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The Art of Doing: Create 10 Python GUIs with Tkinter Today!

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The Art of Doing: Create 10 Python GUIs with Tkinter Today!


  • Fledgling to middle of the road understudies who are searching for no particular reason, intriguing, and included ventures.
  • Learner to transitional understudies who have done a portion of the nuts and bolts and have asked, “What next?”
  • Understudies who are hoping to make GUI applications.
  • Understudies who would prefer not to run their projects in a terminal yet have an interactable window.


  • Understudies ought to have a base level comprehension of Python (counting capacities).
  • Most of the course will take a shot at Windows, Mac, Linux yet to run executables (the last part of the course) the machine ought to be windows


  • Essentials of GUI application improvement utilizing Python and Tkinter by DOING! You will make 10 amazing applications!
  • Make a transformation application to help in metric changes
  • Make an agenda application to monitor the entirety of your every day undertakings
  • Make a number cruncher application to help with fundamental arithmetic
  • Make a notebook application to compose your own considerations
  • Make a shading application to make your own shading beds
  • Make a Morse code application to change over and play messages in Morse code
  • Make a Simon application to engage yourself and test your memory review
  • Make a gravity recreation application to test the impacts of fluctuating gravitational fields on various items
  • Make a climate application to get forward-thinking climate for your given area
  • Make a NASA cosmology image of the day application to see the excellence of room and the stars
  • Instructions to bundle your python contents into executable documents to be run straightforwardly on Windows machines.


Have you taken in the basics of Python and afterward asked yourself; what’s straightaway?

Assuming this is the case, consider taking this course which will begin you on your excursion to making your own Python GUI applications. GUI or Graphical User Interface applications permit the end client to communicate with a genuine program window that they can point, click, and cooperate with as opposed to simply running Python contents from an order brief.

So regularly, when understudies request counsel they are advised to, “Go fabricate something” or “Get included on a task” however have no clue about what undertakings to assemble or engage in.

This course will set you on your way! In this course I will walk you however, bit by bit, on the most proficient method to plan the design and the usefulness of 10 special, drawing in, and deliberate apps…well 11, we need to begin with a Hello World App…that’s guaranteed :- ) By the finish of this course, I guarantee that you will be thinking of your own application thoughts and feel sure enough in your capacities to make them.

We’ll cover the accompanying GUI gadgets:

  • Marks
  • Casings
  • Catches
  • Passage Boxes
  • Radio Buttons
  • Drop Down Menus
  • Parchment Bars
  • Sliders
  • Canvases
  • What’s more, some more…

Just as figuring out how to:

Oversee application design

Call API’s and sort through the brought information back

Make independent executable records that will run on any Window’s machine

The best part is that after a couple of short “instructional” recordings, we will learn by DOING! We will pick up commonality, solace, and afterward dominance of Python GUI’s by making our own applications together! I trust you chose to take this course. On the off chance that you do, you will be set to start making some captivating, significant, and intentional Python GUI’s!


  • 15 sections • 63 lectures • 14h 8m total length

Introduction4 lectures • 18min

  • Course PreviewPreview07:42
  • Installing Python03:11
  • Installing Visual Studio Code04:32
  • Working Through the Course02:07

The Basics7 lectures • 1hr 51min

  • Basics 0: Windows12:13
  • Basics 1: Labels and The Pack System17:44
  • Basics 2: Buttons and the Grid System16:34
  • Basics 3: Frames14:29
  • Basics 4: Entries, Functions, and Lambdas22:01
  • Basics 5: Radio Buttons14:24
  • Basics 6: Images13:53

App 0: Hello GUI World4 lectures • 30min

  • Hello GUI World 0Preview01:19
  • Hello GUI World 111:53
  • Hello GUI World 208:39
  • Hello GUI World 307:57

App 1: Metric Helper4 lectures • 45min

  • Metric Helper 0Preview02:08
  • Metric Helper 117:57
  • Metric Helper 211:20
  • Metric Helper 314:00

App 2: Simple Checklist4 lectures • 50min

  • Simple Checklist 0Preview01:32
  • Simple Checklist 115:41
  • Simple Checklist 213:51
  • Simple Checklist 319:09

App 3: Simple Calculator4 lectures • 59min

  • Simple Calculator 0Preview02:06
  • Simple Calculator 126:12
  • Simple Calculator 219:11
  • Simple Calculator 311:32

App 4: Notepad4 lectures • 1hr 8min

  • Notepad 0Preview01:55
  • Notepad 122:31
  • Notepad 219:05
  • Notepad 324:51

App 5: Color Theme Maker5 lectures • 1hr 30min

  • Color Theme Maker 0Preview02:57
  • Color Theme Maker 119:56
  • Color Theme Maker 217:55
  • Color Theme Maker 318:47
  • Color Theme Maker 429:58

App 6: Morse Code Translator4 lectures • 1hr 6min

  • Morse Code Translator 0Preview01:46
  • Morse Code Translator 121:42
  • Morse Code Translator 220:39
  • Morse Code Translator 321:58

App 7: Simon Memory Game4 lectures • 1hr 1min

  • Simon Memory Game 0Preview01:31
  • Simon Memory Game 118:30
  • Simon Memory Game 216:27
  • Simon Memory Game 324:51

App 8: Gravity Simulation5 lectures • 1hr 37min

  • Gravity Simulation 0Preview03:38
  • Gravity Simulation 131:52
  • Gravity Simulation 217:02
  • Gravity Simulation 320:25
  • Gravity Simulation 424:08

App 9: Weather Forecast5 lectures • 1hr 8min

  • Weather Forecast 0Preview01:50
  • Weather Forecast 118:24
  • Weather Forecast 202:43
  • Weather Forecast 326:41
  • Weather Forecast 418:01

App 10: APOD Viewer (Astronomy Picture of the Day)5 lectures • 1hr 7min

  • APOD Viewer 0Preview02:37
  • APOD Viewer 117:59
  • APOD Viewer 203:01
  • APOD Viewer 324:01
  • APOD Viewer 419:20

Create Your Exe Files Using Auto Py To Exe3 lectures • 17min

  • Installing Auto Py To Exe and building your first exe07:56
  • Building a second exe04:35
  • A small change to build the APOD Viewer exe04:24

You’ve Completed the Course!1 lecture • 1min

  • Thank You!00:52


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