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Complete WebApplication Penetration Testing Practical C|WAPT

PUBLISHER :- Debayan Dey

LANGUAGE :- English

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Complete WebApplication Penetration Testing Practical C|WAPT


  • Anyone keen on learning site and web application hacking/entrance testing
  • Any individual who is interested about how information is spilled from web-based media conditions
  • Anyone intrigued site hacking
  • Any individual who fears being hacked and might want to make sure about his/her sites
  • Any individual who fears being hacked and might want to make sure about his/her sites
  • Anyone keen on figuring out how to make sure about sites and web applications from programmer
  • Web administrators so they can make sure about their sites
  • Web designers so they can make secure web application and secure their current ones


  • 4 GB (Gigabytes) of RAM or higher (8 GB suggested)
  • Least 20 GB or more circle space
  • No Linux, programming or hacking information required
  • Working System: Windows/OS X/Linux
  • Empower virtualization innovation on BIOS settings, for example, “Intel-VTx”
  • All things referred to in this course are Free
  • A powerful urge to comprehend programmer devices and procedures
  • A powerful urge to comprehend programmer devices and procedures
  • Must follow our Social Media page in Instagram and YouTube Channel


  • What is Virtualization
  • What is Virtual Machine
  • Kali Linux 2020
  • Ace Linux Commands
  • Investigate Kali Linux
  • Framework Commands
  • Organization Commands
  • Client Commands
  • Include and Delete User with full Sudo Permission
  • What is DVWA
  • What is XAMPP
  • Order Injection Attack
  • Record Inclusion Attack
  • Record Upload Attack
  • XSS Attack
  • DOM Based XSS Attack
  • Reflected XSS Attack
  • Put away XSS Attack
  • What is OWASP Mutillidae II
  • Root Access
  • SQL Injection
  • Instructions to understand Security Challenges
  • Output WebServer utilizing NIKTO
  • Burp Suite
  • Meat Framework
  • OWASP Juice Shop


Hi everyone..!!

welcome to the CWAPT for example the Complete Web application Penetration Testing Practical Course . My name is DEBAYAN DEY and I will be your Instructor for the CWAPT Course.

Presently this course is intended for any individual who is keen on figuring out how an assailant assault and get the data from site by abusing different weaknesses accessible.

CWAPT is planned by remembering that a large portion of us are having PCs or PC machine to work for more often than not and in an overview , we thought of the appropriate response that the vast majority of the Computer clients are a lot of keen on Learning how Web Application Penetration Testing functions and what are the cycle where we use entrance testing and security abilities to discover various weaknesses in web applications. As we as a whole know , site and webservers assumes a significant function in each advanced association, Thats why in this course educational program , Only you need a PC gadget and this whole course is 100% pragmatic based ! isn’t this stunning ??? furthermore, all that will be clarified top to bottom , followed with understanding materials and quizes which will give you a lift in the field of Ethical Hacking!!! so across the board , you simply require a PC gadget and transform it into amazing moral hacking machine.

Minimal brief about my name , I am Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU) v2 , and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH V10) from EC COUNCIL

likewise I am guaranteed Google IT uphold from Google , and presently doing micromaster in the Field of Cyber Security from Rochester establishment of innovation (RIT) New York in edx .

here are not many of my different achievements in the field of network safety ,

Prologue to Cyber Attacks , New York University

prologue to Cyber security for business , University of Colorado System

Palo Alto Networks institute online protection establishment , Palo alto organizations

Global digital clashes , The State University of New York

Digital Attacks Countermeasures , New York University

Systems administration ans security Architecture with Vmware NSX

Undertaking System Management and security ,University of Colorado System

Rest we’ll have a meet and welcome area to know different Learners …!!!

so whats there in this CAEHP COURSE?

Above all else I couldn’t want anything more than to let you know , that this course isn’t restricted to time . you may see 4 or 5 segments today , when you land in this course following hardly any weeks , you’ll see more areas and recordings are included. so this is the upside of taking this course that you’ll get customary updates about the new highlights and assaults and how you , as a unique individual just as association or organization can keep from such an assault.

