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MATLAB for Engineers | Go from Zero to Hero

PUBLISHER :- Ahad Shalwani

LANGUAGE :- English

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MATLAB for Engineers | Go from Zero to Hero


  • Engineering students who want to learn MATLAB
  • Beginner MATLAB programmers
  • Computer Science students
  • Electrical engineering students
  • Teachers


  • No programming experience is required at all.
  • Only willing to learn MATLAB.


  • MATLAB programming from scratch
  • Skills to solve challenging problems in MATLAB
  • 100+ MATLAB built-in functions
  • Deep Understanding of Matrices
  • Plotting 2D & 3D figures
  • Working with M-Files and making user defined functions
  • Relational & logical operators
  • Repetition structures like for loop, while loop and nested loops
  • Symbolic mathematics
  • Differentiation, Integration & Differential Equations
  • Numerical techniques
  • MATLAB app designer
  • Simulink


MATLAB is a high-performance language for technical computing. It integrates computation, visualization, and programming in an easy-to-use environment where problems and solutions are expressed in familiar mathematical notation. Typical uses include:

  • Math and computation
  • Algorithm development
  • Modeling, simulation, and prototyping
  • Data analysis, exploration, and visualization
  • Scientific and engineering graphics
  • Application development, including Graphical User Interface building

MATLAB is an interactive system whose basic data element is an array that does not require dimension. This allows you to solve many technical computing problems, especially those with matrix and vector formulations, in a fraction of the time it would take to write a program in a scalar non-interactive language such as C or FORTRAN.

This course MATLAB for Engineers is designed to cover the important topics to successfully start with MATLAB programming. The video lectures in this course contains practice questions to enhance your skills to use MATLAB. Some practical examples are also available in every section so that you can also understand that how MATLAB is used to solve different engineering problems.

You will be always welcome to ask any question related to any topic in this course and I will be there to answer the queries.

Finally I hope that you will join with me in this course and we will have a good journey.


  • 15 sections • 63 lectures • 8h 0m total length

Getting Started with MATLAB3 lectures • 30min

  • Introduction to MATLAB environmentPreview11:28
  • Solving basic problems in MATLABPreview16:43
  • Downloading & Installing MATLAB01:56

Built-in MATLAB Functions7 lectures • 41min

  • Built-in Functions and Help Feature in MATLAB05:17
  • Elementary Math Functions11:26
  • Trigonometric Functions03:23
  • Data Analysis Functions11:51
  • Random Numbers01:17
  • Complex Numbers05:08
  • Computational Limitations02:34

Manipulating MATLAB Matrices2 lectures • 16min

  • Manipulating Matrices and Problems With Two Variables10:27
  • Special Matrices – 105:56

Plotting7 lectures • 1hr 12min

  • Two Dimensional Plots23:26
  • Subplots04:54
  • Other Types of 2 Dimensional Plots – 109:30
  • Other Types of 2 Dimensional Plots – 207:38
  • 3 Dimensional Plotting18:10
  • Creating Plots From The Workspace Window03:34
  • Editing Plots From Menu Bar and Saving It04:41

User Defined Functions1 lecture • 12min

  • Creating Functions M-File11:43

User Controlled Input and Output2 lectures • 24min

  • User Defined Input16:54
  • Graphical Input Functions07:02

Logical Functions and Selection Functions6 lectures • 28min

  • Relational and Logical Operators06:58
  • Flowcharts and Pseudo-codes04:16
  • Logical Function05:33
  • Selection Functions04:58
  • The Switch Case03:43
  • Menu Function02:55

Repetition Structures4 lectures • 21min

  • For Loop10:14
  • While Loop04:30
  • Break and Continue03:18
  • Nested Loops02:59

Matrix Algebra4 lectures • 19min

  • Matrix Operation and Functions – 104:35
  • Matrix Operation and Functions – 206:14
  • Solution Of System Of Linear Equations06:12
  • Special Matrices – 201:58

Other Kinds of Arrays5 lectures • 24min

  • Other Kinds of Array07:26
  • Multi-dimension Array03:27
  • Character Arrays03:34
  • Cell Arrays06:24
  • Structure Arrays03:13

Symbolic Mathematics6 lectures • 28min

  • Symbolic Algebra04:19
  • Substitution Function03:13
  • Solving System Of Linear Equations Symbolically05:22
  • Manipulating and Solving Symbolic Expressions08:11
  • Symbolic Plotting03:41
  • Additional Symbolic Plots03:05

Calculus3 lectures • 20min

  • Differentiation06:35
  • Integration05:18
  • Differential Equations08:03

Numerical Techniques4 lectures • 44min

  • Interpolation08:00
  • Curve Fitting or Regression Analysis06:19
  • Numerical Differentiation10:09
  • Numerical Integration19:02

MATLAB App Designer6 lectures • 1hr 11min

  • Getting Started with MATLAB App Designer07:02
  • Making first app on App Designer10:23
  • Ready Aim Fire – I10:13
  • Ready Aim Fire – II11:29
  • Ready Aim Fire – III22:38
  • Ready Aim Fire – IV09:12

Simulink3 lectures • 31min

  • Getting Started with Simulink14:23
  • Solving Differential Equations08:19
  • Solving Differential Equations Example07:51


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