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Learn Java by building 17 projects step by step

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Learn Java by building 17 projects step by step


  • Absolute beginners to programming in Java
  • Absolute beginners to programming in general

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  • You should be able to use a PC at a beginner level


  • Develop java console applications
  • Develop GUI applications in java
  • Develop applications in NetBeans IDE
  • Import and use java packages
  • Run and build java apps outside IDE
  • Create classes
  • Create user interface with swing components
  • Configure swing components
  • Troubleshoot coding errors
  • Generate event handlers


Figuring out how to code can be both fun and fulfilling . Java is a helpful ,hearty and mainstream programming language to set out on that venture.

This course is a handy Hands-on course from the first to the last area. The most ideal approach to learn is by doing so you will do a great deal of coding.

Java is a case-delicate, current, universally useful, object-situated programming language. One reason Java is so mainstream is that it is stage autonomous . You simply need to create java code once and a short time later run it on any stage be it mac, windows or Linux.

In this course we will make 17 handy and helpful ventures bit by bit. The tasks include:


Computerized Clock

Weight Converter

Temperature Converter

Stature Converter

Irregular Number Generator

BMI Mini-computer Apparatus

Rate Mini-computer

Word Tally Apparatus

Include number program

Program to decide Even numbers

Program to decide Jump Year

Program to figure region and border of a circle

Program to discover most elevated number

Program to discover Prime Numbers

Program to make a triangle

Program to decide biggest numbers

This course will control you through java nuts and bolts, its center punctuation, and the basics of composing solid java code. I will tell you the best way to introduce Java JDK and NetBeans IDE. Netbeans is an incredible IDE for creating in java, and afterward plunge into the language itself. En route, we will cover themes, for example,

Pronouncing and introducing factors with an assortment of information types

Investigating Essential Math administrators

Investigate Accumulate blunders

Controlling stream with contingent code

Making Strategy

Making Occasion Handler strategies

Utilizing Part controls and changing their properties

On the off chance that java is your initial step into programming or including it your current range of abilities, these preparation recordings will assist you with understanding the language and use it to fabricate your own incredible programming.


11 sections • 81 lectures • 10h 22m total lengthExpand all sections

Getting Ready For Java12 lectures • 1hr 27min

  • IntroductionPreview03:19
  • What is JavaPreview05:45
  • Installing JDK and NetBeans BundlePreview08:52
  • Your First Java Program06:57
  • Basic structure of a java program10:00
  • What is a Java Package08:27
  • Primitive Data Types08:58
  • Basic Operators07:40
  • What are Variables ?09:00
  • Arrays07:37
  • Using Comments04:39
  • Running Java Outside the IDE06:09

Project 1 :Develop a Height Conversion Tool8 lectures • 50min

  • Creating the Project02:34
  • Building the user interface -Part104:48
  • Building the user interface -Part208:16
  • Adding styling to your user interface05:53
  • Changing Variable Names05:31
  • Coding the exit and clear buttons08:00
  • Writing Code to do the conversion10:33
  • Running and Deploying Your Project04:18

Project 2: Creating a Word Count Tool8 lectures • 50min

  • Creating the Project01:34
  • Designing the GUI – Part 107:06
  • Designing the GUI – Part 206:55
  • Styling the GUI03:26
  • Renaming the variables05:18
  • Programming the exit and clear buttons07:52
  • Programming the Count Button12:14
  • Deploying and running your project05:27

Project 3: Create a Weight Conversion Tool6 lectures • 41min

  • Create Project and GUI06:30
  • Customizing the GUI05:30
  • Adding Color to GUI04:18
  • Coding the exit and clear buttons10:05
  • Coding the convert button10:47
  • Running and Building your project03:36

Java Console Beginner Projects8 lectures • 1hr 44min

  • Project 4: Comparing Two Numbers13:49
  • Project 5: Calculate Area and Perimeter of a Circle15:44
  • Project 6:: Constructing a Triangle with Code12:08
  • Project 7: Finding Even Numbers14:14
  • Project 8: Write a Program to determine leap years09:44
  • Project 9 : Write a Program to Generate Prime Numbers14:54
  • Project 10: Write Program to Find the Largest Numbers14:06
  • Project 11: Random Number Generator09:35

Project 12: Creating a basic calculator with Java8 lectures • 1hr 21min

  • Creating the Project and Adding a Form10:28
  • Adding a Textbox and button to form07:23
  • Changing form properties and adding more buttons11:51
  • Java Form Events14:39
  • Coding the Plus Button07:00
  • Coding the equal and clear button10:05
  • Coding the Math Operators and using a switch statement15:51
  • Building and deploying your project03:51

Project 13: Creating a Percentage Calculator6 lectures • 37min

  • Creating the Project01:07
  • Building the Front End06:05
  • Customizing the GUI – Part 108:09
  • Customizing the GUI – Part 204:48
  • Coding the exit and clear button06:00
  • Coding the logic and building the app11:06

Project 14: Creating a Digital Clock6 lectures • 45min

  • Creating the Project Structure04:12
  • Importing Packages07:51
  • Using Classes08:57
  • creating a Thread11:26
  • Modifying Jlabel Properties07:54
  • Building and Deploying your application04:37

Project 15 : Create a Java Program to Add two numbers6 lectures • 40min

  • Creating the project07:49
  • Renaming the Components10:16
  • Coding the exit buttons05:18
  • Coding the clear button04:57
  • Coding the addition button07:32
  • Running your project outside the IDE04:10

Project 16 :Build a Temperature Converter Program4 lectures • 28min

  • Setting up the project04:33
  • Creating the GUI08:40
  • Adding the application logic09:37
  • Running and deploying your project04:44

Project 17 : BMI Calculator Tool9 lectures • 59min

  • Creating the Project and JFrame02:56
  • Building the GUI – Part 109:09
  • Building the GUI – Part207:04
  • Renaming the Variables07:17
  • Coding the Exit Button03:51
  • Coding the Clear Button05:03
  • Coding the Calculator Button -Part 111:13
  • Coding the Calculator Button -Part 208:56
  • Running and Building your App03:58


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