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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Game Development with ROBLOX

PUBLISHER :- Philip Ritmeester

LANGUAGE :- English

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Game Development with ROBLOX


  • You are interested in coding.
  • You are able to invest time to get better.
  • You have a love for game development.
  • You would like to learn more about Roblox Lua concepts and normal Lua concepts.
  • You are able to run Roblox Studio on windows
  • You would like to learn more about networking and server replication
  • You haven´t found the perfect course for you and are looking for a constantly expanding course.


  • Access to a laptop with a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Basic understanding of using Roblox Studio
  • Interest and willing to learn!
  • A love for coding!


  • After this course you will have a solid Roblox Lua understanding what can be used to create Roblox games.
  • You can use the game you created to further develop it and make it greater than ever before.
  • You will have a solid understanding of how to sell your products & ingame boosters so you can make Robux with your games.
  • You get a certificate on completing the course you can show to Roblox game studios when applying or a developer role.
  • You create professional Roblox Games and even have a bonus chance on learning how to create VR Games on Roblox.
  • You are capable of starting your own game studio on Roblox.
  • Create a several Roblox Games and get a understanding of the code and responsibilities behind them.
  • Learn how to build a community around your games.
  • Create a several Roblox Games and get a understanding of the code and responsibilities behind them.
  • Learn how to create custom server systems without the need of a VIP server.


**2019 Roblox Featured Educator**

This Roblox course is 2019 Roblox Featured Educator.
Together we try to make it easier for starting game developers and dreamers to make there very own games and start earning there first bits of Robux.

is more than an entertainment platform. It’s an immersive educational tool where the opportunities for creativity and imagination are limitless.  
Anyone can build a game on Roblox. It doesn’t make a difference in case you’re new to coding or you’ve never planned your own virtual world. With a little creative mind and the correct devices, you’re now well on your approach to bringing the initial jump into game turn of events. Join the course to start building your own worlds on Roblox today!

Why taking this course?

2019 Roblox Featured Educator
Deviac Education is one of the 2019 featured educational schools that got featured by Roblox.

Online support
Get help when you need it 5 days a week. Fast responses from the instructor team  

Support for Parents
For parents, we offer active support on how to block certain features on the Roblox platform to make sure your child stays safe and protected while being able to learn to create games.

Create your first games within hours
Follow the video tutorials step by step to make your own Roblox games.

Become a coding pro
Write real Lua code easy, quick and on a fun and easy to follow way.

Publish your games and play with friends
Learn how to share your creations with the world and earn Robux.

Create Commercial-Grade Roblox games
This course will make you able to create Roblox games of commercial quality. Games that have a minimum of +10k times played and 8 out of 10 ratings.

Most advanced Roblox course
This course is the first every created Udemy Roblox development course and with that also the most advanced Roblox development course ever created. The games you create in this game are not just easy & simple looking games no they are commercial quality games with a real player base and a community behind them.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee Together with Udemy we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee no questions asked. This means that you got nothing to lose but need to be aware of the case that when you dive too deep into the course that refunds are not possible anymore.

Features you’ll love 

  • Web Exclusive
  • Cheapest Lua course among all on the web
  • Video Tutorials
  • Live Updates
  • Commercial-Grade Games
  • Real Lua Code
  • Easy & Fun
  • Exercises
  • Quizzes
  • Q&A Section
  • Publish Games
  • Build a Community
  • Earn Robux

How it works 

Watch the easy to follow videos teach you how to code step by step. Listen carefully to the instructor as not everything in the course is just about watching a video and writing down what he or she writes down.

Learn the Lua code to build & expand your own Roblox games. This won’t always as easy as you would like to but it’s important you keep pushing yourself to the limits to every time reach a higher level and become better every step you take.

Share your games with friends and publish them online. Start playing together with them, ask them for feedback and let them invite there friends to build your community. Host small events and expand your game based on feedback of friends and other Robloxians.

Robux thanks to what you learned and created during the course. Keep thinking about new ways of activating people to spend a little Robux on your game so you may start making a living out of your game business.


