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Serverless Framework Bootcamp: Node.js, AWS & Microservices

PUBLISHER :- Ariel Weinberger

LANGUAGE :- English

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Serverless Framework Bootcamp: Node.js, AWS & Microservices


  • Developers who want to learn more about Serverless Architecture and Serverless Framework
  • Developers who want to learn how to work with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud
  • Developers who want to develop a real-world, reliable and scalable, application from zero to production
  • Intermediate JavaScript developers who want to dive into back-end development
  • Developers who want to learn best-practices when developing Lambda functions


  • Basic understanding of JavaScript and/or NodeJS is recommended, but not required
  • Basic knowledge in back-end development is recommended, but not required


  • Becoming familiar with Serverless Framework
  • Microservices Architecture
  • Authentication and Authorization in Microservices
  • Hands-on experience with Amazon Web Services
  • Developing applications that can effortlessly handle an extreme scale
  • Software Development with NodeJS
  • REST API Development
  • Data Persistence (DynamoDB)
  • Microservices loose communication using Message Queues (SQS)


Ever felt like you would like to build a back-end application that can handle millions of users, but you were terrified by the idea of managing (or learning how to manage) the infrastructure behind it?

Ever felt like you would like to focus on delivering valuable features, rather than making sure your services are up and running?

Ever felt like you are paying more than you should be?

Good news!

Serverless Architecture takes the pain of site reliability off your shoulders. With Serverless Architecture, you and your team can focus on feature development. Your application will scale effortlessly, serving users reliably. You do not need to be an infrastructure expert to serve an application at scale. With Serverless, you only pay for what you use.

Serverless Framework revolutionizes the way we develop Serverless applications, by providing a developer-friendly API that supports dozens of cloud providers including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and more.

More than that, Serverless Framework intelligently helps you manage your infrastructure as code (IaC), which eliminates the chance of paying for services that are not in use.

With an active community and a rich ecosystem of plugins, you can get things done at lightspeed and without boilerplate code.

Serverless Framework is language-agnostic, which means you can use the language and runtime of your choice (Node.js, Ruby, Python, Go, C#, Java, etc).

With over 450,000 downloads per week and x5 growth over the past two years, demand for Serverless experts is on the rise. It is one of the most in-demand skills in the market.


In this course, you will learn how to develop reliable and scalable Serverless applications, following the microservices architecture. This course will be 100% hands-on, and you will be developing a real-world application;

  • REST API and CRUD endpoints (AWS Lambda, API Gateway)
  • Data persistence (AWS DynamoDB)
  • Message Queues for cross-service communication (AWS SQS)
  • Scheduled event triggers (AWS EventBridge)
  • Cloud stack management (AWS CloudFormation)
  • Object storage on the cloud (AWS S3)
  • Email notifications (AWS SES)
  • Middleware
  • Authentication and Authorization (Lambda Authorizer)
  • Data validation and error handling
  • … much more

Besides that, you will get hands-on experience with some of the most popular and useful services on the AWS platform. Demand for AWS experts is continuously on the rise, as AWS holds the biggest stake amongst all cloud providers.

If you are a hobbyist or professional developer with basic back-end development knowledge and want to dive into Serverless or Microservices architecture, this course is for you. Basic JavasScript/Node.js background is recommended, but not mandatory.

Join me today to learn one of the hottest skills in 2020.


