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Eliminate Your Insomnia Now Build Strong Sleep Habits


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Eliminate Your Insomnia Now Build Strong Sleep Habits


  • Insomniacs
  • Anyone who has trouble getting a good night’s sleep
  • Students
  • Executives
  • Anyone under stress


  • A desire to get a full night’s sleep!


  • Reduce Insomnia
  • Improve Sleep
  • Learn Healthy Bedtime Rituals
  • Use Sleep Hacks


Dispense with Your Insomnia Now Build Strong Sleep Habits

No More Insomnia! You Deserve a Good Night’s Sleep – Banish Insomnia and Welcome Good Sleep Into Your Bedroom

Sleep deprivation is a typical torment, yet frequently it tends to be disposed of or decreased through the act of better day by day propensities. Sleep deprivation is regularly a component of helpless rest cleanliness. Fortunately you can radically lessen your a sleeping disorder or now and again dispose of sleep deprivation by improving day by day propensities with respect to your activity, diet, phone use, and sleep time schedules.

Time and again, drugs are the primary retreat for individuals experiencing a sleeping disorder. On the off chance that you’ve been down that course previously, you realize this is frequently an answer more awful than the issue. Anybody trying to kill or decrease sleep deprivation should initially zero in on changing practices that diminish rest. In particular, improving eating routine and exercise can make an immense improvement. Next, creating appropriate sleep time ceremonies, including wiping out all admittance to screens in any event one hour before sleep time. At that point, your room must be arranged in an approach to encourage continuous rest. Lastly, you have to utilize each stunt and device accessible to dispose of interruptions from a sound night’s rest.

Self-improvement master TJ Walker will manage you through a particular cycle to assist you with taking out by far most of the reasons for basic a sleeping disorder. Subsequent to taking this course, you will no longer puzzle over whether you are hurting your rest through your particular propensities.

So in case you’re prepared to get a decent night’s rest, feel free to pursue this course today. What do you need to lose aside from the packs under your eyes?


  • 11 sections • 54 lectures • 1h 52m total length

Insomnia Does Not Have to Be Your Destiny6 lectures • 13min

  • Put Your Insomnia In the Past – Build Strong Sleeping Habits Promo VideoPreview01:25
  • Quick Win! The Missing Step In Your Nighttime routinePreview00:53
  • Watch This Before You Try Pills or Other Quick FixesPreview01:38
  • How This Course Is Different from Any Other Sleep and Insomnia CoursePreview00:59
  • Build a Positive Sleep PhilosophyPreview05:45
  • Please Consult Your Doctor If You Have Any Serious Medical ConditionsPreview01:54

The Habits of a Good Sleeper1 lecture • 25min

  • Summary of Key Concepts You Need to Know to Combat Insomnia24:50

Nighttime Routines To Set You Up for Sleep Success9 lectures • 11min

  • Establish A Winning Nighttime Routine00:37
  • You Don’t Want to Hear This, But You’ve Got To Turn Your Screen Off02:30
  • The Perfect Way to Fill The Last Hour of the Night01:53
  • Dim Lighting will Make You look Good and Sleep Better00:41
  • Pick a Bedtime and Stick to It!01:04
  • Figure Out What Relaxes You01:07
  • A Cool Room Is Cool00:40
  • Get Your Water Ready01:02
  • Drink As Little As Possible Before Bed01:01

Tools for Improving Sleep12 lectures • 22min

  • Tools To Help You Sleep Better00:40
  • Pick The Best Bed for You02:19
  • If You Must Use an Alarm…01:30
  • Don’t Let Your Lips Go Dry01:00
  • Sleep Masks Might Look Fussy, But they Get the Job Done01:27
  • Blackout Shades Will Help You Avoid Waking At the Crack of Dawn00:43
  • Earplugs Might Seem Extreme, But They Can Really Help02:26
  • A White Noise Machine Can Sound Better Than Music to Your Ears02:29
  • The First Tool You Should Try If You Snore04:28
  • Don’t Let Dry Mouth In the Winter Keep You Up01:09
  • A Therapy Light Can Help Regulate Your Sleep Times01:40
  • Be Wary of Wearables and Apps01:45

Morning Routines That Lead to Nighttime Sleep7 lectures • 9min

  • Your Morning Will Affect Your Sleep00:15
  • Early Morning Sunlight Is Great!00:42
  • Meditation Can Calm the Brain and Facilitate Sleep01:09
  • Journaling Can Relieve Stress On Your Brain01:41
  • Exercise in the Morning01:13
  • Fuel Your Body To Run Efficiently01:08
  • The Morning Coffee?02:57

Healthy Diet Tips for Healthy Sleep2 lectures • 4min

  • Your Diet Will Have a Good or Bad Impact on Your Sleep01:06
  • Alcohol Can Be Tricky When It Comes to Sleep02:59

The Rest of Your Day4 lectures • 6min

  • Move More!00:57
  • Spend Time in Nature01:18
  • Schedule Digital Detox Periods Throughout Your Day02:18
  • A Hot Soak Late In the Day Can Relax You01:04

Avoiding The Biggest Blunders of All2 lectures • 4min

  • Avoid this Trap If You Ever Want to Sleep02:23
  • Naps Can Be Tricky01:08

Travel Tips1 lecture • 2min

  • Good Sleep Habits Are Even More Important When You Travel02:27

Turning Sleep Best-Practices Into Your Own Daily Habits Using SSP6 lectures • 13min

  • Now Comes the Most Important Part01:17
  • Why It Is So Hard To Get Sleep in the 2020s04:03
  • Turn Conscious Facts Into Unconscious Habits02:42
  • Marketing Good Sleep Habits To Your Brain02:20
  • Here Is An Example of a Sleep SelfieSpeak Program00:35
  • Create Your Own SelfieText Program and Checklist01:40

Conclusion – Your Future As a Good Sleeper Is Here4 lectures • 5min

  • We Are Getting Close to the End00:44
  • Give Feedback on How to Improve This Insomnia Course00:31
  • Here Is How You Can Get your Certificate of Completion for this Course03:12
  • Congratulations! You Are Ready for Insomnia-Free Sleep01:01


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