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Road to Nirvana: Building Blocks of Mindfulness Meditation

PUBLISHER :- Ashwarya ,Thinking Psychologist

LANGUAGE :- English

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Road to Nirvana: Building Blocks of Mindfulness Meditation


Beginners of Meditation
Human Brain Enthusiasts
Happiness Seekers
People finding a way to take control of their life
Stress & Anxiety Solution seekers
Depression Warriors


  • Open Mind
  • Curiosity to learn more about human mind
  • Discover his own path towards everlasting happiness


  • Mindfulness Meditation Basics and Origins
  • Scientific Understanding of Human Brain
  • What is Nirvana / Enlightenment ? How to achieve it ?
  • Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection and how it enables thinking
  • Discovery of False Self / Ego
  • Slowing down time to have a deeper look at your thoughts
  • Learn what world’s top Psychologist, Life Coaches and scientists think about Nirvana
  • Discover the correct way to meditate and reap maximum benefits
  • Take control of your attention



Welcome to Road to Nirvana.

This course is an amalgamation of my research efforts, that I undertook to understand the power of mindfulness meditation as a tool to boost my creativity, primarily to help me innovate better in my professional life.

It’s in my inherent nature not to trust what I read or think is correct, and thus always make it a point to get it validated by the experts at “thinkingpsychologist” podcast.

All my primary and secondary research learnings have been validated by a group of thinkers and practitioners incl. Evolutionary Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Life Coaches, Authors, Corporate Trainers, Healers, and Buddhist Monks.

I have been able to divide this complete course into 3 Dimensions for easy understanding:

1. Understand the Origins/Past: Delving deeper into spirituality and religion of various religions across the globe to unearth the meaning of Nirvana and further try to find similarities in their teachings.

2. How far has science reached: Exploring the progress that science has made to date in terms of understanding the human mind and the impact of mindfulness meditation on the human brain. Further trying to understand the definition of Nirvana from the scientific angle.

3. Experiencing it Ourself: Once we had drawn a parallel between religion and science in order to best use mindfulness meditation to our advantage. We undertake some small meditation practices that have been recommended by the experts and validated by me for the best and fastest utilization of this practice for life-changing transformation.

Pick up this course if you wish to:

· Listen to your thoughts and validate its authenticity

· Boost your creativity

· Change the way you perceive the world around you

· Find the correct way that best suits your meditation practice

· Calm the incessant chatter

· Increase in concentration

· Discover the power of being in the present

· Enrich your knowledge

· Transform your life

· Earn a certificate and help others transform their life


  • 5 sections • 47 lectures • 4h 12m total length

What to expect4 lectures • 20min

  • Road to Nirvana: Reality CheckPreview03:58
  • Road To Nirvana: MotivationPreview04:14
  • Road To Nirvana: PurposePreview03:38
  • Road to Nirvana: Setting the Expectation07:42

Spirituality & Religion – Introduction14 lectures • 1hr 13min

  • Spirituality & Religion – The Origins01:55
  • The Essence of Buddhism01:49
  • The Truth[s] of the Nobel One01:18
  • First Truth: Fundamental unsatisfactoriness and painfulness of mundane life03:20
  • The Evaporating Pleasure Phenomenon04:42
  • Second Truth: The Cause of Suffering04:33
  • Third Truth: The Liberation03:00
  • Nirvana, (Sanskrit: “becoming extinguished” or “blowing out”)06:18
  • Prof. Paul Cline’s Defines Enlightenment & Nirvana00:03
  • Fourth Noble Truth: Buddha’s prescription for the end of suffering09:15
  • Buddhism: Summary & Revelation10:06
  • Stoicism: A Perspective to Nirvana08:53
  • Daoism: Going with the flow & letting Go11:30
  • Summary – Spirituality & Religion06:19

Dimension2: Science behind Meditation18 lectures • 1hr 43min

  • Dimension2: Scientific Evaluation05:14
  • Default Mode Network: daydreaming or thinking about the past or future12:40
  • Are we distracted in our Dreams as well ?00:01
  • Evolutionary Psychology: Natural Selection10:18
  • Human Being Not Perceiving the Threat Correctly00:00
  • Thinking, Thoughts & Feelings12:59
  • What we think when we hear someone speak: StoryTelling00:01
  • Split Brain Experiment: Can we trust our feelings ?09:38
  • Tapping into the Subconscious00:02
  • Self Talk / Ego: The Noisy Companion12:50
  • Evolutionary Psychologist take on Consciousness & Inner Voice00:03
  • A Clinical Psychologists Take on Power of Now00:02
  • Brain Jail Realization08:44
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction06:00
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy08:11
  • Clinical Psychologist Explains MBCT benefits00:01
  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy11:12
  • Summary – Science behind Meditation05:27

Dimension3: Experience Meditation10 lectures • 54min

  • Introduction04:33
  • Experience the Money Brain06:16
  • Breathing Explained03:35
  • Vipasanna Explained03:04
  • Samatha Explained03:31
  • Body Scan Meditation Explained04:13
  • Body Scan Meditation Exercise16:45
  • Meditators Timeline10:00
  • Healers take on Sound & Vibration Healing00:02
  • Dimension3: Summary02:22

Conclusion:1 lecture • 2min

  • Conclusion01:52


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