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Marketing Analytics and Retail Business Management

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Marketing Analytics and Retail Business Management


  • Anyone curious to learn the analytics behind most popular marketing startegies


  • You will need a PC with any version of Excel installed in it
  • Basic understanding of Excel operations like opening, closing and saving a file


  • Become capable in utilizing incredible assets, for example, dominate solver to make estimating models
  • Figure out how to assess the pattern and occasional parts of deals
  • Perform market bin investigation and ascertain lift to determine a store design that expands deals from integral items
  • See how to decipher the aftereffect of Linear Regression display and make an interpretation of them into noteworthy knowledge
  • Learn reasonable ideas of how to get income/benefit upgraded value point if there should be an occurrence of Bundle items.
  • Realize why link organizations group landlines, phone administration, TV administration, and Internet administration (Bundling)
  • Perform RFM (Recency, recurrence, and money related worth) examination to assist you with boosting benefit from limited time mail crusades.
  • Figure out how to ascertain client’s lifetime esteem under various situations and use it to build the organization’s productivity.
  • Consolidate the effect of rebate rate and standard for dependability to compute client esteem


You’re searching for a total seminar on seeing Retail Analytics to drive business choices including creation plans, stock administration, special mail improvement, store layouting, assessing right pack value, client valuation and numerous different pieces of the business., correct?

You’ve discovered the correct Marketing and Retail Analytics: Strategies and Models in Excel! This course trains you all that you have to think about various guaging models, Market Basket investigation, RFM (recency, recurrence, financial) examination, Customer Valuation techniques and Price Bundling investigation and how to actualize these models in Excel utilizing progressed dominate instrument.

Subsequent to finishing this course you will have the option to:

  • Execute anticipating models, for example, straightforward direct, basic numerous relapse, Additive and multiplicative pattern and irregularity model and some more.
  • Perform market container examination and figure lift to infer a store format that boosts deals from corresponding items.
  • Do RFM (Recency, recurrence, and financial worth) investigation to assist you with expanding benefit from limited time mail crusades.
  • Increment income/benefit of your firm by actualizing income/benefit augmenting pack value point utilizing Excel solver Add-in
  • Comprehend the estimation of your clients to settle on savvy choices on the best way to go through cash securing them
  • Certainly practice, talk about and comprehend diverse retail examination models utilized by associations

How this course will support you?

A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is introduced to all understudies who attempt this Marketing and Retail Analytics: Strategies and Models in Excel course.

On the off chance that you are a business director or a chief, or an understudy who needs to learn and apply guaging models in genuine issues of business, this course will give you a strong base for that by showing you the most mainstream estimating models and how to actualize it.

For what reason would it be advisable for you to pick this course?

We have faith in educating by model. This course is no exemption. Each Section’s essential center is to show you the ideas through how-to models. Each part has the accompanying segments:

Hypothetical ideas and use instances of various anticipating models

Bit by bit guidelines on execute estimating models in dominate

Downloadable Excel record containing information and arrangements utilized in each talk

Class notes and tasks to reexamine and rehearse the ideas

The handy classes where we make the model for every one of these procedures is something which separates this course from some other course accessible on the web.

What makes us qualified to instruct you?

The course is instructed by Abhishek and Pukhraj. As supervisors in Global Analytics Consulting firm, we have helped organizations tackle their business issue utilizing Analytics and we have utilized our experience to incorporate the commonsense parts of Marketing and information investigation in this course

We are additionally the makers of probably the most mainstream online courses – with more than 170,000 enlistments and a huge number of 5-star audits like these ones:

This is excellent, I love the reality the all clarification given can be perceived by a layman – Joshua

Much obliged to you Author for this great course. You are the best and this course merits any cost. – Daisy

Our Promise

Encouraging our understudies is our activity and we are focused on it. On the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning the course content, practice sheet or anything identified with any point, you can generally post an inquiry in the course or send us an immediate message.

Download Practice documents, take Quizzes, and complete Assignments

With each talk, there are class notes connected for you to track. You can likewise take tests to check your comprehension of ideas. Each segment contains a training task for you to basically execute your learning.

