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Stock Photography : Beginner’s Guide

PUBLISHER:- Hakan Ozturk

LANGUAGE:- English

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Stock Photography : Beginner’s Guide


How to sell photos online and build a monthly passive income with stock photography

What you are going to learn in this Course ?

  • How to make money with Stock Photography
  • Take pictures that will sell
  • Editing best-practices in Lightroom and Photoshop (DEMO with examples)
  • Stock Photography Fundamentals
  • Step by step guide, learn from the Expert
  • How to maximize your chances to have your pictures accepted and published
  • How to increase your ranking
  • Identify the right keywords
  • In-depth explanation and lots of applicable approaches and tactics
  • Type of photos buyers want (quality, size, etc.)
  • How to get more clicks on your photos by increasing your discoverability
  • Best practices to improve your ranking so your pictures will sell more and more over time.
  • How to best select and curate your photos so they can sell better.
  • To go further : tips for publishing your 4k/HD videos as well.

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