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The Ultimate Python 3.9 Programming 2021 A-Z MasterClass


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The Ultimate Python 3.9 Programming 2021 A-Z MasterClass


  • New Programmers
  • Software Engineering Newbies
  • Python new developers
  • Python Developers who want to master the new features of modern python v3.9.
  • Programmers and developers who know other programming language but are new to python
  • Anyone who wants to dive deeply into Python Programming without wasting time.


  • No prior experience required.


  • Basic and Advanced Python concepts to become a Rockstar Python Developer
  • Python tools, keywords, best Practicing, high level descriptions
  • All bout Variables, Data Types, Literals, Techniques, Importing and Formatting.
  • Hands-on different types of Operations, Decision Making and Repetitive execution for sequences
  • Designing Data Structures
  • The Design of Functional Programs
  • Object-oriented design Principles
  • Files Handling, Modules and its Operations
  • Scientific computing for Data with NumPy
  • Data Visualization with Matplotlib and pyplot
  • Using Databases with Python


Hey, Welcome to The Ultimate Python 3.9 Programming 2021 A-Z MasterClass.

Your total Guide to Python Programming.

Python is as of now utilized for everything.

Despite the fact that it is extremely simple to learn, at the same time, it is exceptionally valuable and incredible.

Its fields are so many, and by learning python, it will be extremely simple for you to land higher Positions in the biggest organizations, for example, Google, Dropbox, Spotify and some more.

Basically you can do multi scale undertakings with python , on the grounds that it is multipurpose expertly and rapidly with less lines of code.

Additionally, python works all over.

Among its most significant fields are: information science, AI, web application advancement, work area application improvement, network protection, and numerous different fields that can’t be restricted to one video.

Furthermore, you can utilize it on any working framework you use.

Its projects can be composed and executed with any word processor or any ide without any problem.

I will help and support you through this bit by bit course. Since the main thing for me is to assist you with benefiting from this course.

Before the finish of this course you’ll be Professional Python Programmer, And you have all the aptitudes that Python specialists have. Likewise, you’ll have all the capacity to assemble multi scale applications.

Create Python Apps, Data Analysis, Present and envision data, Manage Database utilizing Python 3.9. The entirety of that and some more.

In this course, we will begin from exceptionally simple fundamental subjects, for example, Variables, Data types, IO Formatting, Operations, Conditional proclamations, circles, Data Structures, Functions, and numerous others, at that point we will proceed onward to cutting edge themes, for example, Object Oriented Design, and furthermore how to manage Data Science libraries and Modules, all things considered, at that point we will proceed onward to figure out how to utilize Databases with Python . The entirety of this and then some, upheld by useful models.

I will be accessible to help and support you line by line during this course.

This course is deliberately arranged, to spare you time, and to build your concentration while learning without feeling exhausted.


  • 18 sections • 94 lectures • 5h 22m total length

First Step to Python6 lectures • 22min

  • Introduction to the trainingPreview02:40
  • Working environments and start codingPreview08:03
  • Keywords and Identifiers in Python04:15
  • Syntactic unit of imperative Python03:02
  • Indentations and whitespaces in Python02:23
  • Useful high level descriptions using comments01:37
  • Challenge 17 questions

Variables to store values9 lectures • 21min

  • Variables overview in Python03:08
  • Assigning and Changing values02:15
  • Assigning multiple values02:25
  • Constants02:23
  • Numeric literals03:19
  • String literals02:38
  • Boolean literals01:48
  • Special literals01:48
  • Collections literals01:34

Categorization of Data Types7 lectures • 23min

  • Numbers in Python03:22
  • Lists in Python04:38
  • Playing with list items02:08
  • Tuples in Python03:25
  • Strings in Python03:47
  • Sets in Python02:31
  • Dictionaries in Python03:01
  • Challenge 211 questions

IO importing and formatting3 lectures • 10min

  • Output using a built-in function03:47
  • Formatting and enter inputs03:41
  • Library importing with examples02:41

Computations and perform operations6 lectures • 23min

  • Arithmetic operations05:42
  • Comparison operations04:07
  • Logical operations04:22
  • Assignment operations03:04
  • Identity operations02:36
  • Membership operations03:07
  • Challenge 39 questions

Conditions to perform decision-making4 lectures • 15min

  • The conditional if statement04:45
  • The conditional if else03:12
  • The conditional if, elif and else03:30
  • The nested if03:14

Repetitive execution using loops3 lectures • 13min

  • The while loop04:47
  • The for loop 104:31
  • The for loop 204:07
  • Challenge 46 questions

Lists and collections4 lectures • 17min

  • Lists and methods level 104:39
  • Lists and methods level 204:15
  • Lists and methods level 304:00
  • Lists and methods level 404:05
  • Challenge 57 questions

Tuples and collections3 lectures • 14min

  • Tuples and methods level 103:26
  • Tuples and methods level 203:43
  • Tuples and methods level 306:58
  • Challenge 66 questions

Sets and collections4 lectures • 13min

  • Sets and methods level 102:56
  • Sets and methods level 203:31
  • Sets and methods level 302:41
  • Sets and methods level 403:30
  • Challenge 75 questions

8 more sections


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