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TEFL Course: Teach English Online As A Foreign Language

PUBLISHER :- William McGuffey Academy

LANGUAGE :- English

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TEFL Course: Teach English Online As A Foreign Language


  • Student who are keen learner and thinking towards teaching English as foreign language.
  • People who are more effective learners.


  • Graduates in any discipline
  • People wanting to act as voluntary teachers for a noble cause.
  • People wishing to travel around the world
  • TEFL is for anyone and everyone who has good command over the English language and has a passion for teaching.


  • Show English Language Skills: Teach the five significant components of language picking up: perusing, composing, talking, tuning in and elocution.
  • Rearrange English Grammar: Simplify complex English syntax ideas for ELLs (English Language Learners).
  • Plan Lessons: Plan and convey viable exercises that meet class learning targets and advance beneficial learning.
  • Deal with a Classroom: Manage your study hall and understudy conduct to establish an inviting and safe learning climate.
  • Recognize Learning Styles: Identify diverse learning styles and adjust exercises to suit understudies and their needs.
  • Manufacture Effective Learning Materials:Find, adjust and customize a wide assortment of text-based and advanced materials for use in the study hall.
  • Comprehend the subtleties of instructing English to non-English speakers
  • Develop and improve your certainty to confront a class
  • Increase a top to bottom comprehension of student’s brain research
  • Make exceptional and unique exercise intends to get a handle on the consideration of all
  • Build up the capacity to thoroughly consider of-box and creative approaches to interface with your understudies


This course is intended to guarantee that you clear the TEFL Certification test on your first endeavor. The preparation will assist you with understanding the subtleties of instructing English to non-English Speakers. It will Evolve and Enhance your trust in class.

It will sustain the best training abilities and procedures by increasing an inside and out comprehension of student’s brain research. You will have the option to assess students without bias or predisposition and build up an extraordinary and unique exercise intend to educate them.

The course is licensed by the American Association of EFL.

Comprehend the subtleties of instructing English to Non-English speakers

Develop and improve your certainty to confront a class

Sustain best showing aptitudes and strategies

Addition a top to bottom comprehension of student’s brain research

Extend your involvement with assessing students without bias or predisposition

Make exceptional and unique exercise intends to get a handle on the consideration of all

Improve your profitability by embracing successful class and time the board methods

Build up the capacity to thoroughly consider of-box and imaginative approaches to associate with your understudies

Satisfy your ache to dive into the ocean of information identified with the English language

TEFL is your visa to the whole world! Practically all nations have opened their entryways for TEFL qualified people as they perceive the informative intensity of English as a worldwide language. We have 42 nations, covering each of the 7 landmasses, recorded on our occupation place.

Profession Benefits

Toward the finish of the TEFL confirmation, you will have the option to:

Procure the most sound and perceived Certificate

Get yourself spoilt by unfathomable openings for work from everywhere the world

Gain admittance to a particular foundation of most generously compensated positions as an EFL educator

Satisfy your deepest longing to investigate new nations with rich common and social foundation

Redesign your occupation job and CV and receive its rewards

Make a specialty for yourself by showing your AAEFL accreditation


  • 16 sections • 104 lectures • 6h 6m total length

Introduction to English language8 lectures • 23min

  • Objective of Learning TEFLPreview00:50
  • English teachingPreview06:21
  • Language Acquisition and teaching methodlogyPreview06:17
  • English Pronunciation01:04
  • English Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing02:22
  • Pedagogues of Listening01:29
  • An Overview of Speaking00:52
  • Approaches of Reading03:56
  • TEST1 question

Teaching Process, Role of instructor and learner12 lectures • 49min

  • Who is a Teacher/Instructor?01:18
  • Professional and Personal Attributes of a Teacher04:50
  • Teaching Process01:52
  • Principles of Teaching21:40
  • Types of Teaching Method03:01
  • Teaching Procedure03:21
  • Stages of Teaching02:46
  • Role of Teachers01:48
  • Who is a Learner?01:42
  • The Learning Cycle01:53
  • Stages of Learning02:59
  • Role of Learners02:10
  • Test1 question

Teaching Young Learners5 lectures • 14min

  • Difference Between Adult Learners and Young Learners02:31
  • Classroom Management with Young Learners02:39
  • Differences in Teaching Approach to Different Ages of Young Learners06:26
  • Developing Listening and Speaking Skills in Young Learners01:20
  • Keywords for Young Learners Class01:01
  • TEST1 question

Teaching Pronunciation, Phonetics & Phonology8 lectures • 24min

  • Common problems with wrong pronunciation01:35
  • Phonetics01:03
  • Difference between pronunciation and phonetics02:47
  • Phonology00:43
  • Pronunciation00:14
  • Communication & Conceptualisation01:37
  • Vowels & Consonants07:13
  • Practising Pronunciation08:18
  • TEST1 question

Teaching Grammar (Syntax)10 lectures • 24min

  • Grammar Stages00:24
  • Nouns07:04
  • Participles01:13
  • Articles01:49
  • Prepositions01:57
  • Conjunctions00:27
  • Adjectives01:40
  • Numbers02:15
  • The Time Frame of Tenses00:37
  • Subject and Verb Agreement07:03
  • TEST1 question

Teaching Vocabulary (Lexis)6 lectures • 10min

  • What do you mean by Lexis?00:49
  • Understanding Vocabulary and Vocabulary Learning.00:24
  • Types of Vocabulary01:09
  • Knowing a Word02:11
  • Techniques of Presenting Vocabulary03:54
  • Learning Strategies for Learning Vocabulary01:50
  • TEST1 question

Teaching Reading (Receptive Skills)6 lectures • 30min

  • How to Hone Reading Skills?06:54
  • Types of Reading06:52
  • Use of Graphic Organisers for Better Understanding06:39
  • Identifying Tone of Passage01:29
  • Types of Tone03:25
  • Comprehension Strategies04:56
  • TEST1 question

Teaching Listening (Receptive Skills)8 lectures • 35min

  • Listening and It’s Importance01:44
  • Difference Between Listening and Hearing01:33
  • Active Listening02:21
  • Principles of Good Listening02:33
  • Listening Process and Its Levels08:16
  • Types of Listening10:37
  • Barriers of Listening05:10
  • Reducing Barriers in Listening02:19
  • TEST1 question

Teaching Speaking (Productive Skills)4 lectures • 18min

  • Introduction to Speaking00:56
  • Types of Speaking00:45
  • Activities to Promote Speaking13:43
  • Suggestions for Teachers in Teaching Speaking02:35
  • Test1 question

Teaching Writing (Productive Skills)5 lectures • 34min

  • Structure and Punctuation21:35
  • Types of Writing04:17
  • Poetry writing02:08
  • Letter writing (Includes activity)04:22
  • Student Learning objective02:04
  • TEST1 question

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