The web application infiltration testing key result is to recognize security shortcoming over the whole web application and its segments (source code, information base, back-end network).It likewise helps in organizing the distinguished weaknesses and dangers, and potential approaches to alleviate them.

so remembering these results , in first part of CWAPT course ,

you’ll go over the setting up the lab condition wherein you’ll download N introduce virtual box , at that point Kali linux 2020 and the whole design.

Meet and Greet !!!

Downloading and establishment of virtual box

Comprehension of what is Virtual Machine

Download of Kali Linux Virtual Box picture

Establishment of Kali linux 2020

Booting up kali in virtual box for the first run through

Default login and update and redesign

Full Screen and understanding FSH for example Document System Hierarchy

furthermore, substantially more with Reading Materials and Quizzes ..!!

in second segment ,

we will go over different orders utilized in Kali Linux and we’ll get acquainted with our Hacking machine. this part is significant as you’ll be understanding the fundamental orders which we will use in our course , so ensure you comprehend this segment obviously.

Fundamental linux order who am I

Fundamental Commands su and pwd

Fundamental order ls contact nano

Fundamental order feline cp mkdir

Essential Command mv and rm

Framework and User Commands

Organization orders

Include New User with full sudo Permission

Instructions to erase client utilizing order line

what’s more, considerably more with Reading Materials and Quizzes ..!!

next area , for example our third Section will cover DVWA.

What is DVWA?

DVWA is a DAMM VULNERABLE WEB APP coded in PHP/MYSQL. Genuinely it is excessively defenseless. In this application security experts, moral programmers test their aptitudes and run this instruments in a legitimate domain. It likewise helps web designer better comprehend the cycles of making sure about web applications and instructor/understudies to educate/learn web application security in a protected domain.

What is DVWA

XAMPP Theory and Installation

DVWA download Install and design with XAMPP

Order Injection Low , Medium and High Security

Record Inclusion Low , Medium and High Security

Record Upload Low , Medium and High Security

XSS DOM Low , Medium and High Security

XSS Reflected Low , Medium and High Security

XSS Stored Low , Medium and High Security

what’s more, substantially more with Reading Materials and Quizzes ..!!

The point of DVWA is to rehearse probably the most widely recognized web weakness, with different challenges levels.

We going to realize what is DVWA utilized for , we’ll utilize XAMP and comprehend its working.

As the name recommends DVWA has many web weaknesses. Each weakness has four diverse security levels, low, medium, high and incomprehensible. The security levels give a test to the ‘assailant’ and furthermore shows how every weakness can be counter estimated by secure coding.

We’ll cover order infusion , record consideration , document transfer different cross site contents, we will run over burp suite and substantially more

So consistently , you’ll get standard updates in this DVWA area.

Going to our fourth segment , we will work with OWASP MUTILLIDAE.

OWASP Mutillidae II is a free, open source, intentionally weak web-application giving an objective to web-security devotee. it Has more than 40 weaknesses and difficulties. Contains at any rate one weakness for every one of the OWASP Top Ten 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2017.

Download and introduce Mutillidae II

Root access denied fixed

SQL Injection

SQL Injection Reexplained

SQL infusion with SQL MAP

Step by step instructions to comprehend show clues in security level 5 test

Instructions to filter a webserver utilizing NIKTO

XSS in Mutilidae Theory and Practical

DOM based XSS Explanation

Reflected XSS

Put away XSS

Meat Framework

what’s more, significantly more with Reading Materials and Quizzes ..!!

So from an assortment of 40 weaknesses , first we going to cover , sql infusion , sql map, how to comprehend security level difficulties , we’ll figure out how to filter webservers utilizing Nikto , different XSS assaults , MORE Importantly , we will gain proficiency with the use of burp suite , and neef Framework , which is basic to comprehend and gain from Website Penetration analyzer point of view and wr have considerably more to cover in this segment also .

So consistently , you’ll get normal updates in this Mutillidae area also.

Going to our next area , for example fifth Section , we have OWASP JUICE shop.

OWASP Juice Shop is likely the most current and modern uncertain web application! It tends to be utilized in security trainings, mindfulness demos, Ctfs and so on.

