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Google Sheets for Beginners: The Complete Sheets Bootcamp

PUBLISHER :- Ram Mohan

LANGUAGE :- English

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Google Sheets for Beginners: The Complete Sheets Bootcamp


  • Dominate clients venturing out relocating to Google Sheets
  • IT administrators who are attempting to lessen cost by moving endlessly from Excel onto free Google Sheets.
  • Clients figuring out how to utilize Google Sheets all the more successfully as a component of moving ceaselessly from Excel


  • Know the fundamentals of working Excel or other spreadsheet programs
  • The course won’t spread the nuts and bolts of Excel or Office or Windows (model, Copy glue easy routes)


  • All the basic functionality of Google Sheets
  • How the freely available Google Sheets can be an effective replacement for paid Excel


  • Is it accurate to say that you are attempting to comprehend the essentials of Google Sheets?
  • It is safe to say that you are thinking that its difficult to progress from Excel or other spreadsheet projects to Google Sheets?

At that point you have gone to the opportune spot!

Welcome to this Google Sheets Bootcamp course where you’ll get familiar with about Google Sheets.

This course has been intended for anyone hoping to change to Google Sheets from Excel or other spreadsheet programs. Before the finish of this course, you’ll have the option to unhesitatingly utilize Google Sheets at a halfway level

This course is intended to take you directly from the rudiments and right to moderate and progressed ideas of Google Sheets. Regardless of whether you’re an apprentice simply beginning on Google Sheets or as of now have some information around Google Sheets, you are ensured to become familiar with a ton all through this course. Your insight into Google Sheets will be quickened in just shy of 4 hours through bit by bit directions and models.

The ideal understudy for this course is someone who definitely knows the fundamentals of spreadsheets and needs to progress their abilities to Google Sheets. There is no prerequisite to be a spreadsheet master, the main necessity is to rehearse what you realize so as to increase your abilities.

Don’t hesitate to peruse the review recordings. This course has a multi day no inquiries posed to unconditional promise in the event that you are not fulfilled. So enlist currently to become familiar with about Google Sheets!


  • 6 sections • 33 lectures • 3h 29m total length

Introduction4 lectures • 17min

  • Introduction – Please watchPreview03:00
  • Benefits of Google Sheets and How to use this course – Please watch05:54
  • How to register for a Google Sheets Account – Skip if you already have gmail03:02
  • How to create a new Google SheetPreview05:23

Introduction to Google Sheets Operations6 lectures • 44min

  • Inputting Data into Google SheetsPreview04:44
  • Overview of toolbar in Google Sheets10:54
  • Templates in Google Sheets05:18
  • Overview of Menu in Google Sheets11:51
  • Basics of Text, Number and Formatting in Google Sheets06:27
  • Cut Copy and Paste Operations in Google Sheets05:00

Additional Sheets Functionality6 lectures • 50min

  • Basic Functions in Google Sheets06:59
  • Overview of Tab Operations in Google Sheets08:49
  • Overview of Row and Column Operations in Google SheetsPreview06:40
  • Sample Functions in Google Sheets07:50
  • Sample Functions in Google Sheets Continued10:28
  • Sharing in Google Sheets09:42

Intermediate Options and Functions in Google Sheets7 lectures • 44min

  • Version History in Google SheetsPreview04:58
  • Data Filtering and sorting in Google Sheets11:32
  • More filtering options incl. Filter Views and Temporary Filters in Google Sheets06:38
  • Charts and Graphs in Google Sheets05:24
  • File Operations in Google Sheets07:09
  • Recovering Deleted Files in Google SheetsPreview02:21
  • Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets05:38

Advanced Functionality in Google Sheets5 lectures • 37min

  • Data Validation in Google SheetsPreview06:17
  • Pivot Tables in Google Sheets05:35
  • Creating Custom Functions in Google Sheets07:04
  • Macros in Google Sheets06:23
  • Using Forms in Google Sheets11:21

Further Reading and Next Steps5 lectures • 18min

  • Sample Sheets in Google Sheets07:44
  • Things we did not cover to explore on your own05:32
  • Help and Shortcuts in Google SheetsPreview03:10
  • Goodbye and thank you00:55
  • Bonus Material00:16


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