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The Complete Facebook Traffic Ads (Facebook PPC) Course 2021

PUBLISHER :- SEO, Facebook Ads & Digital Marketing Academy, Sorin Crisan, Beck Robertson, Frantisek Stehlik, Alex Richardson

LANGUAGE :- English

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The Complete Facebook Traffic Ads (Facebook PPC) Course 2021


  • Anyone interested in Facebook PPC, B2C, B2B, entrepreneurs, start-ups, marketers, influencers, Facebook admins, Facebook editors, content creators, creatives, advertisers, real estate agents, job seekers, local business, etc.


  • ZERO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED – Create your first Facebook Traffic Ads (Facebook Link Clicks) to start making moment and prompt benefit!
  • Gain FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE! – All you need is a web association and a PC, PC, or cell phone to begin figuring out how to BECOME A FACEBOOK TRAFFIC ADS MASTER – IMMEDIATELY.
  • Reasonable FOR COMPLETE NOVICES OR THOSE WITH MORE EXPERIENCE – If you use Facebook Traffic Ads this course will improve your outcomes. This is select data from an honor winning advertising professional, and there isn’t anything else like this out there at this cost.
  • Willingness to put a little effort in on your part. If you do this and apply the knowledge I will share with you in this course, YOU WILL QUICKLY SEE THE BENEFITS in your marketing results.


  • Make MAGNETIC TRAFFIC ADS that push individuals to your page at whatever point they navigate
  • Exhibit your items with eye-getting merry go rounds and show recordings and pictures in your connection advertisements to REEL IN CUSTOMERS
  • Figure out how to utilize Campaign Budget Optimization to slice your FACEBOOK TRAFFIC AD SPEND
  • GET MORE RESULTS FOR LESS SPEND – make your Facebook Ad money go further with Insider methodologies to POWERBOOST YOUR FACEBOOK MARKETING
  • Accuracy DRIVE POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS – get them to go to the specific pages you need them to visit on your site utilizing Facebook Ad Manager
  • Use Link promotions and Automated Placements to keenly AUTOMATE YOUR MARKETING – coordinate your Facebook Ads over the web and get MAX CONVERSIONS from Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network
  • COMPLETE NOVICES WELCOME – figure out how to effectively set up a triumphant first Facebook Traffic Ads crusade – without any preparation – with my master bit by bit educational cost.
  • TARGET and RETARGET TO AMP YOUR RESULTS – I’ll show you my honor winning techniques so you can set up your first Facebook Remarketing/Retargeting/Custom and Lookalike crowds and REACH MORE CUSTOMERS!
  • Make individuals take the activities YOU need by harnassing explicit source of inspiration catches like Shop Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Book Now, and Download – and see a MAJOR BOOST TO YOUR LEADS
  • Make TOP-RANKING “Great” CONTENT that scores profoundly on the new Facebook calculation and GET OPTIMAL REACH and commitment from all your Facebook Ads and Marketing
  • Comprehend the PSYCHOLOGY OF PERSUASION and the significance of the three phases of the client venture – so you’ll never need for leads or changes again
  • Discover how to utilize Facebook Business Manager’s amazing pontoon of instruments, so you can utilize it to GET THE MOST FROM ALL YOUR FACEBOOK AD CAMPAIGNS
  • Get esteem pressed rewards worth thousands – including my ULTIMATE DIGITAL MARKETING SUCCESS GUIDE, my Guide to Winning at the Real Estate Game, and my SEO MASTER GUIDE
  • This course will show you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW to MASTER FACEBOOK TRAFFIC ADS and lift your Facebook promoting results. Regardless of whether you’re a finished amateur or have some earlier showcasing information, this simple to-follow course will redesign your range of abilities so you can WIN at the promoting game.


Increase more customers, augment deals, and push more traffic to your site with the most far reaching and current Facebook Traffic and Marketing course out there – The Complete Facebook Traffic Ads (Facebook PPC) Course 2021!

“I love Tom, he is the man, he truly hear what he’s saying with regards to Facebook promoting. A genuine master in the field! Try not to stop for a second to take this course, since I guarantee you that you won’t be frustrated! You are in GREAT hands with Tom with regards to learning and acing Facebook showcasing!!” Ryan Horning, Udemy understudy

Dear Students,

Greetings, it’s Ing. Tomas Moravek, Internet Efficiency Award Winner and Digital Strategist with my pristine course, your COMPLETE MASTERY GUIDE TO FACEBOOK PPC TRAFFIC ADS.

Seeing how to utilize Facebook Traffic Ads for your potential benefit is one of the most remarkable promoting abilities you can have in your arsenal. These are the Ads that will have the most sensational, quick impact on your deals and recruits, and in the event that you realize how to do them right, you can TURN AROUND YOUR PROFITS OVERNIGHT.