What is OWASP Juice shop and establishment of nodejs and npm

OWASP juice shop up in running

Finding the Score Board Level 1 Difficulty Challenge

Zero Star Feedback Level 1 Difficulty Challenge

Access Confidential Document Level 1 Difficulty Challenge

DOM based XSS Level 1 Difficulty Challenge

Blunder Handling Level 1 Difficulty Challenge

Missing Encoding Level 1 Difficulty Challenge

Reward Payload DOM XSS Level 1 Difficulty Challenge

Uncovered Metrics Level 1 Challenge

Obsolete WhiteList Level 1 Challenge

Security Policy Level 1 Difficulty Challenge

Redundant Registration Level 1 Difficulty Challenge

furthermore, considerably more to cover …!!!

Juice Shop incorporates weaknesses from the whole OWASP Top Ten alongside numerous other security imperfections found in genuine applications!

As of now we are having 6 levels in owasp juice shop . we will begin with level 1 and progressively increment our troublesome level.

We going to cover , missing encoding , mistake taking care of security , classified record , cultivator to separate delicate information , we’ll perceive how we can attack protection strategy , peculiar cryptographic issues and considerably more.

So consistently , you’ll get customary updates in Owasp Juice Shop segment also.

So , by experiencing every one of these segments , you’ll be agreeable enough to see how Web Application Penetration Testing functions and with ordinary updates , you’ll have the option to look over your abilities too.

Besides you’ll have a reward segment too which will manage you through different forthcoming courses too my Instagram page and youtube channel where you’ll get standard updates in the field of network protection and travel and the travel industry over the globe.

So all the segments will cover Quizzes , Assignments and Reading Materials .

Additionally , all the areas will be refreshed on ordinary premise and new segments will likewise be included , so once you are joined up with the course , you’ll unquestionably going to learn different procedures how aggressors assault and how we can safe ourselves from getting assaulted.

Above all , this course is totally for instructive reason

all the assaults which an aggressor perform are exhibited to you so you comprehend the innovation and the craftsmanship behind it and you’re not tricked by any sort of social designing.

This course is for instructive and mindfulness reason , to make everybody mindful and be sheltered and secure your information.

Its a solicitation , kindly don’t play out any criminal operations , Udemy and me ( Debayan Dey ) isn’t liable for your criminal operations you perform.

Don’t hesitate to Reach out

along these lines, welcome to the universe of Complete Web application Penetration Testing Practical Course .

ARE YOU EXCITED to learn 100% complete handy course and help your family , Organization and Company stay made sure about and safe from information burglary and from programmers ?

want you to enjoy all that life has to offer !!!

Do follow our Instagram page and youtube channel for customary updates .

Wish you all the best…!!!!

See you in the course greeting page ….!!!!


  • 6 sections • 111 lectures • 9h 45m total length

Setting Up the Lab Environment13 lectures • 44min

  • SQL MAP Promo VideoPreview02:50
  • Meet and Greet !!!2 questions
  • Downloading and installation of virtual boxPreview05:55
  • Optional Reading Material00:51
  • Understanding of what is Virtual Machine04:18
  • Optional Reading Material00:57
  • Download of Kali Linux Virtual Box image04:14
  • Optional Reading Material02:26
  • Installation of Kali linux 202004:01
  • Booting up kali in virtual box for the 1st time04:18
  • Default login and update and upgrade05:41
  • Full Screen and understanding FSH i.e. File System Hierarchy05:31
  • Optional Reading Material for FILE SYSTEM HIERARCHY in Linux03:13
  • Expand Your Knowledge5 questions
  • Q/A Session with instructor and various Social Media availability00:09

Kali Linux Basics21 lectures • 1hr 48min

  • Rate the Course00:13
  • Basic linux command who am i01:45
  • WHO AM I command Optional Reading Material00:25
  • Basic Commands su and pwd09:13
  • SU and PWD command Optional Reading Material00:44
  • Basic command ls touch nano10:16
  • LS command Optional Reading Material05:48
  • TOUCH command Optional Reading Material01:42
  • NANO Command Optional Reading Material03:49
  • Basic command cat cp mkdir10:23
  • Cat Command Optional Reading Material02:53
  • CP command Optional Reading Material03:46
  • mkdir Command Optional Reading Material01:15
  • Basic Command mv and rm08:13
  • MV command Optional Reading Material02:16
  • RM command Optional Reading Material02:19
  • System and User Commands12:13
  • Network commands10:39
  • Add New User with full sudo Permission09:57
  • How to delete user using command line10:15
  • Kali Linux Basic Commands MCQ5 questions
  • Q/A Session with instructor and various Social Media availability00:09

