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KiCAD PCB Design For Embedded Systems & Electronics Projects

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KiCAD PCB Design For Embedded Systems & Electronics Projects


  • Apprentices, Makers, and Electronics Hobbyists: If you construct your own electronic circuits on breadboard and might want to move it to a genuine equipment PCB or an item that you can really test and convey, this course can assist you with taking a thought in your brain and transform it into a genuine item PCB.
  • School/University Students: in case you’re a building understudy and might want to learn PCB configuration to make your venture look considerably more expert and to add an ability to your CV, this course can help you in this. You’ll learn KiCAD and make your own activities and become acquainted with PCB plan philosophy and how you can deliberately approach PCB configuration ventures and archive your advancement in a hurry.
  • Implanted Systems Enthusiasts: regardless of whether you’re a lesser, consultant, or experienced architect, you can at present discover this course supportive. It’ll assist you with learning KiCAD instruments and PCB plan work process. This can assist you with making total activities for your customers both firmware and equipment plan. And furthermore make the progress from any CAD programming to KiCAD which a stunning opensource instrument.


  • Fundamental Circuits and Electronics Knowledge
  • PC (Windows, Mac, or Linux)& Internet Connection
  • Tolerance And Willing To Be a PCB Designer


  • KiCAD 5.1
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design With KiCAD
  • PCB Design Workflow (Methodology)
  • Documentation For HW Requirements and TLD
  • From Idea or Requirement To Actual PCB Product
  • BOM Selection Process
  • Schematic Design and Capture
  • Allotting Footprints To Symbol Parts
  • PCB Layout Editing and Routing
  • Gerber Output Files Generation For Fabrication
  • Creating SMT Files For Automated PCB Assembly
  • Undertaking Based Course (Flasher LED Board, Create Your Own Embedded Dev. Board, and a USB-Powered Device)


This course will assist you with knowing the essentials of KiCAD and how to utilize it as an instrument for PCB configuration ventures. What’s more, it’ll additionally show you how to detail a task/item thought and archive it so that it gets simpler for you to plan and plan each aspect of the total system.

And at last, assist you with building up an orderly method to approach PCB equipment configuration ventures. Both as a specialist or as a designing understudy. This course is Project-Based. You’ll learn KiCAD by doing useful venture models through this course.

Design 3 PCB Boards and Learn The Essentials of KiCAD

  1. Simple LED Flasher Board
  2. PIC18F-Based Development Board
  3. STM32-Based USB-Powered LED Controller Board

Course’s Contents and Overview

The course starts with an introduction to printed circuit boards (PCB) technology. And then shifts the attention to PCB design CAD software tools and mainly focusing on KiCAD which is the main topic of this course. Then, you’ll get introduced to KiCAD tools for schematic capture and PCB layout editing through a very basic example board.

Afterward, I’ll teach you a very intuitive PCB design methodology to get any project done just in 10 actionable steps. And we’ll be sticking to this methodology for all the project examples we’ll be doing thereafter.

Then, the last 3 sections will be dedicated to the 3 projects for this course. And in each one of them, we’ll be doing:

  • HW Req. Statement
  • Schematic Design
  • Schematic Capture
  • ERC Check
  • Footprints Assignment
  • PCB Layout & Routing
  • DRC Check
  • Generating Fab.-Ready Output Files (Gerber)
  • Generating BOM File
  • Generating POS For SMT services

You’ll learn when and how to do each step in detail through this course and three times in 3 different projects. Just to make sure you’ve got a very good understanding and vision for the PCB design workflow.

Enjoy The Course!


  • 6 sections • 47 lectures • 4h 54m total length

Introduction4 lectures • 15min

  • KiCAD PCB Design Course OverviewPreview04:25
  • Why Do We Need PCBs?Preview04:46
  • Elements of a PCBPreview03:35
  • CAD Tools For PCB Design01:52

Getting Started With KiCAD5 lectures • 34min

  • About KiCAD & Download and Install The Software01:48
  • Create a New KiCAD Project02:18
  • Schematic Capture With KiCAD Eschema Basics08:07
  • PCB Layout & Design With KiCAD Basics18:26
  • Generating Fabrication-Ready Output Files (Gerber)03:26
  • Create Your First KiCAD PCB Project1 question

PCB Design Methodology4 lectures • 13min

  • PCB Design Methodology Overview04:52
  • Pre-Design Stage02:41
  • Schematic Design & BOM Selection Stage02:00
  • PCB Design Stage03:16

PCB Design Project1: LED Flasher Board11 lectures • 1hr 15min

  • Step1 – Hardware Requirements03:15
  • Step2 – TLD Design05:29
  • Step3 – Schematic Design09:32
  • Step4 – Schematic Capture11:50
  • Step5 – Footprints Assignments06:07
  • Step6 – ERC Check02:09
  • Step7 – PCB Layout Editing14:08
  • Step8 – PCB Routing08:48
  • Step9 – DRC Check01:02
  • Optional Step – Silkscreen Custom Graphics Design10:32
  • Step10 – Generating Fabrication-Ready Output Files (Gerber)02:17

PCB Design Project2: PIC Microcontroller Development Board11 lectures • 1hr 18min

  • Step1 – Hardware Requirements04:56
  • Step2 – TLD Design05:39
  • Step3 – Schematic Design01:27
  • Step4 – Schematic Capture22:29
  • Step5 – Footprints Assignments09:57
  • Step6 – ERC Check01:00
  • Step7 – PCB Layout Editing10:40
  • Step8 – PCB Routing10:24
  • Step9 – DRC Check01:00
  • Step10 – Generating Fabrication-Ready Output Files (Gerber)09:57
  • Running Some Projects On PIC18F Dev Board00:54

PCB Design Project3: USB-Powered LED Controller With STM32 uC12 lectures • 1hr 19min

  • Step1 – Hardware Requirements04:55
  • Step2 – TLD Design05:44
  • Step3 – Schematic Design05:08
  • Step4 – Schematic Capture19:01
  • Step5 – Footprints Assignments06:28
  • Step6 – ERC Check00:30
  • Step7 – PCB Layout Editing08:32
  • Step8 – PCB Routing05:58
  • Step9 – DRC Check02:51
  • Step10 – Generating Fabrication-Ready Output Files (Gerber)11:22
  • Extra Step – Generating SMT Files (BOM & POS) For JLCPCB Service08:20
  • Bonus Lectures List For This Section00:32


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