What is canvassed in this course?

Seeing how future deals will change is one of the key data required by supervisor to take information driven choices. In this course, we will investigate how one can utilize determining models to

See designs in time arrangement information

Make conjectures dependent on models

Let me give you a concise outline of the course

Segment 1 – Introduction

In this part we will find out about the course structure

Segment 2 – Basics of Forecasting

In this part, we will examine about the fundamental of determining and we will likewise become familiar with the least demanding approach to make basic straight relapse model in Excel

Segment 3 – Getting Data Ready for Regression Model

In this part you will realize what moves you have to make a bit by bit to get the information and afterward set it up for the examination these means are significant.

We start with understanding the significance of business information then we will perceive how to do information investigation. We figure out how to do uni-variate investigation and bi-variate examination then we spread subjects like exception treatment and missing worth attribution.

Segment 4 – Forecasting utilizing Regression Model

This part begins with basic direct relapse and afterward covers different straight regression.We have secured the fundamental hypothesis behind every idea without getting so numerical so you comprehend where the idea is coming from and how it is significant. Be that as it may, regardless of whether you don’t get it, it will be alright as long as you figure out how to run and decipher the outcome as instructed in the down to earth addresses.

We likewise see how to evaluate models exactness, what is the importance of F measurement, how clear cut factors in the autonomous factors informational index are deciphered in the outcomes.

Segment 5 – Handling Special occasions like Holiday deals

In this part we will figure out how to join impacts of Day of Week Effect, Month Effect or any extraordinary occasion such Holidays, pay day and so forth.

Area 6 – Identifying Seasonality and Trend for Forecasting

In this segment we will find out about patterns and irregularity and how to utilize the Solver to build up an added substance or multiplicative model to assess patterns and irregularity. We will likewise figure out how to utilize moving midpoints to wipe out irregularity to handily observe patterns in deals.

Area 7 – Market Basket Analysis and Lift

In this segment we will find out about market crate investigation and figure out how to compute lift to infer a store format that augments deals from corresponding items.

Segment 8 – Recency, recurrence, and money related worth examination

In this part we will learn procedures to perform RFM (Recency, recurrence, and financial worth) investigation to assist you with boosting benefit from limited time mail crusades.

Segment 9 – Recency, recurrence, and money related worth examination

In this part we will learn cost packaging strategies and figure out how to build income/benefit of your firm by actualizing income/benefit amplifying value point utilizing Excel solver Add-in

Area 10 – Recency, recurrence, and financial worth investigation

In this segment, we will examine about the essential of ideas of Customer Lifetime esteem and figure out how to make dominate model to discover lifetime client esteem and perform affectability examination to catch varieties in lifetime esteem under various situations.

Segment 11 – Excel intensive lesson

In case you’re new to Excel, or you’ve messed with it however need to get more alright with Excel’s serious highlights required for this course. In any case, this segment will be extraordinary for you to amend your corroded dominate abilities .

A portion of the models in this course are from the book Marketing Analytics: Data-Driven Techniques with Microsoft Excel [Winston, Wayne L.]. We propose this book as perusing material for anybody trying to be a showcasing expert.

I am quite sure that the course will give you the vital information and aptitudes to promptly observe useful advantages in your work place.

Feel free to tap the select catch, and I’ll see you in exercise 1

Good wishes

Start-Tech Academy


  • 15 sections • 82 lectures • 11h 5m total length

Course Introduction1 lecture • 3min

  • IntroductionPreview03:04

Part 1: Forecasting3 lectures • 14min

  • Basics of ForecastingPreview05:35
  • Course resources00:04
  • Creating Linear Model with TrendlinesPreview08:07
  • Quiz1 question

