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PHP MySQL & CodeIgniter Course: Complete Guide

PUBLISHER :- Fatah Gabrial

LANGUAGE :- English

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PHP MySQL & CodeIgniter Course: Complete Guide


  • Any individual who needs to learn web advancement
  • Any individual who needs to learn PHP and MySQL
  • Any individual who needs to learn CodeIgniter system
  • Any individual who needs to fabricate their own web application
  • Any individual who needs to improve their aptitudes in PHP and MySQL or CodeIgniter


  • You will need a PC / Laptop
  • Decent internet connection


  • You will learn Complete PHP and MySQL
  • You will learn Complete CodeIgniter Framework
  • You will figure out how to fabricate CRUD based tasks
  • You will to fabricate custom web applications without any preparation
  • You will figure out how to have you web application on the web
  • You will find out about MVC and its utilization


In this PHP MySQL and CodeIgniter: Complete Guide course you will figure out how to fabricate Dynamic web applications without any preparation. We will cover everything from PHP center ideas to CodeIgniter web application advancement.

In the whole course first you will learn total PHP and MySQL inside and out and we will construct an EMS (Employee Management System) CRUD based web application.

When we are finished with the PHP and MySQL venture we will at that point construct a similar undertaking with OOP (Object Oriented Programming). To be more explicit we will find out about MVC (Model View Controller) and how it works in CodeIgniter Framework.

This will assist you with building EMS Web App in a substantially more simpler manner in CodeIgniter structure.


  • 14 sections • 86 lectures • 6h 15m total length

Getting started with PHP & MySQL5 lectures • 9min

  • Introduction to PHP & MySQLPreview00:46
  • Exercise files00:00
  • What is PHPPreview02:22
  • Environmental Setup for PHPPreview04:19
  • What you need for PHPPreview01:44

Fundamentals of PHP20 lectures • 1hr 17min

  • How to embed code in web pagePreview05:05
  • Request & Response cycle in PHP00:54
  • Data Types01:04
  • Variables05:07
  • Strings02:18
  • Numbers03:31
  • Math Operations02:34
  • Constants03:14
  • Operators02:39
  • String Functions06:44
  • Data Types Explained02:35
  • Arrays03:10
  • Array Functions03:49
  • Array Keys & Values02:37
  • Conditions04:56
  • Switch Case02:01
  • Loops09:59
  • Functions03:44
  • Include & Require Functions05:52
  • Using Forms04:50

Fundamentals of MySQL8 lectures • 47min

  • Connecting to Database04:49
  • Database Structure02:56
  • Insert Data into Database05:34
  • Create Data with PHP Forms05:44
  • Read Data in Front-End06:49
  • Read Single Data From Database07:08
  • Update Database with PHP Form10:11
  • Delete Data From Database04:13

PHP MySQL (EMS Project)12 lectures • 1hr 13min

  • Register Page with PHP & MySQL09:15
  • Login Page with PHP & MySQL06:47
  • Encrypting Pages with PHP04:52
  • Add Navbar to EMS App04:11
  • Creating Dashboard in PHP04:45
  • Adding Employees List in Dash04:17
  • Adding New Employees with Bootstrap Form06:35
  • Creating Single Employee Details06:15
  • Updating Single Employee Details05:52
  • Delete Single Employee03:30
  • Hosting your Application on Web Host12:18
  • PHP MySQL Conclusion04:46

Getting started with CodeIgniter4 lectures • 7min

  • CodeIgniter IntroductionPreview01:20
  • What you should knowPreview00:46
  • Installing CodeIgniter Locally02:29
  • Hello World02:16

Fundamentals of CodeIgniter6 lectures • 15min

  • Application Structure02:26
  • Configuring CodeIgniter for Development03:39
  • Controllers & Views in CodeIgniter04:59
  • Controllers Addtional Parameters Data01:56
  • URI Segments in CodeIgniter01:00
  • URL’s in CodeIgniter01:25

Setting up CodeIgniter Project3 lectures • 10min

  • Adding Bootstrap to CodeIgniter Project01:05
  • Creating Default Home Controller in CodeIgniter05:54
  • Remove index.php from URL in CodeIgniter02:35

Login & Registration Page4 lectures • 16min

  • Creating a Login Page with CodeIgniter05:21
  • Collect login data in CodeIgniter04:26
  • Creating a Registration Page in CodeIgniter04:07
  • Collect Registration data in CodeIgniter02:07

Database Structure & Management3 lectures • 12min

  • Database structure for user registration01:55
  • Registering new users in CodeIgniter04:53
  • Check user login in CodeIgniter05:20

Creating Dashboard in CodeIgniter5 lectures • 17min

  • Creating the dashboard02:22
  • Encrypting the Dashboard with Sessions02:28
  • Creating Navbar inside Dashbard06:05
  • Creating Logout method in CodeIgniter01:54
  • Creating sidebar for the Dashboard04:18

Creating Jobs Section7 lectures • 39min

  • Create Job form in CodeIgniter08:08
  • Creating Jobs Table in PHPMyAdmin01:28
  • Inserting new jobs inside MySQLi with CodeIgniter07:12
  • Creating jobs list in front-end with CodeIgniter06:32
  • Creating job update form with data in CodeIgniter05:39
  • Updating details in Database with CodeIgniter05:28
  • Deleting jobs from Database table with CodeIgniter04:22

Creating Employees Section7 lectures • 45min

  • Creating employees table in Database04:38
  • Creating Add Employee Form in CodeIgniter07:01
  • Adding & Displaying Employees list in CodeIgniter08:17
  • Get single Employee Details in CodeIgniter08:29
  • Getting single Employee details in Form Fields07:08
  • Update Single Employee Details in CodeIgniter05:00
  • Delete Specific Employee from Database in CodeIgniter04:20

Hosting CodeIgniter Web App1 lecture • 7min

  • Hosting your CodeIgniter Web App07:13

Conclusion1 lecture • 1min

  • Conclusion00:41


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