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TigerGraph Bootcamp

PUBLISHER:- Hendrik Kleine

LANGUAGE:- English

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TigerGraph Bootcamp


  • Anyone new to Graph Analytics or TigerGraph
  • This course is perfect for Data Engineers
  • This course is perfect for Business Intelligence Analysts
  • This course is perfect for anyone wanting to begin Graph Analytics
  • This course requires no prior Graph experience


  • No prior experience with Graph is required
  • Basic knowledge of data management and SQL is beneficial, but not essential
  • A modern PC or Mac and an internet connection


  • Master TigerGraph to perform Graph Analytics from start to end
  • Start using the GSQL query language
  • Explore Graphs visually and identify relationships in your data
  • Build advanced queries using the no-code visual query builder
  • Become a professional analyst who can build advanced insights
  • Prepare for the official TigerGraph certification exam


TigerGraph is altering the universe of Analytics by democratizing the intensity of Graph Analytics, giving a SQL-style language and no-code visual stage to altogether lessen the expectation to absorb information for newcomers. TigerGraph is being received by Fortune 100 organizations, for example, Intuit and UnitedHealth Group, just as government offices, for example, the region of Santa Clara in the US and the Chinese Government.

Join that no sweat of utilization, its local equal diagram plan and hugely equal preparing abilities and you’ll see TigerGraph is all around situated as a Graph Analytics pioneer. It’s nothing unexpected that in 2020, Gartner named TigerGraph a cool examination seller. TigerGraph even assumed a basic job supporting governments, public area and examination establishments dissecting COVID-19 information at a gigantic scope.

Figure out how to utilize TigerGraph to perform progressed Graph Analytics

· Master the basic Graph Principles and TigerGraph capacities

· Discover code and no-code answers for Graph Exploration

· Learn to relocate information from a social information base

· Complete a start to finish arrangement, from diagram plan, creation, information stacking, visual investigation and questioning

Discover Why Graph Analytics is the Future

Diagram Analytics isn’t simply one more method of putting away and dealing with your information. It’s totally revolved around investigating shrouded connections in huge datasets. Diagram examination power constant suggestion frameworks, directed promoting and misrepresentation discovery.

With regards to investigating connections between substances, there’s no preferred option over diagram examination. TigerGraph’s local chart stockpiling support inquiry speeds quicker than conceivable with customary information bases. It’s instinctive diagram construction standards encourages you consider information connections normally. On account of TigerGraph’s engineering, you can perform profound connection examinations to reveal wise occasions that you may never have discovered something else.

Remain Ahead

You need to gain proficiency with an apparatus that is prepared for large information and ongoing examination. TigerGraph’s engineering takes into account remarkable rates, with load times up to as much multiple times quicker than other diagram information base merchants and information pressure up to 10x. Consolidate that with the capacity to handily scope up and out and it turns out to be clear why TigerGraph is an industry chief.

Get the TigerGraph Certified Associate Certification

Hotshot your new Graph Analytics expertise and utilize this course as an establishment for your TigerGraph accreditation test arrangement. We’ll walk you through the confirmation cycle in this course and have included substance that will assist you with planning finishing the test.

Substance and Overview

Regardless of whether you’re an amateur or experienced Graph investigator with experience utilizing other Graph innovations, you will discover this course significant gratitude to its bit by bit directions and involved activities:

Run TigerGraph on Your Computer: This course accompanies a uniquely arranged TigerGraph picture that you can run on your PC or Mac, so you can get active during and after the course.

Chart Analytics from start to finish: We’ll walk you through diagram establishments, TigerGraph establishment, the groundwork for making another diagram, making a chart, assembling an information stacking pipeline, outwardly investigating and questioning your information.

Test Your Knowledge: Periodic tests will assist you with surveying your comprehension of key ideas and backing you in your excursion to the TigerGraph Associate Certification test.

Subsequent to finishing this course, you will be see how to set up TigerGraph, relocate any current information you may have, make a mapping to suit your information, and assemble a chart that you and your associates can use to perform Graph Analytics at scale.

What You’ll Learn

Expert TigerGraph to perform Graph Analytics from begin to end

Begin with the GSQL inquiry language

Investigate Graphs outwardly and distinguish connections in your information

Assemble progressed questions utilizing the no-code visual inquiry developer

Be an expert examiner who can assemble progressed experiences

Get ready for the authority TigerGraph affirmation test

Are there any course necessities or requirements?

No related knowledge with Graph is required

Fundamental information on information the executives and SQL is helpful, however not basic

A cutting edge PC or Mac and a web association

Who this course is for:

Anybody new to Graph Analytics or TigerGraph

This course is ideal for Data Engineers

This course is ideal for Business Intelligence Analysts

This course is ideal for anybody needing to start Graph Analytics

This course requires no earlier Graph insight


  • 7 sections • 26 lectures • 2h 45m total length

Course Introduction1 lecture • 8min

  • Course IntroductionPreview07:51

Graph Databases3 lectures • 13min

  • What is a GraphPreview05:55
  • Database Evolution02:39
  • What is TigerGraph?04:31

Installing TigerGraph4 lectures • 11min

  • Install Docker (Windows)03:07
  • Install Docker (macOS)02:47
  • Run TigerGraph (Windows)02:55
  • Run TigerGraph (macOS)02:40

GSQL8 lectures • 42min

  • GSQL – Introduction02:08
  • GSQL – Getting Ready06:26
  • GSQL – Creating a GraphPreview04:26
  • GSQL – Create Loading Job08:55
  • GSQL – Run Loading Job02:14
  • GSQL – Delete Items01:00
  • GSQL – Query Basics05:56
  • GSQL Advanced – Saved Queries11:01

GraphStudio6 lectures • 53min

  • GraphStudio – Introduction03:04
  • GraphStudio – Create Graph & Load Data22:06
  • GraphStudio – Explore Graph07:29
  • GraphStudio – Write Queries04:28
  • GraphStudio – Visual Query Builder11:10
  • GraphStudio – RDBMS Migration Tool04:36

Common Use Cases3 lectures • 36min

  • Hub & Community Detection14:29
  • Pattern Matching09:54
  • Deep Link Analysis12:03

Certification Prep1 lecture • 2min

  • TigerGraph Associate Certification02:08
  • Knowledge Test42 questions


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