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Make Money Online Using Instagram

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In this Blog You’ll Learn how to Make Money Online Using Instagram For Free as Well as with many other Different Techniques / Method .


Nowadays, Having a huge number of Followers on Instagram is very much Difficult. Everyone want to be famous and popular. So, you won’t get surprised when you see that some people are buying and selling Instagram accounts on many other Platforms which we talk about later. I have gathered some Important Information about Selling and Buying Instagram accounts that i will tell you in this topic. So, let’s start

Is it Legal or Illegal to Buy and Sell Personal Accounts on Instagram? Does Instagram allow us to do this ?

Instagram terms of service (TOS) forbids the transfer of Ownership on Instagram But the Violation of ToS is not subjected to any type of form of legal violation.. These types of Accounts are sold on Facebook pages,  Instagram direct messages, and even on Many online Marketplaces in all over the World.

How much Followers did you need to sell your Instagram Account ?

You usally need about Atleast ( 700 )Followers to be eligiblefor this but I suggest you that u Should be having 1000 Followers in your InstagramAccount which is organic only NOT Fake Followers OR not even bot’s. So, to the point is that the Influencer’s should be paying you atleast 10$ or even More than it for every 1,000 Followers in your Instagram Account.

Where you can Sell your INSTAGRAM Accounts ?

There are lot of Website present in our widest Google Platform where you gonna will get a alot of Websites where you can sell your Instagram Account But some of them are not legit where they can stole your INSTAGRAM Account and you were not able to get the money for your account. So, i will be telling you some of the best WEBSITES where u can SELL your Instagram Accounts and earn profits from it. Here are some of Best Websites where you can sell your Accounts

Websites :-



Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning money with commision by promoting the PRODUCTS of other brands. When Buyers Purchase that Product from your Reference or Link in your Website, and then you will Earn a Commission. Affiliate marketing is a good option for Making Money through the Instagram who have the good Audience base to promote Affiliate Products

You must have heard that earning money is not an Easy Task. Money does not Grow on the tree, Right? What if, I tell you that you can make money for FREE at Any time from Anywhere – Even while you are SLEEPING ? You don’t have to Sit in front of the Computer for long hours to Earn money in your account. Well, I am WEBDEMON not talking about any type of Fraud scheme. I am talking about a Best and the Trending way of Marketing that is :- AFFILIATE MARKETING PROGRAM.

Remarking a Product or Service by sharing it on a Blog, Website ,Social media Platforms like INSTAGRAM and many more. When someone purchases from your Affiliate Marketing Link then you will be able to get the profit from it. Here are some Best Websites for Affiliate Marketing.


Dropshipping is a Method by which a vendor/Reseller Fulfills Orders from a third party and will ship the Order/Parcel Directly to the Customers on their Given Address. In Different Words, the Vendors/Reseller passes on the order of the Customer Directly to the Supplier, then the Supplier Would Place the order Directly to the Customer’s Addresss. The Vendor/Reseller does not need any type of Product to store in their own inventory OR Any type of Place to Ship that Items Directly to the Customer. The Supplier will Directly Place your Order to the Customer.

So, this is known as DROPSHIPPING and by Using this Method you are able to EARN alot of Money by this and its also highly Recommended by me also.

Here are Some websites Where u can Do DROPSHIIPING :-

1. MegaGoods

2. Worldwide Brands

3. SaleHoo

4. National Dropshippers

5. AliExpress

6. Wholesale2B

7. InventorySource

8. Spocket

9. Wholesale Central

10. Sunrise Wholesale



13. Doba

Here are Best and Trusted Websites Present in INDIA for the DROPSHIPPING :-













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