There’s a craftsmanship to utilizing Facebook PPC Traffic Ads to showcase your business and accomplish your fundamental goal – TO SELL MORE – and in this worth stuffed, continually refreshed course, I’ll show you how to do it viably.

I’m truly energetic about Facebook Traffic Ads as I probably am aware they are a staggeringly integral asset that can radically improve your business, leads, and changes in a moderately brief timeframe period.

Facebook Traffic Ads are ground-breaking to such an extent that the correct Traffic Ads mission can restore a thrashing business or BOOST FLAGGING SALES in only three months!!

Utilizing the most recent, forefront verified strategies, which I, and my customers have by and by benefitted from, I’ll walk you through all that you have to know to make winning Facebook Traffic Ads that definitely focus on your objective market.

At that point I’ll tell you the best way to fire up your outcomes utilizing shrewd retargeting, so you get more customers and changes and get a consistent stream of leads.

When you have this information, you’ll have the option to slice your Facebook Ad spend, and you’ll never need for traffic again.

Just as my elite Facebook Traffic Ads systems, I’m likewise giving you some POWERFUL TOOLS that will assist you with improving your showcasing endeavors no matter how you look at it. Regularly, I sell these additional items separately, yet I’m parting with them only with this course, since they will DRAMATICALLY AMPLIFY YOUR MARKETING RESULTS.

With clear, top notch video explainers, bit by bit walkthroughs, and achievement outlines you can follow, this course will MAKE YOUR FACEBOOK ADS BUDGET 100% MORE EFFECTIVE and will take you from a Facebook Marketing Novice to a flourishing star.

In this worth stuffed course, you’ll:

✔ Learn how to CREATE YOUR FIRST FACEBOOK TRAFFIC AD and utilize the intensity of Facebook to push individuals to your site

✔ Discover how to USE THE PSYCHOLOGY OF PERSUASION on Facebook to amplify deals, click throughs, and changes

✔ Gain an intensive establishing in Facebook Business Manager, so you can capitalize on this most VALUABLE TOOL FOR YOUR BUSINESS

✔ Find out how to set up Facebook TRAFFIC ADS THAT GAIN YOU A CONTINUAL STREAM OF CUSTOM, and see how to target and retarget shrewdly to BOOST YOUR BRAND

✔ Understand how to make Facebook PPC Traffic Ads for E-business work for you, so you’ll have the option to accomplish more while spending less on your Ad Budget, utilizing similar INSIDER TECHNIQUES THAT THE MARKETING PROS USE.

✔ Find out why the Facebook Pixel is indispensable on the off chance that you need to GET MAX VISITS TO YOUR PAGE and find how to set it up effectively utilizing my convenient walkthrough direct

✔ Learn how to bridle the intensity of FACEBOOK Catalog SALES – I’ll tell you the best way how to set these up accurately, so you can utilize Facebook like an ever-present AUTOMATED MARKETING ASSISTANT to sagaciously exhibit your items and administrations – day in and day out!

✔ COPY MY MOST SUCCESSFUL FACEBOOK ADS and procure the benefits, and gain from my own best Facebook Business Practices to Optimize ALL YOUR FACEBOOK MARKETING

✔ Find out why you MUST enhance your substance to include worth and score exceptionally with the new Facebook calculation, with video explainers, walkthroughs, and worksheets that will make them make ENGAGING substance – FAST

✔ Discover the significance of understanding the three phases of the Customer Journey and figure out how to prevail at every one of them to Maximize YOUR CONVERSIONS

✔ Learn how to STAY ON TOP of Facebook and Instagram drifts so you can generally be applicable and edge all your substance and Ads to POWERFULLY REACH AND ENGAGE

✔ Use your recently discovered information to set up your own Facebook PPC Advertising Agency and win a practically UNLIMITED STREAM OF INCOME promoting different brands.

There’s significantly all the more sitting tight for you inside, when you sign up…I can hardly wait to impart this data to you as I probably am aware you will before long be appreciating the advantages that will appear in your promoting results.

Anyway, will this course profit you?

Do you use Facebook Ads however frequently feel like you’re tossing cash down the channel as you are just not seeing the outcomes you need?

Is it true that you are befuddled about how the various kinds of Facebook Ads work to push traffic to your image and need to realize how to choose the correct one for the outcomes you need?

Possibly you’d prefer to realize how to make a triumphant Facebook Traffic Ad for your specialty, one that right away associates with your objective client?

On the off chance that the response to any of the above is indeed, or in the event that you need to encounter a ceaseless stream of traffic and never need for customers or snap throughs again, this course is for you, as it will COMPLETELY TURN AROUND YOUR MARKETING RESULTS.

