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Microsoft Power BI Masterclass™ – A Complete Hands-on Guide

PUBLISHER :- Apex Education

LANGUAGE :- English

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Microsoft Power BI Masterclass™ – A Complete Hands-on Guide


  • Understudies having some essential information on Power BI abilities and need to improve or need to be a specialist in it.
  • Students who need to take in Power BI from scracth and who need to see how to utilize these apparatuses.
  • Information experts seeking to ace the number 1 business insight instrument available.
  • All degrees of clients who know about Power BI and need to figure out how to distribute, share and work together in the cloud.
  • Anybody searching for an active and genuine document venture based prologue to Microsoft Power BI.


  • Basic understanding of excel could be helpful but not mandatory


  • Download most recent Power BI Desktop and interface with Power BI on the web
  • Information representation types Charts, Bars, Pie, Gauge and so forth
  • Organization visuals shading size and marks
  • Channel and drill downs
  • Making significant reports
  • Distribute reports to Power BI on the web
  • Make cautions and memberships in Power BI on the web


Information perception is the standard method to impart complex data into important visuals that have a dependable effect. Gone are the days when information investigation was confined to a spreadsheet and restricted diagramming abilities. The current period of business knowledge has outfitted business experts with best in class scientific instruments, for example, Power BI permitting them to outwardly observe the condition of the business and distinguish examples to reinforce fruitful methodologies.

Microsoft Power BI (business knowledge) is an incredible perception and investigation device that helps organizations of all sizes dissect their information and offer experiences. With this innovation, endeavors can screen their business all the more intently and find moment solutions with rich dashboards accessible for each gadget.

The course Power BI for business experts is intended for any individual who needs to make effective perceptions and reports that use the basic information and pass on the message that has a dependable effect. The course is sorted out in little bitesize addresses so as to hold the consideration of the understudy. The course starts by covering the center ideas of Power BI and information perception. It at that point covers the particular perception and their motivations. Numerous segments in the course contain commonsense movement documents to assist understudies with testing and apply their insight in a genuine situation.

Course Outline (Detailed)


In this video educators are presented just as how the course is composed is clarified


Prologue to Power BI

In this video the educator will portray the Lesson 2 blueprint

Exercise 2: Signing Up for Power BI and Loading Data


Downloading Power BI Desktop

In this video the educator will portray the essential advances and framework prerequisites to download Power BI


Login into Power BI on the web

In this video the educator will layout the method to Login into Power BI


Stacking Data into Power BI

In this video the educator will give a demo on the best way to stack information in Power BI


Recap and Conclusion

In this video the teacher will recap and finish up Lesson 2

Exercise 3: Power BI Tables


Prologue to Power BI Tables

In this video the guide will portray the Lesson 3 blueprint


Making your first table in Power BI

In this video the storyteller will show the course of activities taken to make a table in Power BI


Organizing and arranging Tables

In this video the educator will portray the approaches to organize and sort tables in Power BI


Utilizing Multiple Measures in Tables

In this video the storyteller will exhibit the cycle to embed different measures in a solitary table


Cross Filtering Tables

In this video the guide will teach on the most proficient method to cross channel tables in Power BI


Useful Activity – Tables

Useful Activity testing comprehension of tables


Strategies for Aggregation

In this video the teacher will show the strategies to assemble data from information bases in Power BI


Useful Activity – Methods of Aggregation

Pragmatic Activity testing how data can be collected and introduced in Power BI


Rate Calculations

In this video the storyteller will represent the approaches to ascertain rates of information in Power BI


End to Tables Section

In this video the guide will recap and finish up Lesson 3

Exercise 4:Matrix and Cards


Prologue to Matrix and Cards

In this video the educator will portray the Lesson 4 layout


Making the Matrix Visualization

In this video understudies will figure out how lattice tables can be envisioned on Power BI canvas


Techniques for Aggregation for Matrix

Understudies will figure out how data could be added to give an entirety perspective on the information introduced on a lattice table


Level of Calculations for the Matrix

Understudies will figure out how numbers introduced on a lattice table can be changed over to rates


Multi Row Visualization

KPI cards are acceptable approach to introduce numbers. In this video understudy will figure out how to utilize KPIs to make multi line perceptions


Card Visualization

Card representation shrouded in this video will show how to present and name a solitary KPI on the Power BI canvas


Useful Activity – Cards, Multi Row and Matrix

Useful action testing information on Cards, Multi Row and Matrix


End to Matrix and Card Visualizations

Subject is summed up in this video

Exercise 5: Filters and Slicers


Prologue to Filters and Slicers

The video presents the significant idea of channels and cuts which when applied can make representations which are more explicit to client needs


Text Slicers

This video shows how slicers could be applied to text to channel data


Numeric Slicers

This video exhibits how slicers could be applied to numbers to channel data


Date Slicers

This video covers how a date can be separated by utilizing date slicers


Visual Level Text Filters

This video exhibits how visuals could show altered data by applying visual level content channels


