Google Server Down

Is Google Server Down? Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Other Google Services Down Globally


Recently, this news is true that the Google server had been gone down. The timing when the google servers had been gone down was at 5:32 PM and the Google Server’s got up at their Previous Position at 6:09 PM. Did you know, What is the Reason behind this mishappening that occurred in the Google servers. We all recently noticed that we are unable to use Google’s apps and website in this worst time of inactivity of Google Servers.

We all know that When we were trying to Open up the YouTube Application on our Mobile Phone at that time we are unable to use their services as we got stuck and getting an Error message on our Mobile screen. At the start, this has only happened when we are using YouTube on our Gmail Account and when we gonna search on google as YouTube then we are able to use YouTube but after some period of time, we are also not able to use this YouTube website on the google search engine.

Also, our Gmail account and server are not working there were also getting an error message on our mobile screen. The issue usually seems to have a massive effect on many users globally. Several users on social media are reporting problems sending emails through Gmail and uploading files on Google Drive and are not able to use the YouTube Website/App.

All the people in this whole World are felt in a similar evil foreboding just like Termination of their YouTube Channel, Suspension of their YouTube account, Suspension of their Gmail account, Suspension of their Admob account, Suspension of their Adsense account, Suspension of their Google account and so on.

One more tremendous impact that was occurred because of the Google server’s going down that the People or Web Developer who had been using the BLOGGER platform of Google for Publishing their Website in the Google Search Engine should have a Downfall in the Ranking of their Websites would be having an immense loss in their Adsense earning.


Yes, this was Really a Google Server Down as they were Updating their System due to certain issues that happened in their Server which is Operating all the Databases from the Whole World. They were also trying to introduce the new Features in their YouTube Platform along with Gmail, Google Drive (Gdrive), and so on. This issue remains sustained on the Internet for about 15-35 Minutes.

Google is yet to comment on the outage. “We are aware that many of you are having issues accessing YouTube right now our team is aware and looking into it. We’ll update you here as soon as we have more news,” says YouTube.

As per user reports on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many other Platforms several users across the world aren’t able to Delete their Google Search History from their Android Devices.

Several users from the Internet have also reported that they are facing issues while Opening their Gmail account. While People were trying to Login their Gmail account in the Android Devices they were getting an error message on their Screen that the google account you are trying is reach is not available or this account doesn’t exist.

Some users have also reported that they are facing issues while uploading attachments to their emails.

Moreover, the hashtag #Gmail has been trending on Twitter as well as Facebook and Instagram for many parts worldwide. The Gadgets 360 staff had also faced issues while uploading attachments to Gmail or documents on Google Drive.

Google Analytics data is not showing up in the website


Some people may have observed different things and these observations are based on personal experience. If you have experienced some other issues or have observed any other thing do comment below. Also, share your experience during this Google Server down after many years.

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