Utilizing basic, bit by bit controls, diagrams for progress you can duplicate, and great explainer recordings, I’ll spread out how to DO FACEBOOK TRAFFIC ADS THE RIGHT WAY, so you can supercharge your deals.

Select today and for a little one-time speculation you will LEARN POWER MARKETING MOVES you can begin utilizing promptly to ROCKET FUEL YOUR RESULTS.

Venture out make today the day you choose to WIN AT THE MARKETING GAME…

In the event that you need more customers, transformations, and snap throughs, this course will give you PROVEN AND TESTED SUCCESS STRATEGIES that will pivot your business.

These are a similar unique, grant winning methods a great many my fruitful understudies use to appreciate a nonstop stream of profoundly focused on, prepared to spend, client traffic from Facebook.

I’ve put such a great amount into this course, and I guarantee you in the event that you put only a tad of exertion in you’ll rapidly START REAPING MAJOR REWARDS.

All my substance is continually refreshed, so you can be guaranteed that when you join you’re ensured to get the most recent showcasing information. With me, you’ll generally remain important, and only one little starting speculation will give you admittance to all the elite substance recorded here, and that’s just the beginning forever.

The restrictive data contained in this course is amazing stuff and I promise it isn’t AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE on the web.

It is anything but an embellishment to state this information will transform you. At the point when you select, you’ll figure out how to TURBOCHARGE ALL YOUR MARKETING, so you can appreciate boundless achievement and appreciate a redesigned way of life.

There’s likewise literally nothing to lose either, as I’m offering a FULL, NO QUIBBLE, 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in the impossible occasion you’re not totally fulfilled.

I truly trust you settle on the choice to join today, as I can hardly wait to invite you on board as my most current understudy!

See you inside the course, and we should get max traffic,

Ing. Tomas Moravek


  • 9 sections • 49 lectures • 9h 55m total length

Facebook for Business Essentials4 lectures • 50min

  • Guide to New Udemy Interface & Mobile AppsPreview02:10
  • My GOAL is to HELP you to REACH SuccessPreview02:32
  • MASTER Facebook Business Essentials in Less than 15 Minutes14:40
  • Facebook for Business Essentials30:21

Facebook Marketing & Instagram Ads Essentials4 lectures • 19min

  • Develop your Business FeelingPreview02:50
  • Facebook Marketing Essentials13:46
  • Instagram Ads Essentials01:08
  • Please, Support us with HONEST Review00:47

Facebook Business Manager4 lectures • 49min

  • Please Use the Facebook Business Manager (
  • Introduction into Facebook Business Manager08:02
  • Facebook for Business & Psychology of PERSUASION30:05
  • Facebook Ads Analysis Tools09:22

New Facebook Business User Experience9 lectures • 1hr 8min

  • New Facebook Business Manager UX 103:10
  • New Facebook Business Manager UX 211:23
  • New Facebook Business Manager UX 311:58
  • New Facebook Business Manager UX 407:48
  • New Facebook Business Page UX06:41
  • New Facebook Creator Studio10:09
  • Facebook Business Support05:03
  • Facebook Business Help Centre & Facebook Pixel09:38
  • Facebook Marketing Expert01:43

Facebook PPC TRAFFIC Ads & RETARGETING5 lectures • 2hr 46min

  • Introduction into New Facebook Traffic AdsPreview01:46
  • New & Completely Revised Traffic Ads 101:29:58
  • Profitable Facebook Ads00:37
  • New & Completely Revised Traffic Ads 201:11:33
  • Develop your Dilligence01:51

Facebook Ads & Facebook Retargeting BEST Practices5 lectures • 1hr 10min

  • Best Practices Introduction00:27
  • My BEST Facebook Ads & Facebook For Business Practices54:10
  • Think in the Matter of your Business NeedsPreview03:07
  • My BEST Facebook Retargeting Practices10:43
  • Content is your BEST VALUEPreview01:37

Facebook Ads Objectives5 lectures • 1hr 12min

  • Facebook Ads Objectives01:36
  • Facebook Ads Objectives33:04
  • Facebook Ads Objectives03:10
  • Introduction into Power of Engagement01:29
  • Power of Engagement33:10

Successful Mindset, Careers & Facebook PPC Agency11 lectures • 1hr 36min

  • Succesful Mindset 104:18
  • Succesful Mindset 204:57
  • Succesful Mindset 304:50
  • Start your Facebook Advertising Agency07:41
  • Facebook Business Set Up with Clients11:25
  • Facebook BluePrint – Great Resource for You00:41
  • Careers 103:50
  • Careers 205:39
  • Careers 317:35
  • Using your Certificate on LinkedIn Profile & 50 USD Free Credit06:21
  • Freelancing and Careers28:39

Congratulations & Next Steps2 lectures • 6min

  • Congratulations02:33
  • The ULTIMATE SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing MASTERY03:30


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