL . I tell you the best way to assemble a lab in VMware workstation + in VPS.

Likewise, you will become familiar with a strategy, I’ve utilized throughout the years on the most proficient method to investigate VPN related association issues.

Extend your CCSA and CCSE information.

  1. Building Check Point lab

Getting a permit, ISO and all vital data to manufacture a lab. Moreover, we go trough GAIA establishment and first-time setup wizard.

  1. Authorizing and SmartConsole Overview

A brief however exact diagram of Licesing and fundamental comfort that deals with the framework.

  1. Building a Lab in VPS

An incredible asset to construct your own cool lab in Virtual Private Server.

  1. IPsec [Lecture]

IPsec wording is clarified in a straightforward and justifiable manner.

Incorporates themes like:

  • Encryption Domain
  • IPsec Phase 1 and Phase 2
  • IPsec Routing
  • Lasting (Tunnel Test and DPD)
  • NAT inside VPN
  • SA lifetime
  • NAT-T
  1. Introducing a Web-Server

We introduce an extraordinary web application planned deliberately powerless, so security fans can pentest and hack the web application so as to pick up information.

Likewise we introduce XAMPP and I show you required design for your web application to work.

  1. Far off Access

A point by point clarification of Remote Access (Client-to-Site) sort of VPN + LAB without any preparation.

  1. SSL VPN

Incorporates Mobile Access diagram + SNX + Mobile Access Lab

  1. IPsec [LAB]

Segment remembers a lab for how to send IPsec without any preparation between two firewalls.

!!! Incorporates: construct VPN oversaw by 1 Management Server + assemble VPN oversaw by isolated Management Servers !!!

  1. Investigating [Technique Overview and Practice]

Learn special procedures to investigate Check Point VPN associations like a PRO.

Every bundle of stage 1 and 2 is clarified.

Sharpen your investigating abilities on genuine models.

10. Endpoint Security Deployment

Contains two sections on the best way to convey Endpoint Security Suite


08.09.2020 – Endpoint Security Deployment [Part1] and [Part2]

Become a Check Point VPN master Today!!!


12 sections • 50 lectures • 5h 26m total lengthExpand all sections

Introduction3 lectures • 7min

  • How to get the most out of the coursePreview03:57
  • Q&A00:23
  • Topology 1.002:13

Building a Lab and installing Gaia R80.407 lectures • 44min

  • Getting ISO image03:27
  • Checking Hardware requirements04:06
  • Preparing a LAB11:05
  • Installing GAIA03:53
  • First-time configuration wizard14:52
  • Downloading and Installing SmartConsole03:15
  • Finish building a lab02:53

Licensing and SmartConsole Overview3 lectures • 20min

  • Getting evaluation licensePreview05:17
  • SmartConsole OverviewPreview12:38
  • Adding a license01:55
  • Licensing and SmartConsole overview4 questions

Building a lab In VPS1 lecture • 5min

  • Overview of the lab in VPS04:30

IPsec [Lecture]7 lectures • 40min

  • IPsec (Overview, Terminology)Preview07:38
  • IPsec (Phase1, Phase2)06:24
  • IPsec Routing03:31
  • Permanent tunnel (Tunnel Test, DPD)04:48
  • NAT inside VPN09:03
  • SA lifetimePreview03:05
  • NAT-T06:00

Installing a Web Server2 lectures • 8min

  • Installaing XAMPP and Mutillidae04:12
  • Configuring .htdocs and httpd.conf03:19
  • Configure XAMPP and Install Mutillidae6 questions

Remote Access10 lectures • 1hr 20min

  • Remote access [Overview]08:34
  • Traffic flow [Overview]06:50
  • Remote access [LAB] (Part1)12:32
  • Troubleshooting issue #1 and fixing (Part2)07:28
  • Troubleshooting issue#2 and fixing (Part3)04:04
  • Configuration Summary07:10
  • Hub Mode (Part1)14:37
  • Hub Mode NAT (Part2)03:49
  • Application Control via RA (hub mode)08:40
  • Desktop Security Policy (legacy)06:18
  • Remote Access – lab4 questions

SSL VPN6 lectures • 28min

  • Need for Mobile Access01:58
  • SSL01:35
  • Capsule VPN08:45
  • Mobile Access [LAB]02:28
  • SNX [LAB]08:28
  • Ipassignment.conf04:51

IPsec [LAB]2 lectures • 27min

  • IPsec between Check Point GW (Managed by 1 Management Server)12:05
  • IPsec between Check Point GW (Managed by separate Management Servers)14:33

Troubleshooting IPSEC [practice]5 lectures • 42min

  • Troubleshooting IPsec connection – understanding packets14:38
  • Tools needed for Troubleshooting IPsec connection06:15
  • Problem 1 (Managed by 1 MGMT)07:03
  • Problem 2 (Managed by separate MGMT servers)08:01
  • Problem 3 (Managed by separate MGMT servers)05:37

Endpoint Security Deployment

  • Endpoint Security Deployment – [Part1]16:41
  • Endpoint Security Deployment – [Part2]10:31

Graduation2 lectures • 1min

  • Final thoughts00:15
  • Bonus Lecture00:05


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