Visual Level Numeric Filter

The video is an augmentation to visual level channels showing how numeric channels can be applied to a visual


Visual Level Date Filters

The video is an augmentation to visual level channels showing how date

channels can be applied to a visual


Page and Report Level Filters

The video is an augmentation to visual level channels showing how date

channels can be applied to a visual


Reasonable Activity – Filters

Reasonable action testing information on channels


End to Filters and Slicers

Part gather together of exercise 5

Exercise 6:Column Visualizations


Prologue to Column Visualizations

Segment representation are presented and desires for recordings coming in exercise is set


Segment Visualizations

Step by step instructions to make an essential section representation is secured


Stacked Column Visualizations

Stacked segment representation is secured. Understudies realize what is the distinction between the 2 sorts of segment representation and when to utilize them


Cross Filtering and Slicers

The most effective method to set cross channels to slicers to add greater intelligence to representations


Useful Activity – Column and Bar Visualizations

Useful Activity testing information on Column and Bar Visualizations


Chart Options

Various kinds of chart perceptions accessible in Power BI


Investigation Pane

How the investigation sheet can add dynamic reference lines to visuals, and give center to significant patterns or bits of knowledge


Useful Activity – Graph Options

Functional Activity testing comprehension of Graph Options in Power BI


End to the Column Visualizations Section

Exercise gather together video summing up what is educated

Exercise 7:Trend Analysis


Prologue to Trend Analysis

How pattern examination can enhance the current representation in power bi


Line Graphs

Figure out how to include line charts in power BI


Region Graphs

How lines can be changed over to zone graphs


Lace Graphs

Instructions to make strip charts in power bi


Functional Activity – Trend Analysis

Functional Activity testing comprehension of Trend investigation in Power BI


End to Trend Analysis Section

Exercise gather together video summing up what is educated

Exercise 8 :Other Graph Types


Prologue to Other Graph Types

Prologue to different kinds of diagrams utilized in Power BI


Cascade and KPI Visualizations

How cascade and KPI diagrams could assist us with making a perception


Blend Graphs

In this video blend diagrams are clarified in Power BI. How they can be useful in passing on more prominent detail in a similar representation


Pie Graphs

How pie diagrams are made in power bi are clarified in this video


Tree map Graphs

How tree map representation is made in power bi is clarified in this video


Geological Graphs

How data, for example, name of urban communities and nations can help present organizations’ data on a guide


Scatterplots and Bubble plots

Different outlines, for example, Scatterplots and Bubble plots are clarified in this video


Useful Activity – Scatterplots

Useful Activity – Scatterplots test understudies understanding from past recordings


Functional Activity Scatterplots Tutorial

This video contains answers to the down to earth movement directed


End to Other Graphs

Section Roundup summing up the ideas learned in past recordings

Exercise 9: Interactive Dashboards


Prologue to Interactive Reports/Dashboards

In this exercise we spread the destinations of how the recently procured information could be utilized to make intuitive reports in power bi


DIY Worldwide LLC

A situation of an imaginary organization Worldwide LLC where data could be utilized to make a report


Drill Through Filters

In this video idea of how a visual can give a more engaged data utilizing drill however channels


Progressed ToolTips

Advance apparatus tips help to make a custom data to be appeared as an instrument tip of a representation



How data or a visual could be bookmarked to make a story line impact in Power BI


Distributing reports

How reports in work area could be distributed to control BI on the web


End to Interactive Dashboards

Section roundup summing up the center ideas learned

Exercise 10 : Power BI Service


Prologue to Power BI Service

Force BI online assistance is presented in this exercise


Setting Up Dashboards

How extraordinary visuals from various reports could be consolidated in the structure a dashboard in power bi


Dashboards V Reports

Significant contrasts among dashboard and report is distinguished


Set up Alerts and Subscriptions

By what means can we arrangement alarms for a visuals or memberships for refreshes on information models is made in Power BI


Getting Insight from your Data

How the investigation motor of intensity BI can create experiences in Power BI on the web


Setting up the Mobile View

The video intends to talk about how reports and dashboards are best advanced for portable perspectives


Characteristic Language Queries

The NLP is a fresh out of the plastic new element of Power BI which causes us pose inquiries from the information source by composing English sentences.