  • 9 sections • 76 lectures • 5h 25m total length

Course Introduction6 lectures • 24min

  • Project OverviewPreview03:56
  • Serverless Architecture in a NutshellPreview02:45
  • Introduction to Serverless FrameworkPreview06:13
  • Real-world Serverless Use CasesPreview01:47
  • Introduction to Microservices ArchitecturePreview07:50
  • AWS Free Tier01:01

Requirements and Prerequisites6 lectures • 11min

  • Installing Node.js and NPM00:45
  • Installing the AWS CLI00:37
  • Installing the Serverless Framework CLI01:05
  • Configuring the AWS CLI + IAM03:33
  • (Optional) AWS Budgets and Alerts03:50
  • My Postman Setup01:31

Auction Service: Part 116 lectures • 1hr 15min

  • Let’s Connect!00:29
  • Creating a Serverless Framework Project02:12
  • The Anatomy of a Serverless Project07:22
  • TIP: Serverless IDE VSCode Plugin00:12
  • Deploying Our Application for the First Time06:55
  • (Tip) Stack Removal00:44
  • Creating an Auction (Part 1)07:00
  • Creating an Auction (Part 2)04:38
  • NOTE: Introduction to DynamoDB00:28
  • Introduction to DynamoDBPreview09:53
  • Creating our DynamoDB Table (IaaC)06:19
  • Using the DynamoDB DocumentClient to Insert an Auction06:59
  • Defining IAM Role Statements (Permissions)06:45
  • Optimising serverless.yml (Part 1): Roles and IAM Statements04:47
  • Optimising serverless.yml (Part 2): Intrinsic Functions and Custom Variables07:29
  • Serverless Offline – Is It Worth It?03:09

Auctions Service: Part 2 (CRUD Operations)6 lectures • 39min

  • Introduction to Middy and Middleware07:55
  • CRUD Operation: Get Auctions06:04
  • CRUD Operation: Get Auction by ID07:33
  • Creating a Common Middleware04:54
  • CRUD Operation: Placing a BidPreview08:19
  • Validation: Placing a Bid04:22

Auction Service: Part 3 (Processing Auctions)10 lectures • 50min

  • Using Scheduled Events to Process Our Auctions06:21
  • Creating a Global Secondary Index (status, endingAt)07:21
  • Identifying Ended Auctions09:24
  • Closing Auctions07:29
  • Validation: Bidding on Closed Auctions01:34
  • (Challenge) Getting Auctions – Filter by Status05:16
  • JSON Schema Validation – Get Auctions Status06:29
  • (Optional) Detailed Error Messages00:31
  • (Challenge) Create Auction Schema Validation03:34
  • (Challenge) Place Bid Schema Validation02:21

Auth Service8 lectures • 34min

  • Section Introduction03:27
  • Introduction to Auth002:12
  • Creating an Auth0 Application02:30
  • Getting Test Tokens05:08
  • Deploying Auth Service08:10
  • Protecting Auction Service Endpoints05:34
  • Specifying Seller Identity02:26
  • Specifying Bidder Identity (+Validation)04:13

Notification Service13 lectures • 47min

  • Notification Service Setup01:37
  • Reminder: Linting Disabled00:15
  • Verify Email Address (AWS SES)01:21
  • Defining the sendMail Lambda Function03:47
  • Sending Our First (Test) Email04:59
  • Introduction to SQS and Message QueuesPreview05:32
  • Provisioning AWS SQS Message Queue (MailQueue)07:18
  • Manually Sending SQS Messages02:25
  • Exporting MailQueue Variables (CloudFormation)05:20
  • Importing Outputs in Auction Service03:37
  • Notifying Bidder and Seller07:05
  • (Challenge) Handling No Bids Case02:47
  • (Optional) Uncommenting EventBridge Trigger00:31

Auction Picture (Amazon S3)8 lectures • 35min

  • Setting up an S3 Bucket and Lambda Function08:26
  • (Optional) Amazon S3 Picture Expiry01:23
  • Uploading Picture to S3Preview08:06
  • Quick Error Handling Fix02:02
  • Setting Picture URL in DynamoDB06:33
  • (Challenge) Validate Auction Ownership03:14
  • (Challenge) Validate Request Body (base64)04:49
  • Moving Forward & Future Content00:35

(Bonus) Front-end Application3 lectures • 10min

  • Front-end Demo02:15
  • Enabling CORS on Auction Service03:05
  • Setting up the Auctions Front-end04:47


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