  • Why should you take this coursePreview08:01
  • Course SetupPreview06:35
  • A Note On Asking For Help01:46
  • Lesson Plan01:20
  • Introducing Our TA01:30
  • Official Learning Discord Server00:21

Intro to Studio7 lectures • 59min

  • Digital CitizenshipPreview05:59
  • Roblox Account CreationPreview02:41
  • Project Intro & File Setup09:46
  • Basics of Roblox Studio06:53
  • Parts and Platforms19:11
  • Colors and Materials09:36
  • Publish and Playtest05:06

Code Fundamentals52 lectures • 3hr 44min

  • Create a ScriptPreview04:00
  • Create a Script (Documented)00:43
  • String Variables10:02
  • String Variables (Documented)01:58
  • Properties and BrickColor13:16
  • Properties and BrickColor (Documented)02:32
  • Loops and BrickColorPreview14:01
  • Loops and BrickColor (Documented)03:54
  • Reusing Code w/ script.Parent06:25
  • Reusing Code w/ script.Parent (Documented)01:52
  • Create and Use Functions02:20
  • Functions 1: Functions Practice10:17
  • Functions 1: Function Practice (Documented)02:28
  • Functions 2: Instances and Particles09:02
  • Functions 2: Instances and Particles (Documented)02:11
  • Parameters and Events 1: Traps08:02
  • Parameters and Events 1: Traps (Documented)02:29
  • Parameters and Events 2: Buttons12:59
  • Parameters and Events 2: Buttons (Documented)01:52
  • Optional Code Challenge2 questions
  • Multiple Parameters and Arguments02:29
  • Multiple Parameters Optional Discussion1 question
  • Using if/then Statements01:44
  • Optional Challenge: Using Different Operators2 questions
  • if/then Statements and Operators13:42
  • if/then Statements and Operators01:52
  • Traps with if/then Statements02:26
  • Powerups with if/then Statements15:17
  • Powerups with if/then Statements (Documented)02:49
  • Returning Values from Functions01:56
  • Challenge: Create a Calculator3 questions
  • Repeating Tasks with For Loops03:26
  • Glowing Lights with For Loops04:03
  • Creating a Timed Bridge06:38
  • Multiple Conditions with Elseif and Else05:52
  • Multiple Conditions with Elseif and Else ( Challenge 1)00:07
  • Multiple Conditions with Elseif and Else ( Challenge 2)00:12
  • Multiple Conditions with Elseif and Else ( Challenge 3)00:06
  • Multiple Conditions with Elseif and Else ( Challenge 4)00:12
  • Creating a Point Giving Part06:46
  • Creating GUI Buttons04:22
  • Nested Loops04:28
  • Challenge: Rain actual cupcakes1 question
  • Solution: Rain actual cupcakes00:21
  • Creating and Using Arrays04:29
  • Looping Through Arrays04:11
  • Looping Through Arrays: Optional Challenge00:04
  • Making Changes to Arrays05:30
  • Intro to Dictionaries02:35
  • pairs and iPairs02:16
  • Challenge – Waiter NPC00:05
  • Challenge – Allow Players to Place Orders00:08
  • Advanced Challenge – Make Me Some Soup Simulator1 question
  • Returning Values from Tables01:04
  • Coding Concept: Abstraction01:42
  • Coding Concept: Algorithms01:47
  • Challenge – Divide pickcloths() Into Additional Algorithms1 question
  • Intro to Module Scripts03:30
  • Creating with Module Scripts06:54

