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Touch Typing Correctly – Key Rollovers 120WPM

PUBLISHER:- Joseph Moon

LANGUAGE:- English

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Touch Typing Correctly – Key Rollovers 120WPM


  • Individuals who need to be more gainful, who need to figure out how to type by memory the right technique utilizing every one of the 9 fingers without taking a gander at their consoles.
  • Designers who wish to type quicker, complete ventures quicker, and be more profitable without continually peering down at their Keyboards.
  • Order Prompt, Pentesting, Hacking Enthusiasts who wish to speed up.
  • Individuals who invest a great deal of energy in Computers.
  • Analysts, envision how long you can spare while exploring, and the amount more Data You can Collect on the off chance that you could type 3x quicker than the Average 40 WPM that most Users Type!


  • This course provides helpful lessons for beginners and for those who can type as fast as 100WPM


  • Touch Typing with the Key Rollovers Technique.


I accept that everybody can type 90+ WPM, on the off chance that they are prepared utilizing the right technique for Typing. At the point when I previously began, it took me around multi month of periodical preparing to arrive at 60 W.P.M. In those days I had no information on “Key Rollovers” however to comprehend the right finger arrangement and apply it, it took that long. I hope to bit by bit get positive criticism on this course after individuals have had the opportunity to apply the preparation information that I instruct them. This course is only a few of weeks old at the present time, and very few individuals have had the opportunity to appropriately test the strategies that I am instructing.

Most Typing Instructors Neglect “Key Rollovers” and don’t specify them to their understudies. You are presumably thinking now, Am I qualified to educate you? I have first taken in the Standard technique for Touch Typing from Lessons that I bought for $30, at that point I changed my Standard Touch Typing Skills with my onscreen console that I created utilizing, the “Key Rollover” Method to help me take off over the 60 W.P.M. (Words every Minute) desires that I was initially told was for fruitful Typing Students.

My Onscreen Keyboard accompanies a wordlist separated in movements, which energizes Key Rollover Training for around 1,000 Common English Words, 0/9 Numerical Keys, and Syllable Training, which contain Common Syllables that are found in more than 5,000 basic English words. For what reason do we need to know Syllables in Typing? In the event that you know about the Syllable within a Word that isn’t in your Vocabulary then you can type the Syllables that make up the word all things considered, this will accelerate your composing speed significantly versus composing every individual Keystroke as you see them, since it speeds up at which you can deal with the word. The Real Question that you’re pondering is, How Fast am I in contrast with your present WPM Speed? There’s single direction to discover.

Go test yourself at 10fastfingers, take a Typing test, would you be able to vanquish my score of 118/123 W.P.M.? Just 1 out of each 100+ Typists will have the option to outperform my speed.

Would you like to be inside the top 1% of Typists on the planet too? Having the option to Type at a speed of 120 W.P.M. for a whole moment is something just 1% of everything Typists can do. To do this, you should prepare the right way. What is the key to composing quick? A not many that can be named is Accuracy, utilizing Multiple Fingers, and Key Rollovers = squeezing different keys down together milliseconds separated and yet. Perusing Ahead of what you’re composing. I will share my strategies, and insider facts which will assist you with improving your speed radically.

Do you have a bustling timetable? You will likewise get my Onscreen Keyboard App for Windows Xp, 7, vista, 8, and 10 both the 32-cycle and 64-bit adaptations and different Keyboard Skins. That I have created to help individuals speed up at their own movement.

This Onscreen Keyboard is viable with essentially every windows program, programs, that can be disagreement windowed mode close by of it. You can rehearse great Touch Typing structure while composing your messages, web perusing, messing around, or composing stories. It will screen your Keystroke Speed, and it Displays the WPM result back to you continuously like clockwork so you can watch out for your crude “5 Second Speed Burst” as you press them. Likewise, my Keyboard additionally has start/reset/stop/replay alternate route keys which can likewise reveal to you your T.W.P.M. (Complete Words Per Minute Average) for any measure of Seconds that you’ve been composing. (Seconds or minutes.) Using a Math Formula the Program will do the computations, and decide an assessment of your Raw Average WPM (Raw methods the WPM will likewise incorporate any Typos you make during the Second Duration.) When you start/stop the Internal Secs (Seconds) Counter. Replaying keystrokes to the Keyboard is discretionary, in the event that you actually need to drop the replay, it’s as straightforward as squeezing “Ctrl+DownArrow” during the replay.

While you are composing words, you will see the fitting fingertip light up when a key is squeezed. I likewise have “Shading Coded” Skins which causes you to consistently realize which fingers should press the keystroke you are needing to press, even before you press the keystroke.

Note: Since the Keyboard App screens your Keystrokes to replay them back to you progressively, Certain Virus Scanners may consider it to be a bogus positive and mix-up the record for a hazardous document. So you may need to permit it through your infection scanner to utilize it.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to introduce the Keyboard App, you don’t need to, you can generally re-watch the video in moderate movement, and type the words as I do. The Keyboard App has been made to help make everything simpler for you while building up your composing abilities and letting you type at your own movement.


  • 1 section • 14 lectures • 1h 10m total length

Introduction14 lectures • 1hr 11min

  • How to use this course as a Student.Preview02:15
  • New Year, New Speed! 217.84 WPM Burst Speed Typeracer 143 WPM 10fastfingersPreview01:43
  • Kb the Onscreen Keyboard App with Download LinksPreview07:18
  • Change Appearance of Key Rollover Lessons01:17
  • Key Rollover Lessons 40-minute Complete Walkthrough of Lessons with Onscreen Kb.46:59
  • 137 W.P.M. Demonstration while showing hands.Preview01:08
  • 132.6 W.P.M. Demonstration while showing hands verification video.Preview01:42
  • 130.8 W.P.M. Demonstration while showing hands.Preview01:05
  • 127.6 W.P.M. Demonstration while showing handsPreview01:03
  • Silent Video Demonstration of 123WPM with small skin Onscreen KeyboardPreview01:03
  • Silent Video Demonstration of 123WPM with small skin Onscreen KeyboardPreview01:12
  • Silent Video Demonstration of 119WPM with white skin Onscreen KeyboardPreview01:05
  • Silent Video Demonstration of 118WPM with enlarging skin Onscreen KeyboardPreview01:05
  • 200+ WPM on a Short Quote & 140+ wpmPreview01:35


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