DVWA36 lectures • 3hr 6min

  • What is DVWA theory06:02
  • DVWA Optional Reading Material06:20
  • Update upgrade dist upgrade02:14
  • XAMPP Theory and InstallationPreview06:19
  • XAMPP Optional Reading Material04:06
  • DVWA download Install and configuration with XAMPP12:11
  • Command Injection Low Level06:54
  • Command Injection Optional Reading Material00:30
  • Command Injection Medium Level02:28
  • Command injection High Security03:57
  • DVWA Command Injection Optional Reading Material01:16
  • File Inclusion Low Level Security06:45
  • File Inclusion Optional Reading Material00:35
  • File Inclusion Medium Security05:05
  • File Inclusion High Security05:11
  • DVWA File Inclusion Attack Optional Reading Material03:38
  • File Upload low security Part 105:00
  • File Upload Optional Reading Material00:19
  • File Upload Low Level Security Part 208:44
  • File Upload Medium Level25:54
  • File Upload High Level14:44
  • DVWA File Upload Optional Reading Material02:18
  • XSS DOM low level05:32
  • XSS DOM Optional Reading Material04:12
  • XSS DOM Medium and High Security07:45
  • DVWA XSS DOM Optional Reading Material01:21
  • XSS Reflected Low Level04:04
  • XSS Reflected Optional Reading Material00:31
  • XSS Reflected Medium Level06:55
  • XSS Reflected High Level04:49
  • DVWA XSS Reflected Optional Reading Material00:23
  • XSS Stored Low Level02:51
  • XSS Stored Optional Reading Material01:29
  • XSS Stored Medium Level06:46
  • XSS Stored High Level08:21
  • Q/A Session with instructor and various Social Media availability00:09

OWASP Mutillidae II24 lectures • 2hr 47min

  • Download and install Mutillidae II06:42
  • OWASP MUTILLIDAE Optional Reading Material01:23
  • Root access denied fixed03:53
  • SQL Injection08:44
  • SQL Injection Reading Material07:46
  • SQL Injection Reexplained16:28
  • SQL injection with SQL MAP_part 110:57
  • SQL injection with SQL MAP_part212:13
  • Rate the Course00:15
  • SQL MAP Optional Reading Material03:10
  • How to solve show hints in security level 5 challenge11:58
  • How to scan a webserver using NIKTO15:36
  • NIKTO Optional Reading Material01:32
  • XSS in Mutilidae Theory and Practical08:40
  • DOM based XSS Explanation Part 106:06
  • DOM Based XSS Part 205:44
  • Reflected XSS10:30
  • Stored XSS07:00
  • BEEF Framework Part 1 Explaination08:06
  • BEEF Framework Optional Reading Material00:27
  • BEEF Framework Part 2 XSS04:17
  • BEEF Framework Part 3 Getting full control of the Victims Page13:29
  • BEEF Framework Part 4 Getting VictimsYoutube UsernamePasswordPreview01:29
  • Q/A Session with instructor and various Social Media availability00:09

OWASP Juice Shop15 lectures • 1hr 20min

  • What is OWASP Juice shop and installation of nodejs and npm06:54
  • OWASP Juice Shop Optional Reading Material01:02
  • Issue while installing03:57
  • OWASP juice shop up in running07:23
  • Finding the Score Board Level 1 Difficulty Challenge05:35
  • Zero Star Feedback Level 1 Difficulty Challenge09:45
  • Access Confidential Document Level 1 Difficulty Challenge08:16
  • DOM based XSS Level 1 Difficulty Challenge04:31
  • Error Handling Level 1 Difficulty Challenge05:30
  • Missing Encoding Level 1 Difficulty Challenge05:30
  • Bonus Payload DOM XSS Level 1 Difficulty Challenge03:25
  • Exposed Metrics Level 1 Challenge03:45
  • Outdated WhiteList Level 1 Challenge06:20
  • Privacy Policy Level 1 Difficulty Challenge03:38
  • Repetitive Registration Level 1 Difficulty Challenge04:51

Optional Section2 lectures • 1min

  • Complete Android Ethical Hacking Practical CoursePreview00:04
  • Q/A Session with instructor and various Social Media availability00:09


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