Game Design Basics86 lectures • 3hr 56min

  • Beginner Gameplay Student Guide00:29
  • AdventureGame 1/9Preview14:04
  • AdventureGame 1/8 (Documented)02:01
  • AdventureGame 2/916:58
  • AdventureGame 2/8 (Documented)03:10
  • AdventureGame 3/908:51
  • AdventureGame 3/8 (Documented)01:56
  • AdventureGame 4/9 – Part 121:33
  • AdventureGame 4/8 (Documented)05:39
  • AdventureGame 4/9 – Part 207:07
  • AdventureGame 5/920:33
  • AdventureGame 6/921:42
  • AdventureGame 7/909:30
  • AdventureGame 8/911:38
  • AdventureGame 9/943:30
  • Final Game00:10
  • Adeventure Game – Final Word00:15
  • Word Games – The Game!Preview00:16
  • Word Games – Welcome to Your Library01:04
  • Word Games – Writing the Story00:15
  • Write a story!1 question
  • Word Games – Creating Placeholders00:35
  • Word Games – Opening the Template00:52
  • Word Games – Opening the Script00:43
  • Word Games – Coding Variables00:36
  • Word Games – First Challenge00:11
  • Word Games – Asking Questions00:11
  • Word Games – Add a Question00:54
  • Word Games – Testing Your Code00:26
  • Word Games – Saving Your Code00:14
  • Word Games – Second Challenge00:11
  • Word Games – Write the Story00:56
  • Adding to the Story01:35
  • Add a Second Question01:07
  • Finishing the Story00:55
  • Third Challenge00:11
  • Completing the Challenge00:38
  • Share Your Game00:25
  • ”Create and Destory ” Creator Challenge01:03
  • Create and Destroy – The Game!Preview00:19
  • Create and Destroy – What we will make!01:01
  • Create and Destroy – Designing a Balanced Map00:56
  • Create and Destroy – Snap to Grid01:11
  • Create and Destroy – Save and Publish00:29
  • Create and Destroy – Take the Challenge!3 questions
  • Create and Destroy – Take the Challenge!00:13
  • Create and Destroy – Building and Testing00:33
  • Create and Destroy – Build One Half of the Map01:59
  • Create and Destroy – Playtest the Map00:27
  • Create and Destroy – Build the Roads00:19
  • Create and Destroy – Medium Buildings and Props00:34
  • Create and Destroy – Complete the City00:30
  • Create and Destroy – Customize the Map Shape00:21
  • Create and Destroy – Terrain Tools00:52
  • Create and Destroy – Take the Challenge!3 questions
  • Create and Destroy – Take the Challenge!00:12
  • Create and Destroy – Polishing & Publishing00:10
  • Create and Destroy – Change the Points Given01:23
  • Create and Destroy – Create a Game Icon01:13
  • Create and Destroy – Upload A Thumbnail00:15
  • Create and Destroy – Invite Friends to Play00:16
  • Create and Destroy – Take the Challenge!00:12
  • Create and Destroy – Take the Challenge! Exam5 questions
  • Create and Destroy – Finish the Challenge00:08
  • Galactic Speedway Creator ChallengePreview01:53
  • Speedway word of the InstructorPreview01:10
  • Galactic SpeedwayPreview00:46
  • Get Off the GroundPreview00:46
  • Take FlightPreview00:37
  • Designing Your SpeederPreview00:47
  • Moving the BodyPreview00:14
  • Save and PublishPreview00:24
  • Take the Challenge!Preview00:14
  • Adding WingsPreview00:52
  • Duplicate and DesignPreview00:31
  • Adding DecorationsPreview00:12
  • Grouping the PartsPreview00:26
  • Add to the GaragePreview01:04
  • Test the SpeederPreview00:38
  • Take the Challenge!Preview00:16
  • Customize and SharePreview01:29
  • Going for a RacePreview00:09
  • Invite Friends to PlayPreview00:13
  • Take the Challenge!Preview00:15
  • Go Beyond the ChallengePreview00:16
  • Particle EmittersPreview01:40
  • Sharing Your SpeedersPreview01:06
  • Add New ModelsPreview01:13
  • Colors and TexturesPreview01:15
  • Design the WorldPreview00:59

Intermediate Game Design7 lectures • 40min

  • Intermediate Student Guide00:27
  • The First Person Element Of A First Person ShooterPreview09:16
  • Creating A Furniture Placement SystemPreview14:13
  • Modeling a projectile’s motionPreview05:20
  • Making A Circular Color Palette GuiPreview02:32
  • How to think about QuaternionsPreview06:50
  • How to create interactive grassPreview01:05

3d Model Design7 lectures • 4hr 54min

  • Model Design Guide01:49
  • Intro to Asset Forge15:41
  • Creating a old Western Building22:53
  • Building Basic ShapesPreview33:46
  • Build a Roadblock RoofPreview21:40
  • Building a complete HousePreview03:17:55
  • Extra Art Resources00:30

Animations2 lectures • 12min

  • Using Animations in GamesPreview03:18
  • Using the Animation EditorPreview09:05

Team Development & Collaboration1 lecture • 5min

  • Team CreatePreview04:55

Known Reports1 lecture • 3min

  • Parameters and Events 1: Traps (R15 support)Preview02:47
  • Get the Obby Traps Working Again!5 questions


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