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Setup a Virtual Web Server using Linode or Digital Ocean

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Setup a Virtual Web Server using Linode or Digital Ocean


  • Understudies keen on facilitating Web Applications, everything being equal, and Complexity
  • Understudies keen on facilitating with Digital Ocean or Linode
  • Understudies keen on building Dynamic, Scalable, Hosting Infrastructures
  • Understudies keen on Learning how to Secure a Virtual Web Server utilizing SSH Authentication
  • Understudies keen on Learning how to get to a Ubuntu Virtual Server Remotely and Administer Commands
  • Understudies keen on learning Basic Ubuntu orders
  • Understudies keen on figuring out how to regulate a worker utilizing Terminal for MAC, or PuTTY for Windows


  • Basic Computer Skills


  • Convey a Production Web Server utilizing Linode or Digital Ocean
  • Design LAMP Stack on Ubuntu
  • Explore the Linode and Digital Ocean Interface
  • Execute orders to a Virtual Server utilizing PuTTY for Windows or Terminal for MAC
  • Manage Basic Maintenance Commands to a Ubuntu Server
  • Arrange Host Name, Date, and New Users on a Ubuntu Server
  • Arrange Web Root Permissions for Apache
  • Introduce and Configure TightVNC or RealVNC for Remote Server Administration utilizing a Visual Desktop
  • Scale, Backup, and Configure DNS Zone Files on Linode and Digital Ocean


This course offers an inside and out, active review of setting up and arranging a creation web worker, utilizing Linode or Digital Ocean. Virtual Cloud Servers have become the business standard for facilitating web uses, all things considered, and multifaceted nature. This incorporates little static website pages, to dynamic, information base driven sites that handle a large number of concurrent cycles. Despite the undertaking, virtual workers offer an answer that gives web designers a versatile framework that can undoubtedly adjust to an evolving climate.

The course begins with an outline of the enrollment cycle on Linode. From that point, understudies rapidly hop into sending and arranging a worker utilizing the most recent Ubuntu LTS appropriation. Understudies will get comfortable with the Linode administrator interface, and begin executing fundamental orders utilizing the electronic distant access reassure. We at that point investigate distant access organization utilizing more unpredictable instruments, for example, PuTTY for Windows, and Terminal for MAC.

Understudies will introduce and design LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin) on the Ubuntu worker. We tell understudies the best way to make sure about the worker through SSH Authentication, catalog authorizations, and impair root client access.

The course investigates far off visual work area design utilizing TightVNC and RealVNC.

When understudies have a confident handle on worker design on Linode, we investigate another significant cloud supplier – Digital Ocean. This segment of the course gives a diagram of the Digital Ocean Admin board where understudies will send and arrange a “Bead”. We will investigate a portion of the remarkable highlights Digital Ocean offers, for example, Floating IP’s and Space stockpiling.

Understudies figure out how to reinforcement, resize, and design DNS Zone documents on both cloud facilitating suppliers.


  • 2 sections • 37 lectures • 2h 18m total length

Production Server Setup using Linode30 lectures • 1hr 47min

  • Introduction & OverviewPreview02:24
  • Cloud Hosting RegistrationPreview03:54
  • Creating a Virtual ServerPreview03:10
  • Linode Settings and ConfigurationPreview01:23
  • Deploying an Image – Ubuntu Latest LTS Version03:37
  • Linode Dashboard02:27
  • Remote Access02:29
  • Download PuTTY and PuTTYgen – Windows01:00
  • Launch Terminal – MAC00:28
  • Intro to Command Console02:08
  • Connecting with PuTTY – Windows02:01
  • Connecting with Terminal – MAC01:08
  • Maintenance Commands02:00
  • File and Directory Commands02:58
  • Installing LAMP Stack04:28
  • Server Host Name and Date03:07
  • Creating a User – Ubuntu02:55
  • Ubuntu SSH Authentication – Windows07:45
  • Ubuntu SSH Authentication – MAC07:57
  • Web Root Permissions04:06
  • Remote Desktop Connection10:47
  • Installing Tight VNC Viewer – Windows03:27
  • Installing RealVNC Viewer – MAC02:44
  • Ubuntu Desktop Basics03:54
  • Disable Root and Password Access03:50
  • Re-sizing a Linode Server02:20
  • Creating Backups on Linode04:05
  • Changing Root Password through Linode00:34
  • Linode DNS Manager10:11
  • Amending GoDaddy Name Servers04:07

Deploying a Virtual Server on Digital Ocean7 lectures • 31min

  • Deploying a Virtual Server on Digital Ocean03:52
  • Creating and Attaching a Floating IP05:09
  • Intro to Terminal and Root User Authentication02:31
  • Apache Installation and Testing02:33
  • Installing MySQL Database Management System02:39
  • Installing and Testing PHP08:57
  • Installing PhpMyAdmin for Database Administration05:09


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