1.1 Getting Data ready for Regression Model14 lectures • 1hr 18min

  • Gathering Business KnowledgePreview03:00
  • Data Exploration03:19
  • The Data and the Data Dictionary07:31
  • Univariate analysis and EDD03:34
  • Discriptive Data Analytics in Excel10:33
  • Outlier Treatment04:15
  • Identifying and Treating Outliers in Excel04:14
  • Missing Value Imputation03:36
  • Identifying and Treating missing values in Excel04:00
  • Variable Transformation in Excel03:41
  • Dummy variable creation: Handling qualitative data04:50
  • Dummy Variable Creation in Excel07:44
  • Correlation Analysis09:47
  • Creating Correlation Matrix in Excel08:07

1.2 Forecasting using Regression Model9 lectures • 1hr

  • The Problem Statement01:25
  • Basic Equations and Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) method08:13
  • Assessing accuracy of predicted coefficients14:40
  • Assessing Model Accuracy: RSE and R squared07:19
  • Creating Simple Linear Regression model02:41
  • Multiple Linear Regression04:57
  • The F – statistic08:22
  • Interpreting results of Categorical variables05:04
  • Creating Multiple Linear Regression model07:35

1.3 Handling Special events like Holiday sales3 lectures • 33min

  • Forecasting in presence of special events02:47
  • Excel: Running Linear Regression using Solver08:02
  • Excel: Including the impact of Special Events22:05

1.4 Identifying Seasonality & Trend for Forecasting3 lectures • 22min

  • Models to identify Trend & Seasonality06:05
  • Quiz1 question
  • Excel: Additive model to identify Trend & Seasonality09:52
  • Excel: Multiplicative model to identify Trend & Seasonality06:08

Market Basket Analysis8 lectures • 1hr 25min

  • Market Basket and Lift – Introduction07:55
  • Named Ranges – Excel10:04
  • Indirect Function – Excel05:38
  • 2-way lift calculation in Excel11:42
  • 2-way lift calculation – Dynamic07:11
  • 2-way lift data table creation07:48
  • 3-way lift calculation19:36
  • Store Layout optimization using Lift values15:11

RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) Analysis3 lectures • 36min

  • RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) Analysis08:01
  • RFM Analysis in Excel- Part 116:00
  • RFM Analysis in Excel- Part 212:10

Part 2: Pricing2 lectures • 10min

  • Steps of setting a Pricing policy02:55
  • Different Pricing Objectives07:10

2.1 Estimating Demand8 lectures • 31min

  • Estimating Demand07:36
  • Forms of Demand Curve02:02
  • Price Elasticity Examples00:48
  • Excel: Estimating Linear Demand Curve08:04
  • Excel: Estimating Power Demand curve with Elasticity05:02
  • Excel: Estimating Power Demand Curve with points03:24
  • Subjective Demand curve01:38
  • Excel: Estimating Subjective Demand Curve02:47

2.3 Evaluating Pricing Strategies7 lectures • 55min

  • Price Bundling07:13
  • Types of Bundling08:50
  • The Bundling Problem04:19
  • Excel: Solving Bundling problem Part 114:03
  • Excel: Solving Bundling problem Part 208:15
  • Excel: Solving Bundling problem (Price Reversal)08:47
  • Non-Linear Pricing Strategies03:30

3.1 Lifetime Customer Value2 lectures • 21min

  • Lifetime Customer Value – Key concepts09:45
  • Lifetime Customer Value – Excel model11:10

3.2 Variations and Sensitivity Analysis2 lectures • 15min

  • Sensitivity Analysis in Excel07:31
  • Variations in finding customer value07:08

Appendix 1: Excel crash course16 lectures • 3hr 22min

  • Basics08:18
  • Worksheet Basics16:41
  • Entering values and Formulas07:04
  • Data Formats08:36
  • Data Handling Basics – Cut, Copy and Paste13:56
  • Saving and Printing – Basics08:56
  • Basic Formula Operations13:10
  • Mathematical Formulas19:11
  • Textual Formulas17:25
  • Logical Formulas11:24
  • Date-Time Formulas07:07
  • Lookup Formulas ( V Lookup, Hlookup, Index-Match )08:46
  • Data Tools19:07
  • Formatting data and tables18:00
  • Pivot Tables08:25
  • Advance Excel- Solver, Data tables15:48

Bonus Section1 lecture • 1min

  • Congratulations & About your certificate00:35


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