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Control PIC Microcontroller using a GUI via USB or RS232

PUBLISHER :- Educational Engineering Team, Ashraf Said

LANGUAGE :- English

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Control PIC Microcontroller using a GUI via USB or RS232


  • Microcontrollers Geeks
  • Anybody Interested in Interfacing Microcontroller with their Computer or Laptops
  • Anybody Interested in Controlling Microcontrollers by means of Visual Interactive Interface
  • PIC Microcontroller Lovers
  • Anybody Interested in Interfacing PIC Microcontroller with their Computer or Laptops by means of USB Port
  • Anybody Interested in Controlling Microcontrollers by means of Visual Interactive Interface utilizing USB Connection


  • A PC to run the product
  • A fundamental information in Programming in any language
  • No Material is required for this Course
  • Download and Install Proteus Professional (FREE and Explained inside the Course)
  • Download and Install MikroC Pro! (FREE and Explained inside the Course)
  • Download The course Material in PDF and Print them if conceivable
  • Understudies must have the information on fundamental gadgets


  • Interface Microcontroller with Computer or Laptop by means of Serial Communication RS232 or USB
  • Make a Visual Interface for Your System
  • Interface PIC Microcontroller with Computer or Laptop by means of USB Port
  • Make a Visual Interface for Your System to handily Control It
  • Compose a Code to Make PIC Microcontroller perceive USB and use it to send and get information
  • Control PIC Microcontroller utilizing USB Port and a Computer
  • Skill USB work and find out about it’s inward structure
  • Compose code for USB Interfacing
  • Install code in the plan
  • Program PIC Microcontroller like a champ
  • Comprehend the standards of USB Interfacing and programming in PIC Microcontrollers
  • Associate your PIC Microcontroller to PC or Laptop and control it utilizing USB Interfacing
  • Comprehend fundamental standards of USB Interfacing


Interface PIC Microcontroller utilizing Serial Communication RS232/USB and a Visual Interface

Welcome to this course.

In this Course You will Learn how to Move to the following Level in Communication among Microcontrollers and Computers, You will get a bit by bit control on How to make A visual Interface in your PC/Laptop that will send and get information to and from a Microcontroller utilizing RS232 Serial Communication Standard or USB.

Why You should take this Course:

  • More than 3.5 Hour of Full HD Content
  • Supporting Material and Example Codes
  • Bit by bit clarification of association outlines and coding stages
  • Endorsement of Completion when you finish the course
  • Reenactment and Practical exercises to Cover all that there is to think about USB and RS232 Serial Communication

You will have the option to speak with your Microcontroller and construct a completely utilitarian intuitive framework that will make it simple for your to screen various factors, for example, temperature, and impart control signs to turn on of off framework gadgets, for example, fan or warmer.

Sequential/USB Communication gives intends to control any kind of Microcontroller by means of your own PC whether it’s a work area or a PC, what you have to do is simply make the best possible interface which we will show you how to do in this course.

This course will be your entryway, and you will have no restrictions, you can make a temperature control, RC robot, SCADA System and a great deal of different applications by means of sequential interfacing.

All that you needed to think about USB Interfacing however was too reluctant to even consider asking, or Asked without finding Solutions!

This Course additionally contains a Step By Step Guide to USB Interfacing with PIC Microcontroller

This USB Section Consists of 39 Lecture with over 3 hours of HD Video Content and valuable material in which we spread each part of USB Interfacing including showing you how to configuration, reproduce and associate everything, in actuality, I can guarantee you that after this course you will be an expert in USB Interfacing with PIC Microcontroller

Why You Should Use USB Interfacing:

  • Higher speed than any traditional interfacing technique
  • Just Four wires are utilized (Two PIC Microcontroller Pins are expected to interface in excess of 100 gadget by means of USB)
  • Low force utilization
  • Backing and Libraries


  • 22 sections • 55 lectures • 3h 35m total length

Introduction & Getting Started3 lectures • 10min

  • IntroductionPreview01:42
  • Who We Are?Preview05:23
  • What is a GUIPreview02:55

Important Note: Review System1 lecture • 1min

  • Important Note: Review System00:46

Software Needed for This Course6 lectures • 28min

  • Note00:04
  • Microsoft Visual Studio04:38
  • Proteus Simulation Software11:00
  • MikroC Pro for C Coding of Microcontrollers11:22
  • Virtual COM Port Driver00:21
  • Proteus Virtual USB Installation01:01

Software that can be used to design a GUI1 lecture • 2min

  • Software that can be used to design a GUIPreview02:18

Communication2 lectures • 9min

  • Different Communication Methods that Can be usedPreview03:44
  • What is Serial Communication and RS23205:03

Your First GUI1 lecture • 10min

  • How To Create Your First GUI Project Quick Intro10:04

Control PIC Microcontroller using A GUI3 lectures • 1min

  • C Code for PIC Microcontroller00:15
  • GUI Code for Microsoft Visual Studio00:15
  • Proteus Circuit Schematic00:00

USB Communication7 lectures • 27min

  • Introduction to the USB World05:14
  • Introduction to the USB World04:04
  • Hardware and Software Requirements02:11
  • Advantages of USB Communication04:00
  • USB Pinout Port Wiring04:14
  • USB Transfer speeds02:53
  • USB Device Classes04:23

Introduction to Descriptors3 lectures • 15min

  • Introduction to Descriptor02:14
  • Creating a descriptor file in MikroC06:02
  • Creating a descriptor file in MikroC – Practica06:22

USB Libraries HID Enable1 lecture • 5min

  • USB Libraries HID Enable04:52

12 more sections


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