Viable Activity – Natural Language

Viable Activity – Natural Language testing comprehension of


End to the Power BI Service

End video summing up what is shrouded in past recordings of the exercise

Exercise 11:Power BI Security, Workspaces and Refresh


Prologue to Power BI Security, Workspaces and Refresh

In this video the security highlights and information revive alternatives of intensity bi are presented


Information Gateways

In this video the teacher clarified how information door can help sync information that is lying on nearby machine to control BI on the web


Column Level Security



  • 15 sections • 95 lectures • 6h 29m total length

Introduction2 lectures • 6min

  • Introduction to the CoursePreview05:00
  • Introduction to Power BIPreview00:36

Lesson 2: Signing Up for Power BI and Loading Data4 lectures • 15min

  • Downloading Power BI DesktopPreview01:06
  • Login into Power BI onlinePreview02:23
  • Loading Data into Power BIPreview11:08
  • Recap & Conclusion00:32

Lesson 3: Power BI Tables10 lectures • 39min

  • Introduction to Power BI Tables00:49
  • Creating your first table in Power BI04:30
  • Formatting and sorting Tables10:05
  • Using Multiple Measures in Tables04:55
  • Cross Filtering Tables05:51
  • Practical Activity – Tables00:11
  • Methods of Aggregation07:37
  • Practical Activity – Methods of Aggregation00:29
  • Percentage Calculations03:25
  • Conclusion to Tables Section00:43

Lesson 4:Matrix and Cards8 lectures • 31min

  • Introduction to Matrix and Cards01:34
  • Creating the Matrix Visualization08:30
  • Methods of Aggregation for Matrix03:43
  • Percentage of Calculations for the Matrix04:59
  • Multi Row Visualization03:36
  • Card Visualization07:25
  • Practical Activity – Cards, Multi Row and Matrix00:25
  • Conclusion to Matrix and Card Visualizations00:47

Lesson 5: Filters and Slicers10 lectures • 36min

  • Introduction to Filters and Slicers02:11
  • Text Slicers04:29
  • Numeric Slicers04:48
  • Date Slicers05:05
  • Visual Level Text Filters04:44
  • Visual Level Numeric Filter06:08
  • Visual Level Date Filters04:56
  • Page and Report Level Filters02:14
  • Practical Activity – Filters00:28
  • Conclusion to Filters and Slicers00:32

Lesson 6:Column Visualizations9 lectures • 32min

  • Introduction to Column Visualizations01:04
  • Column Visualizations03:14
  • Stacked Column Visualizations05:56
  • Cross Filtering and Slicers05:33
  • Practical Activity – Column and Bar Visualizations00:30
  • Graph Options07:00
  • Analytics Pane08:06
  • Practical Activity – Graph Options00:17
  • Conclusion to the Column Visualizations Section00:27

Lesson 7:Trend Analysis6 lectures • 22min

  • Introduction to Trend Analysis01:36
  • Line Graphs08:12
  • Area Graphs04:43
  • Ribbon Graphs06:22
  • Practical Activity – Trend Analysis00:19
  • Conclusion to Trend Analysis Section01:02

Lesson 8 :Other Graph Types10 lectures • 42min

  • Introduction to Other Graph Types01:25
  • Waterfall and KPI Visualizations10:10
  • Combination Graphs03:12
  • Pie Graphs04:45
  • Tree map Graphs02:54
  • Geographical Graphs03:17
  • Scatterplots and Bubble plots07:46
  • Practical Activity – Scatterplots00:27
  • Practical Activity Scatterplots Tutorial07:21
  • Conclusion to Other Graphs01:00

Lesson 9: Interactive Dashboards7 lectures • 35min

  • Introduction to Interactive Reports/Dashboards01:55
  • DIY Worldwide LLC12:20
  • Drill Through Filters05:28
  • Advanced ToolTips04:25
  • Bookmarks05:40
  • Publishing reports04:20
  • Conclusion to Interactive Dashboards01:21

Lesson 10 : Power BI Service9 lectures • 43min

  • Introduction to Power BI Service02:09
  • Setting Up Dashboards04:57
  • Dashboards V Reports08:06
  • Set up Alerts and Subscriptions10:33
  • Getting Insight from your Data04:19
  • Setting up the Mobile View04:16
  • Natural Language Queries05:45
  • Practical Activity – Natural Language00:23
  • Conclusion to the Power BI Service02:39

Lesson 11:Power BI Security, Workspaces and Refresh6 lectures • 29min

  • Introduction to Power BI Security, Workspaces and Refresh02:46
  • Data Gateways12:19
  • Row Level Security03:39
  • Creating workspaces in Power BI04:01
  • Publishing Apps03:52
  • Conclusion to Power BI Security, Workspaces and Refresh02:12

Lesson 12:Power BI and Excel5 lectures • 25min

  • Introduction to Power BI and Excel08:31
  • Power BI and Excel Pivot Tables08:29
  • Pinning Excel Ranges04:01
  • Excel Online Workbooks03:42
  • Conclusion to Power BI and Excel00:34

Lesson 13:Custom Visualizations4 lectures • 18min

  • Introduction to Custom Visualizations01:22
  • Custom Visualizations10:44
  • Themes05:04
  • Conclusion to Custom Visualizations00:36

Lesson 14:Publish and Embed Dashboards4 lectures • 15min

  • Introduction to Publish and Embed00:58
  • Publish and Embed Dashboards11:33
  • Power BI Usage Reports01:34
  • Conclusion to Publish and Embed Dashboards00:51

Lesson 15: Course Conclusion1 lecture • 2min

  • Course Conclusion01:30


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