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The complete Python GUI with PySimpleGUI for 2020

PUBLISHER :- Yasser Abbass

LANGUAGE :- English

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The complete Python GUI with PySimpleGUI for 2020


  • Tenderfoot software engineers who needs to ace python GUI
  • Developers from different dialects that need to begin their python GUI venture
  • Python developers who need to learn new abilities and ace progressed python and make a work area independent applications


  • A computer Windows, Linux or mac OS
  • No previous programming knowledge is needed
  • No previous python knowledge is required


  • Start from a total tenderfoot to a specialist python software engineer
  • Step by step instructions to make independent work area applications
  • Step by step instructions to make a GUI for python contents
  • Step by step instructions to make a number cruncher application
  • Step by step instructions to make a to-do application
  • Instructions to make a record reinforcement application


Python is the quickest developing programming language in the business, and among the most famous programming dialects on the planet.

It is anything but a hard dialect for apprentices to get and for halfway or progressed developers to propel, which is the reason the need to become familiar with this language has expanded exponentially in the course of recent years.

Python is a scripting language which implies that you will compose a code and run it in an order line terminal. Running the code in the order line will make it harder for the clients to receive your applications, so imagine a scenario in which you need your application to have an extravagant UI this necessitates your applications have a GUI.

In straightforward terms, GUI is a work area application that gives you an interface that encourages you to communicate with the content and advances the client experience.

My name is Yasser Abbass. I’m a product specialist and I will be your teacher for this course

I have been in programming for as far back as 30 years and explicitly in python for as long as decade.

This course accepts you have past Python information for example (information types, contingent rationale, circles, assortments, and so on) and it will show you how to make proficient python GUI independent applications

The course is partitioned into two segments, each incorporates a few talks we will manufacture 3 activities with fluctuating degrees of trouble.

A portion of the undertakings we will manufacture together are:

  • Calculator Project
  • Todo List Project
  • File Backup Project.

Be that as it may, don’t stress you will have the option to make those activities and more as you track with the course and with the abilities you learned you will have the option to apply it to your tasks. You will likewise have the option to download all the source code for all the talks and the ventures.

During this course, you will learn:

  • How to introduce the product on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • A prologue to Jupiter-lab.
  • Data types, Conditional rationale, circling, and assortments.
  • Functions, modules, and implicit capacities.
  • How to introduce the PySimple GUI.
  • How to introduce PyInstaller.
  • How to make and work with popups.
  • How to make and work with Elements (catches, sliders, checkbox, and so forth).
  • How to make and work with Windows.
  • How to make and work with Layouts.
  • How to make dynamic Layouts.
  • How to show and conceal components.
  • How to add and eliminate components to the window while it is running.

At long last, in the event that you are stuck you can drop an inquiry in the Q&A and me, or one of my instructing partners will answer you instantly


  • 5 sections • 24 lectures • 3h 49m total length

Python Installation5 lectures • 26min

  • Course ContentsPreview01:57
  • Installing Python (Windows)04:39
  • Installing Python (macOS)04:34
  • Installing Python (Linux)07:08
  • Download Source Code07:55

Python GUI10 lectures • 1hr 58min

  • Introduction06:19
  • Popups13:38
  • Elements Part-110:31
  • Elements Part-212:17
  • Elements Part-311:25
  • Elements Part-410:33
  • Elements Part-509:05
  • Windows16:31
  • Layout Part-1Preview12:23
  • Layout Part-215:36

Calculator Project2 lectures • 19min

  • Calculator Project Part-1Preview00:32
  • Calculator Project Part-218:07

To-Do list Project2 lectures • 15min

  • To-do Project Part-1Preview01:09
  • To-do Project Part-213:47

Backup Project5 lectures • 52min

  • Backup Project Part-1Preview01:25
  • Backup Project Part-216:19
  • Backup Project Part-317:28
  • Backup Project Part-412:34
  • Backup Project Part-5 (Create stand-alone application using Pyinstaller)03:55


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