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The Complete Introduction to Data Analytics with Tableau

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The Complete Introduction to Data Analytics with Tableau


  • This course is for anyone who wants to kickstart their career in Data Analytics
  • This course is for anyone who wants to learn more about Tableau


  • Basic Knowledge of Computers
  • Internet


  • By the end of this course you will understand the inner workings of the data analytics pipeline- from joining, filtering, extracting data to developing interactive dashboards for your clients.
  • Develop 5 interactive dashboards and showcase them online to create a great profile of work for your Resume.
  • Connect to different datasources such as Excel, Google Sheets and even servers!
  • Be able to create in depth analyses with bar charts, line charts, donut charts and even geographical maps.
  • Develop a solid understanding of how calculations on Tableau work
  • Be able to understand joining datasources on Tableau and understanding types of joins
  • Work with sets and Level of Detail Calculations
  • Understand how Groups and Hierarchies on Tableau Works


Are you ready to kickstart your career in Data Analytics?
Need more knowledge in Tableau, Data Visualization and Analytics?

This course is for YOU.

In this course you will build 5 separate dashboards depicting real world problems. You will learn how to connect to various data sources from Excel files to cloud servers. You will also learn how to build interactive dashboards and publish it to Tableau Online!

You will master the skills to become a good Data Analyst and build a solid foundation in understanding the data pipeline.

In this course you will learn:

  • Create 5 interactive dashboards and publish it online to share
  • Learn how to connect to different data sources such as Excel, Google Sheets and Cloud Servers.
  • Create a variety of charts including bar charts, line charts, donut charts, maps, tables and dual axis charts.
  • Create calculated fields including developing IF Statements.
  • Create sets, hierarchies and groups.
  • Understanding how joins work.
  • Understand Level Of Detail calculations.
  • Create Parameters
  • Make use of the analytics pane including using trend lines
  • How to use dashboard actions and create interactive dashboards.
  • Creating a dashboard which updates daily via google sheets.

By the time you complete this course, you’ll be a highly proficient Tableau user and use all the learning from to course to enhance your career in Data and Analytics.

Projects you will work on:

  1. Discount Mart: Discount Mart is a small supermarket.The owner wants a dashboard where he can track how well Discount Mart is doing for this year (in terms of Sales, Profit and Quantity Sold).
  2. Green Destinations: Green Destinations is a well known travel agency. The HR Director has recently noticed an increase in employees leaving (attrition). She would like to figure out any trends or patterns based on a dashboard we will be building for her.
  3. Super Store: Superstore is a famous retailer in Canada. They have expanded into the USA and their business model involves placing Sales Agents in every state in the USA. These sales agents are responsible for bringing in sales for the state that they are assigned.The Sales Manager wants a dashboard to track how Sales Agents are doing.
  4. Northwind Trade: Northwind Trade is a company which ships a variety of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) all over the world.The Shipping Manager doesn’t have much visibility and doesn’t know how many orders are processed and shipped on a monthly basis. He would like a dashboard of this where he selects a month and can tell how many orders are outstanding a day and where they should be shipped.
  5. Tesla: Tesla is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company. An important shareholder is tired of receiving only monthly updates of the stock price. The shareholder would like to see any trends of the stock price specifically for the last 3 months. He also wants this data to be updated daily.


  • 7 sections • 40 lectures • 6h 38m total length

Introduction to the Course5 lectures • 8min

  • Introduction to the CoursePreview02:17
  • What is Tableau? An Introduction to Tableau.Preview02:38
  • How the Course is StructuredPreview00:35
  • Signing up for a Tableau Public AccountPreview00:15
  • Install the 14 day free, full trial of TableauPreview01:46

Project 1: Discount Mart (Sales and Profit Analytics)6 lectures • 1hr 32min

  • Project Brief for Discount MartPreview02:54
  • Connecting and Preparing Data for Discount Mart15:23
  • Building Charts on Tableau for Discount Mart (Part 1)33:16
  • Building Charts on Tableau for Discount Mart (Part 2)16:05
  • Creating Headline Cards on Tableau for Discount Mart09:47
  • Building and Publishing Dashboards on Tableau14:34
  • Review of Learnings from Section 15 questions

Project 2: Green Destinations (HR Analytics)7 lectures • 1hr 15min

  • Project Brief for Green DestinationsPreview01:49
  • Connecting and Preparing Data for Green Destinations08:52
  • Building Charts on Tableau (Part 1) for Green Destinations28:13
  • Building Charts on Tableau (Part 2) for Green Destinations07:50
  • Creating Headline Cards on Tableau14:39
  • Building a Dashboard for Green Destinations11:51
  • Publish your Dashboard to Tableau Public01:37
  • Review of Learnings from Section 22 questions

Project 3: Superstore (Sales Agent Tracker)6 lectures • 1hr 36min

  • Project Brief for Super StorePreview02:00
  • Connecting and Preparing Data for Super Store17:21
  • Building Charts on Tableau (Part 1) for Super Store34:04
  • Building Charts on Tableau (Part 2) for Super Store23:03
  • Building a Dashboard17:46
  • Publish your Dashboard to Tableau Public01:48
  • Review of Learnings from Section 33 questions

Project 4: Northwind Trade (Shipping Analytics)4 lectures • 1hr 3min

  • Project Brief for Northwind TradePreview02:33
  • Connecting and Preparing Data for Northwind Trade13:56
  • Building Charts on Tableau for Northwind Trade36:41
  • Building and Publishing Dashboards for Northwind Trade10:17

Project 5: Tesla (Stock Price Analytics)7 lectures • 53min

  • Project Brief for TeslaPreview01:58
  • Creating a Data Source through Google Sheet Functions05:05
  • Connect to the Data for Tesla03:48
  • Building Charts on Tableau for Tesla22:14
  • Building Headline Cards09:03
  • Building a Tesla Dashboard07:42
  • Publish your Dashboard to Tableau Public03:06

Bonus: Introduction to Database Concepts5 lectures • 11min

  • Introduction to Database Concepts01:04
  • Understanding Relational Databases03:30
  • Relationships of Database Entities01:18
  • Primary and Foreign Keys01:49
  • Data types and Naming Conventions03:45
  • Assignment: Correct this database!6 questions


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